Wednesday, November 15, 2023 

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist

Pastor Ken…


Lord, we pray for what’s broken to be healed and put back in joint and mended.

We pray for a healing and a restoring flow.

Father, we pray for a divine release of delivery today… sent now… delivered now.

Encouragement now delivered to your neighborhood, to your door.

A refreshing, a new assignment, a promotion, a breakthrough, restoration, restitution.

We contend for sons and daughters today… grandchildren today… we say, Devil, you will not have this next generation. You will not have our children, teenagers, young adults.

We stand up today as representatives and emissaries of heaven… joined in the spirit of faith, and we say, Lord, we contend for this next generation, those being raised, those growing up, those entering the world as young adults.

We pray let the heavens open up and let there come a descending of your love and your grace to reap the harvest of souls, to break down enemy strongholds, to open up lives in mass to the grace and beautiful goodness of God.

We send salvation… deliverances… people struggling with mental illness.

Let the fire of God be ministered to burn out what’s not supposed to be there.

The best is yet to come. Did you hear that, Devil? The best for the church is yet to come. Our day is looking good. Our future is bright. For we stand with God and put enemies to flight.

There’s no inability in God. There’s no limitation. No. No. Not at all. Don’t even say that. There’s only abundance. And renewal and something new that He wants to do in you today.


Repurposing, repurposing… He’s going to repurpose some things. He’s going to change the way you think. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Oftentimes, most of the time I should say, that’s all that’s needed to experience a change of state is changing your perspective.

I just sense that He wants us to know that there are some things we’re seeing, but we’re seeing it in a wrong way. And if you’ll give Him permission, simply by the act of a prayer of consecration, He’s going to change how you see a situation, see something that occurred, something that was done, something that you went through. He’s going to shift and change how you see it, and you’ll realize in a moment that it’s something He’s repurposing and actually will become a platform, your story even, a platform for ministry, a platform for propulsion. A pad, like a rocket blast off from my rocket pad, right? So, too, that which has happened in a negative way, that which the enemy intended to do for your harm and destruction and delay in some way will actually become repurposed and leveraged in the divine providence of God to propel you in the coming day and position you to be used by Him in new and fresh ways that you did not even think up or even have an inkling that that would occur.

But He would say, “If you’ll let Me, I’ll do a lot more things that you didn’t even know were possible, that you didn’t think about, that you didn’t conjure up in your own small intellect. But oh, in the mind of God, there is nothing but grace and goodness. Oh, but in the mind and intention of the Father, there is only grace and new beginnings and hopefulness and opportunity to reconnect to the plan of God.

Because while you think you’ve gone too far, you can’t recover, there’s no hope. “I guess I’ll just hold out until it’s time for me to be promoted to heaven.” When you think that in a linear western mentality sort of way, the Spirit of God would say, “I’m just bringing you back around.” When you think you’ve kind of reached the outer edge and there’s no return or hope for you, Oh, the Spirit of God’s going to say, “No, no, let me grab hold of you, son and daughter. I’m going to bring you back around and I’m going to show you something you didn’t see on the backside of this mountain. On the backside of this situation. I’m going to show you some beautifulness that I’ve prepared for you, some grace and goodness.

“And I hear increase that you did not labor or strive through the sweat of your brow to obtain. But I want you to receive it and I want it to be a gain for you. But hang on to Me, hold tight to My hand. For I’m just bringing you around like a satellite going around. It just goes around and around in each revolution, there’s a new perspective and another beautiful view to see. Amen.

And there’ll be a new opportunity…

And His grace is profusely abounding toward you today. Oh, Oh, if you could just see it the way the Father sees it, your heart would be lifted. Your eyes would brighten. Your step would quicken and your nervous system would relax because God’s got this. And He’s got you. And He’s taking you from where you are to where He’s called you to be.

Pay no attention to those harassing spirits. Pay no attention to those nagging thoughts and remembrances of the past. See only onward and upward into the face of your Father and Lord. And know that He has prepared a way for it to all be all right and turn out for your good, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah.

Quote from Jeannie Wilkerson’s book, “Contact With God”…

Let me just share something with you. I’ve been reading from Jeanne Wilkerson’s book, “Contact With God.” And in her chapter on “Effectual Prayer,” she writes, “As people of God, we have been afforded the greatest opportunity ever offered. And that is to come boldly to the throne of grace in times of need. (Hebrews 4:16) We can talk to Jesus there, leaving all our problems at the brazen altar in the outer court, where Jesus Himself took our sin, sickness, disease, and poverty and restored all the things that Satan took away from us. When we come into God’s presence in the spirit, our standing is secure.”

I’m convinced that’s for somebody, if not all of us today.

“Your standing is secure. You might feel shaky, your emotions might be up and down, you may not know exactly how things are going to turn out of the natural, but that’s okay because your standing before God is sure. It’s cemented in Him. His love is streaming over you today. His Spirit is hovering right there with you today. Your righteousness is established upon the rock of Jesus Christ. You are forgiven. You are a son, you are a daughter. So your standing is secure.”

She goes on to say, “That’s why it is important to picture ourselves standing in the very presence of God when we pray in the Spirit. We do this as an act of faith.”

What? Yeah. An act of faith. One of the greatest acts of faith that just close your eyes, put away the distractions, and just see yourself as the Word reveals you. The new you I’m speaking of. The one that’s in Christ and in the family of God. Well, that’ll get you happy.

“Through prayer, the compassion of Jesus flows to meet His people’s needs and to break the power of sin and Satan over people who seek deliverance. Jesus has vested the authority and power in His people through prayer to break chains of bondage. Jesus broke the chains of hell and all you need to do is enforce His victory. Since Jesus paid such a high price to break the chains of bondage, you must never go back in thought or in deed to sin that once enslaved you. As a free person, you must walk and live in His liberty. The power of God will be just as great tomorrow as it is today. The life that is produced by the Holy Spirit must be maintained by constant communication with God by receiving from Him the resurrection power and life which Jesus purchased for us. By walking with God and communicating with Him in prayer, we learn how to allow Him to flow through us to others.”

And finally, she says, “We can never touch men [or you can say influence men or people or the world] until we know how to touch God. We must work together with God to maintain His power and anointing in our lives. Let your desire be like that of Paul, who said, ‘Yet indeed, I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.’ In order to be useful and pliable in the Master’s hands, you must yield to Him. Know that God is urging you to lift up your voice like a trumpet to enforce His victory in the earth and in your life.”


So, Father, we just thank you this morning for just gracing us with your presence here today.

We thank you that your heavenly flow is pulsating through us right now.

Lord, we purpose to yield and be aware of you and just let that glory in your presence be the dominant factor in our lives.

We choose and consecrate ourselves to you, to seek you and to turn aside to see you and seek and know you each and every day more and more knowing that it’s that heavenly flow that we receive from that place that is the difference maker, the change maker and what we need in every way.

I speak favor and blessing over this prayer family this morning online and in this chapel. I speak blessing. I speak courage over them today. I pray for strength in their decision making, strength to their hearts to be and to do just what Jeannie wrote, which is to be a trumpet through our voices, speaking out the wonderful works of God in the Spirit and in our understanding, enforcing and decreeing and establishing your authority, Lord, wherever we go, firstly in our own lives with that voice of victory.

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