Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 10, 2018

(Unfortunately, the morning prayer session did not get recorded. But here are the excerpts and prophecies that were shared.)

Kenneth Copeland Prophecy

This great awakening that is hanging over the United States tonight. This great awakening that’s hanging heavy around the nations, but most especially in this country and in Canada. This great awakening that is hanging there, just hanging there to be realized and to flow and be released through this nation and throughout the nation of Canada, and then in turn, throughout the rest of the world.

The prayer, the prayer, the prayer, the prayer that’s gone forth. The prayer that’s going forth and that’s where the power release is. That’s where the trigger to these things is. That’s the way you release them in your church. Thus saith the Lord.

In this hour, these churches that are teaching and training people to pray of which are on the list and many others also, those are the churches where the explosion and the Shekinah glory of God will be manifest first.

The praying churches will walk in it first. Oh, they’ll say, My revival broke out over there, but no, “answered prayer” broke out over there. The awakening will come out of those congregations.

There is a hunger in this nation for holiness. Holiness, real Bible purity before God.

And people will run into those houses of worship where the glory of God is residing, hanging heavy and they’ll say, “clean, clean, clean, Oh to be clean, to be clean.” And they’ll run into that atmosphere and My blood will cleanse them from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.

Prophecy with no name or date given

For the time has come for the glory to be manifest. You remember in My Word, saith the Lord, when the glory was manifest as a cloud. At another place and time, the glory was manifest as the rain, then at another time the glory was manifest as fire or lightning. And then at other times, the glory was manifest as wind. But there has not been a time yet but the time is now for the glory to be manifest in all those ways at the same time.

Rain in only rain, a cloud is only a cloud, the wind is only the wind, the lightning is only lightning, but when they all come together, it is a storm. And, a glory storm is coming. Hallelujah!

And the time for it, I told you about it. And now the time has come. It’s happening in different places, but it’s coming together to be manifest to do what it is designed to do.

I said in My Word they’ll not take root. I’ll breathe on them and they will wither away. The Babylonian System, of man trying to meet his own needs beyond Me, and without Me, saith the Lord, is withering away. And those that are attempting to re-establish it, to shore it up, and trying to get it going again will fail and fall at its feet. It will not come to pass, not in this country or any other country, saith the Lord.

But I’ll tell you this: the United States of America belongs to Me. It doesn’t belong to the Democratic Party. It doesn’t belong to the Republican Party. And I’ll tell you something else, it doesn’t belong to all the people. It belongs to My people and I will raise it up. I have breath on that system and it will not take root.

It will wither away, you mark My word. The time is now and you’ll see it. And you’ll say, that’s what the Lord was talking about. That’s what He was saying and it will come to pass in the land of the living. We’re not done here yet. Don’t quit. Don’t stop. There’s no power on earth stronger than your faith in God.

All the devils of hell put together cannot defeat one man, your blood brother. Remember there is a man in the Godhead. There’s God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. And a man tonight is in the Godhead representing you. There’s no power on this earth that can overcome your faith in God.

So rise up with a new voice, rise up with strength like never before. Shake yourself and begin to say “glory be to God in the highest.” This is only the beginning and not the end. This is the best, this is the top, and we’re on our way. We’ll not be defeated. We’ll not quit. We’ll not lack. We’ll not fall short. We’ll not be diminished. We’re not be taken away, saith the Lord. We will not. We are here to stay until God takes us away and nobody else can do it.

An excerpt from one of Billye Brim’s books.

Praying the Mysteries of God

The English word “mystery” is a transliteration of the Greek word musterion, which means a sacred secret. How intriguing that the New Testament identifies certain subjects as mysteries of God—and the plans of God so specified as mysteries are front and center in the happenings of the end of days.

1st Cor. 14:2, “For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.”

This one verse is so full of revelation. It tells born again believers that:

1: There are mysteries.
2: We can speak about them.
3: Our speaking is directly to God.
4: There is a supernatural language in which to speak.

Great Happenings

Consider prayerfully this prophecy given through Kenneth E. Hagin.

Speaking by the Spirit, not just speaking words out of your own mind or thinking, but speaking by the Spirit; Words that are inspired by the Spirit of God; words that well up from within you, out of your spirit, given to you by the Holy Spirit. Those words, spoken boldly bring forth great happenings.

Speaking by the Spirit, and so the glory of God shall come into manifestation. And some will see it like a cloud that hangs over the heads of the people. Others may not see anything, but they sense the mighty move of His Spirit.

Speaking by His Spirit, yielding your tongue unto the Holy Ghost, taking time to pray in the Spirit, taking time to pray in other tongues will get you tuned up, will edify you.

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