Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

When I was in France, there were a couple different people that I exchanged emails with at the meetings. One lady is from Italy. She is very hungry, and if you’re hungry, you keep going until you get what you need. She wanted to get some confessions that we have here. I was having a hard time trying to send them to her because of the difference in carriers, or whatever. So, finally, last Friday, I just put out some confessions on GPAN so she would be able to get them from there. Even before I let her know they were on GPAN, she saw them. She printed them off and translated them into Italian and sent them out to people she knows, including her pastor. I was like, “It is nice to have an Italian office working for me over there in Italy”! (ha, ha, ha)

It’s awesome to hear from people in different places. There is another couple in Germany that want the same. It’s blessed that GPAN goes all over the earth. When I talk to people, I see they are starved for the things of God and want more. So do we, right? We are all looking for more. We are all hungry for more.

In the news recently they were saying the Evangelicals are taking their support away from President Trump. I thought, “That is a lie. Where are you getting that information?”

That is not true, at least for me, for us. What we have been praying for in our nation, we are going to keep on praying. And whatever attack the enemy tries against our country or our president, we just keep pushing back because we will have the will of God. And we believe he is the right man for the right time in our nation and he is doing some things that he said he would do and he will keep on doing them.

It just bugged me to hear that. And on different channels they were saying this, saying they think the Evangelicals are pulling away from President Trump. If anything, it makes me want to cover him in prayer all the more. No wonder the Bible says to first of all pray over those in positions of authority, because they need it. Not one person in leadership can do his or her job without prayer, without the connection to heaven and without the favor of God, or grace or mercy of God. So, we will not stop praying for our country.

Yesterday, I asked Ms. Cindy to take the confession that we have for America and pray it over Israel. Are you aware that Israel is dealing with situations right now? They always are but there are some different things that are happening on its borders, especially Gaza. I talked to someone yesterday and that person said in Gaza they are burning tires just to foul up the air. Have you ever smelled a burning tire? They are black and nasty. They’re just doing things to come against Israel. But Israel will not be moved. They are strong and will stay strong. That’s one reason why we support Israel. But first of all we bless Israel because we are called to. And we know if we bless them, what happens? We are blessed. But we don’t do it because we just want to be blessed. We do it because we know we are called to do it.

I want to share a couple things on the anointing this morning. I have been on this for a while now. I know there is more… more anointing, more things that we can walk in but it just doesn’t come automatically. This is an old book by Westley Duewel. He has had a couple different books out about fire or about the power of the Holy Spirit.

The following excerpt was taken from Ablaze for God by Wesley L. Duewel:

The anointing of the Spirit is God’s provision for you as His child and even more for you as a leader of His people. God knows your need and delights to meet your need. We do not deserve such a boon, but it is ours to ask for, seek, and receive. It is not automatic; it is not for the spiritually indolent, careless, or disobedient. It is God’s supernatural extra added to your best.

Bounds taught that the anointing “is a conditional gift, and its presence is perpetuated and increased by the same process by which it was at first secured; by unceasing prayer to God by impassioned desires after God, by esteeming it by seeking it with tireless ardor, by deeming all else loss and failure without it.”

Pastor Ray…
We need the anointing, right? We must be anointed. When we say things without the anointing, they will just bounce off walls, bounce off the ceiling. They have no effect without the anointing.

He added, “Prayer, much prayer, is the price… prayer, much prayer, is the one soul condition of keeping this unction. Without unceasing prayer the unction never comes.

Charles Finney said, “I would repeat, with great emphasis, that the difference in the efficiency of ministers does not consist so much in difference of intellectual attainments as in the measure of the Holy Spirit they enjoy … Until he knows what it is to ‘be filled with the Spirit,’ to be endued with power from on high, he is by no means qualified to be a leader in the Church of God. A thousand times as much stress ought to be laid upon this part of a thorough preparation for the ministry as has been.”

The anointing of the Spirit is both abiding and renewable. It abides only upon those who are filled with the Spirit. To be filled with the Spirit does not mean merely to have spiritual interests. To be filled with the Spirit, to be under the Spirit’s full control, is the result of a definite crisis of total surrender and appropriation by faith on the part of a true believer (Rom. 12:1–2). We must offer ourselves as living sacrifices, alive from the dead.

To be filled with the Spirit is more than consecration. Consecration is the necessary condition. The infilling of the Spirit is the divine response to total surrender of ourselves, our present and our future—our all. We are not filled till we have the divine response. Then we will be living our spiritual life on a higher, deeper, more victorious plane, life fully in the Spirit, life controlled by the Spirit.

Is it possible to be refilled with the Spirit? Certainly, if we maintain our consecration and obedience we may receive new outpourings, new infillings of the Spirit as we have need.

Some Christians use the term “anointing” as the equivalent of the fullness of the Spirit. It is far more precise to speak of the anointings as those special enablings of the Spirit, usually given only to the Spirit-filled, and given for times of need especially in ministry.

Pastor Ray…

But we know it’s not just in ministry. It’s in every single thing that we do. Whatever job we are doing, whatever we are doing around the house, whatever we are doing on our cars, whatever we are doing, wherever we are going, the anointing works on our behalf. Amen. So, we have to have it. We are anointed but there is more. That’s the point I like.

CAUTIONS! Do not presume on the anointing of the Spirit.

I. Do not presume that because He anointed you in the past He will anoint you now. Live so He will not hesitate to anoint you afresh. Ask for His anointing repeatedly. You need it for your life and ministry.
2. Do not presume on His anointing and fail to do your part to keep blessed and ready. He is more desirous to anoint you than you are to be anointed, but you dare not become careless spiritually and fail to walk close to God.
3. Do not presume on His anointing and fail to do your part in preparation and diligence for your ministry. If you are a singer or musician, you dare not be negligent in practice. If you are a speaker or writer, you dare not be negligent in preparatory study. Don’t ask God to anoint your second best.

Pastor Ray…

I was talking to Pastor Lynne yesterday about past times in our lives when the anointing of God changed everything. We might be going on doing what we think is the best we can do, but then when the anointing comes upon us and we are filled like never before, those times we never ever forget. Isn’t that right? When you are touched from heaven and you are changed, you are not going to forget it. But guess what? We can’t go back. We can’t go back because it happened then. “Well this thing happened to me and I am anointed for the rest of my life.” We are anointed but there are different degrees, and that’s the point he is making. And it’s so important for us to require it as a necessity, the anointing.

There is a place and time when we can remember something He did for us in the past. I know that’s right. But it is never right to just go back and live that time again. It just isn’t right. It won’t work. We have to be fresh, refreshed. Maybe we could look at it like this: when is the last time you had a fresh anointing come into you, and you sensed it? When was that? Or are we just living on past times? God, the Holy Spirit, I love the fact that He is new every day. And today is a new day. For us, we can’t just presume, be presumptuous about it, to not ask anew every day for more of Him. It puts us in a place or a position to receive it and it makes us more aware that we need it. We need more of the presence of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit more today, especially if we are people of prayer.

Ms. Annie led us singing Oh, Draw Me Lord

Pastor Ray gave a word of the Lord…

I keep hearing this inside. “I am drawing you. I am drawing you into new steps that you never thought you would be able to do. I am drawing you into new places and positions where your voice will operate for Me under My anointing and bring about great glee in those that will receive. I am drawing you over and around places that have tried to stop you, positions or bumps in the road. I am drawing you right around. For you shall do what I have called you to do and placed within you to do—My gifts, My anointings working through you. So, keep on looking up,” saith the Lord. “Keep on looking where you have not looked before, but look into the realm of the Spirit and you will see and you will know the way to go. Oh, it’s an abundant way! (ha, ha, ha) It’s a glorious way. New ways, new days, new positions, new authority.”

Ms. Jeani gave a Word of the Lord…

I am the ready writer drawing it in you, drawing it out of You. I am drawing it in You, making it clear, making it easy. Israel, I am written in you, I am written all over you, and I am writing in you all over you. Drawing you out, Israel, I am drawing you out. I am drawing you out—come out and shine! The bright light of the world, I am drawing you out. I am convincing you of who you are even now. Holy Spirit, You convince Israel of who she is, that she belongs to Me the ready writer at the ready, every time, all the time, the Beginning and the End. I am in you and I am drawing you out, Israel.

What a picture, what a plan, what a destiny
Help from heaven enabling you to fulfill what you have been called to fulfill

Ms. Annie led us singing Oh, Draw Me Lord

Ms. Jeani…

I see the Father drawing and it’s not with pencil because it never has to be erased and there is never a mistake. It’s not with pen because it’s not of man. It’s with the blood. With the blood He drew out the plans in you, America. With the blood, He drew out the plans in you, Church. The desires on the tablet of your heart have already been written in the blood, in the blood, in the blood—the blood that finished it, the blood that does the work today, the blood that makes a way. The blood is the plan. It’s the delight of His heart. The dreams He put in you written in the blood, solid, nothing can defeat it. You agree with My plan and move out! Go! Go! Go, Church! Go, President Trump! Go, Israel! Go! Go! By the blood! By and through the blood! Do it now. Do it today. It is the only way, and it is the way! Be bold! Be Strong! Be courageous! Go!

With joy! With delight! It is not a discipline, it is a delight! Delight yourself in Me and go! Get up and shine! For the light of the Ready One, the light of the Ready Writer has come! He’s in you! Move out! Satisfied in Him, yet never satisfied because there is no end to His government! More and more increase, President Trump! You increase today! We speak increase upon you, favor wherever you go, favor that was already there before you got there! Favor in your family! Favor in your marriage! Matchless unrelenting favor is upon you today! Go! Go! Go! Live up to your name, Trump! Go Trump!

Today is the day of deliverance
Today is the day of victory
Today is the day of desires fulfilled—that is the Tree of Life!
The Tree that I nailed everything to
I nailed it onto the Cross—it’s the Tree of Life!
Now you go and live! Go and live! Be alive, be alive, be alive
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Arise, I told you to arise! So you can do it! You can do it! You can do it!
Go! Go! Go!

Continued praying…

Wisdom and understanding and revelation
About how to do it and what to do and when
We pray over your ears and over your eyes—eyes to see what the Spirit of God is telling unto thee
Ears to hear what heaven has said and operate in that anointing
Heaven’s ways for heaven’s days (ha, ha, ha)
Heaven’s plans for these days, these days are heaven’s days and things are moving and things are changing
And those that have to go shall go for there is a cleansing by the blood
A washing of this nation for holiness, holiness, a holy nation unto God

Every street, every home in this nation washed with the blood—all of it
Not one stone unturned with the blood of Jesus
We washed, be cleansed, be whole today in Jesus’ name
America, every city, every neighborhood, every block, every city hall, every courtroom, every school, every classroom, every movie, every network be made whole, be washed in the blood
The kingdom of God, America, America—You demonstrate the kingdom of God
That’s who you are! That’s who you are! You demonstrate
What does it look like to be a kingdom country? One nation under God—America!

State by state by state—all of the states
Every state all across the northern borders in Jesus’ name
All the way on over to the east, to the eastern side of the United States
We plead the blood of the Lamb over our borders in the name of Jesus
We come on down the eastern side of our nation
Florida all the way to the keys in Jesus’ name
On up on the southern side, all the way on over in the name of Jesus
The borders—we cover the borders, we plead the blood over the borders in Jesus’ name
Between the US and Mexico we cover that border in every one of those southern states in Jesus’ name
Drugs, you cannot come in! No in Jesus’ name
We are protected by the blood
We pray over all of those officials, National Guard, all the ones to watch our southern borders in Jesus’ name
Eyes to see those open ways shut down now in Jesus’ name
This is the time, now is the time!
Up on over the western side, we pray all the way up there around Alaska
We pray over Hawaii, all of the Islands in the name of Jesus
Over the waterways, over the airways in Jesus’ name
Over the Mississippi from the north all the way down through in Jesus’ name
We cover St. Louis—reminded of the prophecy that was declared by Brother Hagin
Up and out of that center part of this nation the glory will come forth!
May it be so! May it come forth! Now in these days
And the direction or the words that were spoken up here on the northern part of our country
Right here in Minnesota, the awakening in Jesus’ name
Revivals going on down—going in every direction, out into every state in America
We pray over every governor, we lift them up
Oh, Father, thank You that they will move in the right way
Over the governor of Minnesota in Jesus’ name—declaring this state is continually moving more in God’s way. What was declared over this state, it will come to pass in Jesus’ name

Every election finished, coming out the godly way, coming out the right way
I finished it, Church, go for it in your prayers! Go for it in your thinking!
I finished it—nothing left but My finished work!
Thank You that it is finished, Lord; we thank You that it is finished
We walk it out, we pray it out today! Today the elections, every vote covered and washed in the blood
Every campaign covered and washed in the blood, every speech, every part, every piece of communication that goes out to the people, washed in the blood! It has to go through the blood to get to you! Every vote must go through the blood to get to the results! Oh, the blood, thank You for the blood! Thank You that we are one nation under God. We belong to You. That’s Who we identify with. Every vote identifies with You.

We are lifting our country, lifting up every state, holding up Israel

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Spirit

Continued praying…

We see that blood, we see that blood

I heard this in your tongues, Annie: “Let those things that have been tied up be loosed. Those things that have been held up, be set free. Those things that have been bound up, loosed!”

Let it be so, it shall be so, it shall come to pass
These are new days, these are different times and different days
But My Church, the Church is rising up
Those things that have held the Church down are loosed for breakthroughs are at hand
Breakthroughs in every arena, breakthroughs spiritually, breakthroughs in the natural, breakthroughs in finances, Breakthroughs in jobs, breakthroughs in signs and wonders and supernatural happenings
Miracles, miraculous things, absolute turnarounds
Hallelujah, so we will keep on expecting, we will keep on yearning
We will keep on participating, we will keep on calling, we’ll keep on lifting You up
We will keep on magnifying Your name above every other name
We will keep on a watch, and so we watch as we go, we watch as we say, we watch as we pray
For so much is at stake – souls hang in the balance
We pray this morning over all of the laborers
Oh, Father, thank You all over the earth we see them right now
Moving on out into uncharted, new territories in Jesus’ name
We pray over every laborer, we pray the blood covering
For direction, declaring prosperity there! Out of the boundaries, so to speak
Out of the four walls, out into distant places
We pray over missionaries this morning that it will go well with them
Over their families, over their finances, over their influence in Jesus’ name
Bodies be whole, be restored
Ways, doors be opened up for more efficiency, for greater ways to go
For an alignment by the power and through the authority of that precious holy blood
Thank You for the blood, thank You for the blood
Thank You for the name that is above every other name
Jesus be glorified, be lifted, be magnified
Jesus be Jesus in us and through us

Ms. Annie led us singing Jesus Be Jesus In Me

Continued Praying…

We receive today by faith in what You have said in Your Word, what You did give unto us at that Cross
When You said it was finished
Today, we can know without a doubt it was, it is, and it will always be
We are healed, we’re whole, we’re healthy in every way
Our minds are strong, our bodies are right, our feet are pointed in the right way
We shall walk out what God by His Spirit has called us to walk out
We are above and we are not beneath
We see things that other people do not see, we know things that other people do not know
For we are above, we are the head and not the tail, we know where to go, we know what to do
We know who we are in You for You are our help, our strength today
We yield everything to You, humble ourselves before You and trust in Your Word
That Your Word breaks loose those things that were bound
Smashes things that tried to come against the Church
You Word is strong, powerful—we thank You for it today
This Tuesday is a Holy Ghost Tuesday, the fire will burn bright all the way through this Tuesday
For it is a good day, a new day, and a holy day
And the joy of the Lord is working in us bringing strength through us
We thank You for it in Jesus’ name and every one said “Amen”

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