Prayer Summary May 14


Thank You, Father, for what was done through Your Son’s blood
For the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit, leading and guiding us into more truth and more revelation
We worship and honor and magnify You
You are so good, so faithful, and so true
We are encouraged by Your written and spoken word to us

The following excerpt is taken from My time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund

God Orders Our Tomorrows by Our Prayers Today

God is able to go forward or backward in time. He created time; He invented it. God sets up our tomorrows because of our prayers and our seeking Him today. God knows what is coming tomorrow. He orders our tomorrows, but He orders them because we pray today. As we pray, God gives us our tomorrows by a system of weights and measures. In other words, we can know what is coming tomorrow because of the checks and balances in our spirits. The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirits and causes us to pray and to seek God. He also confirms His plans to us and gives us direction in life, telling us, “Yes,” “No,” or “Not yet.”

Invariably, when we are praying about tomorrow or what is going to happen down the line, it is because God has a blessing in store for us and the devil wants to steal it away or trip us up. When we pray earnestly, it releases God to go into our tomorrows and lay a trap for the devil and make sure our blessings are there, right on time. This is something I was told by the Lord when I was in heaven.

I was also told that all of our tomorrows are God’s yesterdays.

Let us not give up meeting together [“not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together” KJV], as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
(Hebrews 10:25)

The Word tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, and even more so as we see that the day of the Lord’s return is fast approaching. There is strength in numbers, and when you are seeking God, the greater the anointing is, and the easier it is to pray. I learned this. God is way ahead of us because our tomorrows are God’s yesterdays. He has already laid victory in our path. The Holy Spirit makes you aware (if you are really close to God) that you need to pray because there is something in your pathway you need to know about.

How many times has He done this for all of us? I don’t know. I can tell you only about myself. Many times, He has, and I have always been better off praying about tomorrow knowing that God is there already. He is going to take care of me if I take special pains to pray today.

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Continued Prayer…

There is no time or distance in the spirit
Our pathway is clear because of the blood
We declare heaven’s ways here on earth
When we speak and when we pray, things line up
PC is turning around to JC
Where there was mounting pressure against good, we declare a shift to pressure on the lost to get into the truth
More and more souls coming in; it’s revival!
Restoration, health, prosperity: spirit, soul and body
We thank You, Father, for members of families turning back to the plan and purpose that You had for them all along
Backsliders moving over and getting back on track; stronger than before, totally and completely restored
Things meant for evil will turn for good
We call those things that be not as though they were; a complete shift over into the right way
Momentum in the Church for all to take their place
We declare healing and restoration over the base
Answers, help, revelation about the assignments for every nation
The US will continually stand for Israel; no wavering in Jesus’ name
We declare those in positions of authority in the body of Christ will not go in a wrong way; we pull the blinders off their eyes concerning Israel
If we will bless Israel, we will be blessed
We plead the blood of Jesus over the land of Israel, over its resources; increase in protection, health, creativity, glory, presence, anointings in Jesus’ name
We watch over the borders of Israel; it shall not be given up or taken away
Thank You, Father, for protection for Israel’s military
Father, we ask that the leaders of the United States would understand the importance that we support Israel
We pray over the Golan Heights; no, it shall not be given up
Father, we thank You for a greater revelation of who You are and what You want to do, that our spiritual eyes would increase with every step you order
More and more angelic assistance
Increase in the spirit of seeing and knowing
We believe in the days to come, we will see more accurately and stay more tuned in by Your Spirit
The victory that was won on the cross!
Lord, we purpose to keep ourselves in one accord, no separation; it doesn’t matter what denomination or tongue
We plead the blood of Jesus over the whole body of Christ
Wholeness and wellness in the body of Christ and in individual bodies
We are healed and will remain healed in Jesus’ name
Things that still need to be turned, we declare they are turned in the right way
We stir ourselves up in Your joy which is our strength
Unusual and unknown resources will begin to turn up, beyond what we could image
Father, we are so thankful that You are out into our tomorrow
Everything is lined up, right in time and right on time
We abide in Your way, Your plans, and under Your glorious manifest presence
We thank You, Father, for all the connections in the body of Christ; we plead the blood of Jesus against separation, inaccuracies, and lies
Today’s a new day and we will be glad in it
Thank You, Father, for Your presence in our lives.

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