Thursday, November 16, 2023

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist

Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody.

We praise you and worship you this morning. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Outside is so nice this morning. You have to rejoice and be glad in it. On this November the 16th day. It’s like spring, it smells like spring. Hallelujah.

You know the Word of God said to forget the former things. God said, “I am doing a new thing.” He’s doing a new thing. Look outside! It’s a new thing. Then He said, “It’s spring up.” It means it’s springtime. Change. Forget the former thing. God said, “I am doing a new thing… in us… for us… through us.

Oh, thank you, Father, for the new things. All things become new in Christ Jesus, forgetting all that is behind us. We can start today in the name of Jesus. We can say, “forget the former, forget the past. What happened yesterday or the day before.” God said, I am doing a new thing. Would you not perceive it?

Yes, Father, we open our eyes to see you’re doing a new thing in us, for us, through us. Thank you, Father.

Father, thank you for this beautiful day. You told us rejoice in it. Hallelujah. We have to rejoice in it.

Oh, but you have this problem. No matter, He said rejoice. Always rejoice. I say again, rejoice in this problem, this issue, or this happened, that happened. He said to rejoice.

Rejoice because He’s going to turn the captivity around. So rejoice.

He’s going to turn this problem into a solution. So rejoice.

He’s going to take this sickness and turn it into good health. So rejoice!

He’s going to turn your business around. So rejoice in the Lord. Again I say rejoice!

If you look outside, there’s nothing to be down about this morning… it’s beautiful. Wonderful.

Rejoice in Him because He’s turning that around… that sickness and disease caused by the enemy… in your stomach.

He said, “I am the God that healeth thee. That means He’s going to turn it around. He’s going to turn the sickness around, the disease around in your body.

But the doctor said… but the lawyer said… but the banker said… But Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the resurrection. So rejoice, rejoice, rejoice…

There is one way out of every situation. I think we have privilege from God and that is to “rejoice!”

In famine… in poverty… I will laugh, laugh, laugh!

“I need help. I don’t want to laugh.” But He said to rejoice!

But you say, “I want to go sit in the darkness and be sad.” No! God said to rejoice and get up and go to church. Get out. See the sunshine. Hallelujah.

We believe God is going to raise you up and put some joy in your body today.

Father, thank you for your glory. Your glory will come upon people who are watching this morning. Your light has come, for the glory of the Lord is risen upon us. Hallelujah.

I shared this before. I remember I saw a sign in front of a church. You know it’s dark, but it said “The Lord Reign and the Son will shine.” That was their forecast. So, today’s forecast is this. The Lord reigns and the Son will shine in you.

And the Son of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. And He’s coming after you to heal your body… to heal your finances… to heal your relationships… to heal your stomach, the body.

I was reading this morning talking to someone who was going through something. They never heard of such a thing as “He took your sickness and disease.” My sickness and disease. He never heard that! If somebody doesn’t know, it’s good news for somebody who said there’s an end to this. There is no cure. But then they find out Jesus took your sickness, disease, cancer, tumor, growths, deafness, blindness, every other disease upon His own body.

It’s good news. Who has never heard it? If the Son has set you free, you’re going to be free indeed from that disease. Especially in your stomach.

This morning I was talking to someone who never heard the Word of the living God: for He was wounded for our transgression. He was bruised for our inequities. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him. And by the stripes of Jesus Christ, you and me and them who are watching can be healed. And you are healed. Hallelujah.

Sister Cindy…

Father, we thank you that we are not afraid of anything evil. Evil reports. Lying wonders. Because the Lord is our light and our salvation.

Together, we go in the strength and understanding that you provide for the simple asking. So we are praying always.

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all saints…

We are interceding… praying that we would have utterance… lifting up all the saints for the coming together as you’ve prescribed just the right prescription and all side effects that go along with that prescription, which is highly addictive. We get hooked on it, Father…

Everything’s lining up to its initial purpose. Every day, Father, we got to have more and more of You. But it doesn’t wane. The side effects keep us coming back, but there is always more that’s satisfies.

Which is the secret of our facing everything because we’ve learned the secret of facing everything no matter what the circumstances may be. Ha ha ha.

We have strength through the one who has infused inner strength in us… to meet and be equal to and overcome anything, any and all things … doesn’t matter… if we are in a place of abundance with more for us, Father, to give to others, or in a place of want.

We have strength. That’s the secret of facing all things.

So, we set our eyes on you, Father, our magnificent obsession. Your word to us. Your word in us. Your word that always causes us to overcome. Fitted out perfectly for everything.

Lord, I thank you that we have this basic knowledge that we are never at a loss… no matter what it feels like, we take our medicine. Because it increases strength and joy. And it feels good. Hallelujah.

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