Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, November 15, 2019

Note: Due to technical difficulties, morning prayer did not get recorded. As a result, we cannot provide you with a transcript of today’s prayer time. We can, however, share with you Pastor Ray’s excerpts he used to accompany today’s exhortation.

Pastor Ray shared with the pray-ers how the Lord has been emphasizing to him the word “now.” The meaning of the word “now” isn’t about things that happened yesterday or sometime in the future. The meaning of the word “now” is about this present time—now! He shared two excerpts that emphasize the word “now.”

Kenneth Hagin
St. Louis

Now, now, now, it shall come to pass, it shall come to pass.
The Spirit keeps saying, “It shall come to pass.” It shall!
“Those secrets that you prayed out with the Father, for it is written,
‘He that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men but unto God.
For no man understandeth him.
Howbeit in the Spirit he speaketh mysteries or divine secrets.”
And so those secrets that you’ve talked to God about,
those mysteries that you prayed through.
Into manifestation shall they come.
For this is the day and this is the hour and this is the time.
Now at this time, there shall be a greater manifestation of
the spirit of SEEING and the spirit of KNOWING.
A greater manifestation of the revelation gifts of the Spirit:
the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, discerning of spirits.
You’ve seen a sprinkling of these things here a little, there a little.
But now you shall see it—shall shortly see it, now, now come to pass.
A spirit of SEEING, the spirit of KNOWING into manifestation shall come.
And the spirit of SEEING and the spirit of KNOWING into manifestation
having come will bring you a place of greater faith.
Yea, and the gift of faith shall be in manifestation.
You’ve seen it and observed it in manifestation in a measure.
But no one has ever seen the measure in which it will be manifested in these days.
And the working or miracles.
Working of miracles in the full orbit of manifestation shall come.

Kenneth Copeland
March 7, 2009
2009 Branson Victory Campaign

I need those that would walk out My Word in the times of great pressure in the earth. Of course, great revelation will come during the millennium, but that’s for the millennium’s time. The serious need is in the time of the “now” while principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and wicked spirits in heavenly places bringing great pressure on people and humanity in this day. For these are the times when My revelation is so important.

But not only that, what you learn here and now is vitally important for the generations that are to come even after Satan is long forgotten. For I said when I was on the earth and it’s recorded in My Word, there has never been anything like the body of Christ and there never will be again. The record for all future ages is being established now. And the reason for that is, saith the Lord, is because your victory came in the midst of great darkness and warfare. Your victory came on My Word when all present said My Word could not carry it out.

But it did.

And there will never be another glorified class of man again. You will walk in My glory. You walk side by side with Me and all future generations… all through the millennium… all through the future generations of the new heaven and the new earth. There will be those that will refer to you and say, “There goes one of them there. Ahh, that’s one of the glorified ones.”


The rest of morning prayer was spent in a time of glorious worship. Wish you could have been there!

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