Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mary led group in worship…

Erika shared…

We’ve started a journey this week talking about prophecy and the place of prophecy in the Church, concerning prayer in this church and in “the” Church. I talked with brother Ray and we thought we would start with this. In May 29, 1986, sister Billye Brim was here and she dedicated the prayer room in the old building. She had a word from the Lord. I wanted to go over that today.

Prayer Room Dedication Service
May 29, 1986
Billye Brim

God must have more and more in these days for the last hour would seem like a terrible maze.
Man would not know which way to go lest one prayed them through their path to show.
And so, from this place all around the world, God will guide men, and they’ll be hurled like missiles against the forces of the night, because someone here did that which was right.
So turn not away and run out thinking, “Oh, it’s over. I’ll be about my day’s chores,” but God said, “give us a time more.”
For heaven and hell and earth must know that it’s there this room dedicated for the purpose of prayer.
Rooms He has prepared here and there, places, planned and set forth by Him.
You stand in one.
This little room will be a particular gem, a polished one.
In this place set apart, God Himself will direct the heart of men, women, and children who choose to go there and will use you in very special prayer.
Heaven knows its location—you should too. I have given this room. I have given it to you.
You, in turn, dedicate it back to Me, but it’s by My plan, don’t you see?
It’s not the only room in all the earth. Many others are raised up in places of great work.
Prayer Mountain here, and a bungalow there, a closet where men will go and share themselves—spirit, soul, and body with God that He might work through them.
And all things shall be done and all glory given to the Glorified One.
And so, step forth in your office now and offer this place.

I like that. Dedicated to God for prayer. It’s one of the great calls of God upon this ministry. It seems like we’re just kind of stirring the pot or stepping on the gas a little more.

Pastor Ray…

Our prayer room back then was dedicated to Phil Halverson. We have his picture upstairs in the prayer room. I want to share something else by Billye Brim. It’s from 2010 and she’s speaking things to pray-ers. That’s one of the things Phil Halverson said before he left that was her highest call, to minister to the pray-ers. You have to keep them “praying.”

The time and the purpose for all of our lives are very important and, in fact, you are alive to meet those appointments, those people, to pray those prayers. Listen and keep ever aware and alert to the voice of the Spirit and what He would have you say and what He would have you to pray. When you go around your house, when you hear a word, repeat it. For it will be from Me. If at the beginning of your day, you’ll acknowledge me in all your ways, then I will alert you. For it is critical in this day that I have my body speak and say what I want it to say. Know you are “on call.” Give me your all. In the day light hours, in the night time too, everything is speeding up and will until you are through to the brightness of the new day. So this is not the time to let the enemy keep you sitting in confusion, in darkness, and despair wondering why you are alive and why even care. But this is the time to know of your importance. This is the time to know for it is short. Yeah, give me your thoughts, your words, and do not shrink for you are on the very brink of the most wondrous days that have ever been. And, yea, even before the brightness of the new day, you shall see upon the body of Christ the anointing come, the anointing of the glorious one. And on in glory and in power, you are going to finish out this, your finest hour. Do not center on the negative. Yea, be aware and alert and know it’s there. But you focus on the light of My face and upon sureness of My glory and My grace. Who will begin to walk in a new atmosphere? You’ll begin to walk where things are very clear. You’ll hear a voice. You’ll turn around and say, “Who said that?” It’s because your hearing is tweaked in this day. Those plans that seem hard to come by and to know before, now they will be very clear. It’s not like it was in days of yore. There have been some key moments. There have been some key happenings and things have stepped up and you will see the operation of dunamis power. Spoken unto you and said when Oral Roberts moved to heaven, there came a shift. There will be another for you shall soon hear of the departure of another brother and know that when he goes, another shift will occur. And it’s not you that is being shaken. It’s the darkness. You receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. And though all around, others might see darkness, not you! You’ll see Me. You’ll get another breath. Even in your body, my very queen. So rejoice, be exceedingly glad for days of rejoicing. Praise God! Nothing is held back that you need in this hour.

I want to share this about pleading our case. I want to share scriptures first. Isaiah 1:18, Come now, let us reason together.” Isaiah 41:21-22, “Produce your cause, saith the Lord. Bring far your strong reasons, saith the king of Jacob. Let them bring them forth, let them show the former things that we may consider them and know the latter end of them.” Isaiah 43:26, “Put me in remembrance, let us plead together, declare though that thou mayest be justified.” Isaiah 45:11, “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the works of my hands, command ye me.” We are to remind Him of what He said. This scripture is not saying, “I command You, Lord!” It’s not like that. It’s declaring what He’s already said, reminding Him of it. Phil. 4:6 “Do not fret, have any anxiety about anything. But in every circumstance and everything by prayer and petition or definite request with thanksgiving continue to make your wants known to God. To prevail is to win, mastery, to become effective, to urge successfully, to triumph and to succeed. That is prevailing prayer. To petition is a prayer, a supplication, an entreaty to a person of superior power, a formal request addressed to an official person, having power to grant the request. They have the authority, the power, to implore or solicit as to petition the court. Ephesians 6:18, “Pray at all times on every occasion and every season in the spirit.” We’re to argue our case with God, not trying to convince Him but to convince ourselves.


Stepping out and beyond the boundaries that have held back… shake it off… see yourselves free… walking in victory… some major things have already happened… keep looking up to the Son…

Father, we thank You for all those pray-ers that have committed to fill in the time clock around the world and take up their places in the realm of prayer. We ask that each one would be strengthened by Your Spirit and encouraged by Your Word. That they would fulfill the call upon their lives, that none would get weary in well doing. But they would be stirred up with fresh fire in our spirit, going forth doing the will of God in the realm of prayer. You said we can come to Your throne of grace, there is need all across the world. We thank You that pray-ers have said yes and are watching on the walls, strengthened by Your Spirit. Breathe Holy Spirit on all those that pray… And for those that don’t know about this place of prayer, that Your word go forth to them in a way they can receive and walk in the light of the revelation of prayer. Stumbling blocks are being removed… low places are being filled in… fresh revelation and fresh fire… Devil, get your hands off our land… a movement taking place… of the army of God moving forth in prayer… active operations and manifestations and demonstrations of Your power… our hearts are expectant… we humble ourselves and look for a change in this nation… this nation would move toward the righteousness of God… it was founded for Your glory and honor… even in the White House… prayer and Bible study… greater manifestations of Your glory and in our government… voices willing to stand up and speak that which is right… no weapon against our President will prosper… he is anointed to clean the swamp… the churches rising up to their places in prayer… doors opened by Your Spirit…

Erika shared…

I want to read to you a prophecy Kenneth Copeland gave in January 2007.

It’s time for the body of Christ to rise up. These are the times when heaven and earth will come together. This is what Amos spake of when he said, “There is coming a day when the sower and the reaper shall walk side by side.” Those days have come. They came when Jesus came into earth and operated and functioned in the earth—in the spirit as one flowing motion. And the time has come for the body of Christ to exactly work the same way. In one flowing motion, speaking spiritual things that immediately turn to natural things that begin to respond and flow, and go to and fro. Because of spiritual things that are being released and walking in them. For this is the time for the body of Crist to rise up in full measure of anointing and declare these things that be so, by calling things that be not as though they were, saith the Lord. And they’ll come to pass immediately, while you stand there and look at it. Hallelujah!

Dr. Creflo Dollar; 1/15/2006
The Rebirth of a Nation

The Spirit of the Lord says, This country will be like a stump-like tree that’s been cut down and the only thing you can see is a stump. Many will say, “What happened to the power of that great nation?” Many will say, “What happened to what they once had?” The Spirit of the Lord will have you to know, I will reduce it to a stump. I will cause the tree to fall down, but it will rise again. The Spirit of the Lord would have you to know like an eagle that goes through a period of time where it flies and hides itself and beats its beak off and loses its feathers, and yet there comes a time when the beak grows new again and the feathers grow new again, and it continues to rise high; so likewise it shall be in this nation. Although it shall be reduced as a stump, I will cause it to be regenerated. It’ll rise high and it’ll be greater than it’s ever been before, for I have a covenant with this land, saith the Lord. These things will surely come to pass at last, at last, at last. These things will surely come to pass at last. Don’t fret because of the mentality of this land. Don’t fret because they have turned their back against My Word and My way. I will not give up on this nation, saith the Lord. Although it will be reduced to a stump and like an eagle will lose its wings, I will cause it to be regenerated again. The greatness of this nation shall be seen once again. So I depend on you to go ahead and pray this nation on through. For these things will surely come to pass and have even begun now, saith the Lord. So continue to be obedient to pray for this government. Continue to be obedient to pray for this land. I will not forsake it because of its relationship with Israel. It’ll be great and it’ll have impact. Great things will happen like the eagle that’s been rejuvenated. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for I am God and I will watch over this land. Do not be moved by what you see. For I am telling you so you can know it right now. Just pray. Just pray. Just pray and you’ll cause things to be My way, saith the Lord. I’ll honor My Word in these days. For this that I have spoken though My prophet has begun. It is going on even now, but I will be faithful to My word. This nation shall rise again in Jesus’ name, thus saith the Lord.

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