Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Pastor Ray opening prayer…

Father, thank You for the gifts in the body that work together and make things come to pass. Thank You for all the gifts you placed in each and every member of Your body. I pray today that they come forth in fullness to do what is necessary in these days we’re living in. Thank You for the power of Your Holy Spirit actively working in us, but also working through us. We know it’s not just about me and my own, but it’s about others… that we have been given the power and the anointing to press through, all the way. We pray over this day and lift it before You. Thank You that Your mercies are new today.

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read something about the cross today from Pastor Rod Parsley’s book, The Cross. I thought he had some good insight and a good way of speaking about the cross and what Jesus did and what was done for each of us.

[start quote]
“It is finished” is a declaration that all has been accomplished. All that was lacking has now been supplied. The breach has been healed. The debt has been fully satisfied.

The few remaining observers on Golgotha heard the man on the center cross shout something about His God having abandoned Him. A little later He had whispered a request for water—one that was answered, not with a ladle of cooling, soothing water but with a vinegar-filled sponge. Now we see the expiring troubadour of heaven summoning His last remnants of physical and mental strength… rising to speak once more.

Just one word this time.

When John, the beloved disciple, recalls this statement to record it in his Gospel narrative, he uses a Greek accounting term—tetelestai. Future English translations of John’s Gospel will render that term in a way that tends to strip it of the legal and financial connotations. They translate it, “It is finished” (three words for one). But tetelestai does not mean merely that a thing has ended. It has a far greater implication than merely a clock has run out and the game has concluded. It is a declaration that all has been accomplished. All that was lacking has now been supplied. The breach has been healed. The debt has been fully satisfied. Shalom—nothing broken, nothing missing.

Charles Spurgeon called this declaration, “Christ’s dying word to the church.” But our King’s proclamation carries even more dimensions of meaning than this. He means that all the types, shadows, and symbols of the Old Testament have now been fully manifested in Him. He decrees that the prophecies that pointed to a future Deliverer King have been fulfilled. John the Baptist had asked, “Are you the One or should we look for another?” Jesus’ answer at that time was suggestive but indirect. Now He speaks plainly. His “tetelestae” emphatically shouts, “You can stop looking! The promised One has appeared and accomplished the prophesied task. Dominion of planet Earth has been restored to its rightful steward.”

As Spurgeon wrote of this victory cry: “The whole book, from the first to the last, in both the Law and the Prophets, was finished in Him! There is not a single jewel of promise, from the first emerald which fell on the threshold of Eden, to the last sapphire of Malachi which was not set in the breastplate of the true High Priest. No, there is not a type, from the red heifer downward to the turtle dove, from the hyssop upwards to Solomon’s Temple itself, which was not fulfilled in Him; and not a prophecy, whether spoken on Chebar’s bank or on the shores of Jordan; not a dream of wise men, whether they had received it in Babylon, or in Samaria, or in Judea, which was not now fully worked out in Christ Jesus!

Finally, in that cry of consummation, Jesus declared an end to separated man’s religious striving to build a ladder back to God. God Himself has donned flesh and bone and blood and condescended to fallen men and willingly lain down on a cross.

“It is finished!” we hear Him cry aloud. Then He slowly, reverently, and with victorious humility bows that thorn-pierced head. Yes, of course, He bows now. There is nothing left to do but exhale a prayer. …

Even here at Golgotha amid the smell, sight, and sound of suffering flesh and dying shame, He is still about His Father’s business. So, He dies praying: “Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit!” He prays that word of prayer and dies…so that you and I might pray it also and live. [end quote]

(If you would like to purchase Rod Parsley’s book, The Cross, contact LW Store online or call 763.315.7015.)

Pastor Ray continues…

We could have a “selah moment” and think about everything that was completed on the cross. When you travel to Israel, of course, you hear shalom a lot, but it is a good declaration—nothing broken, everything healed, whole, prosperous. Everything that needed to be done was done on the cross. Thank You, Lord, for the power of the cross, for the power of the blood that was shed and that last prayer, “It is finished.” It did what we need for today. Let’s think of those that are around us, neighbors, friends, relatives, family, that need to know that the battle was won. They need to know that they can’t make it come to pass. They can’t do it in their own strength. But they must yield to heaven’s way, heaven’s power, the blood that was shed on that day, and the words that declared everything has been finished. Today we can say the best is yet to come for when we yield to what was already done, it’ll get better and better and better.


And be encouraged and be lifted and be strengthened and allow the peace of God to flow.
And for others, we battle the way those hindrances that get in their way
Clear it out—by the blood of the Lamb, get out!
Answers, divine revelation
The best, the furtherance, the increase
Wholeness, health, divine prosperity
We receive what was done then for now that we might go thru and do what You’ve called us to do
Repairing as we go—restoring as we go
Assignments—those things that we’ve been assigned to carry out
The things we have been assigned to speak out
Calling that as thou it were
Expecting the message to continually go and flow
Not just blending in or status quo, but busting out, going thru
The Church covered by the blood and cleansed
Prospered by the precious blood so we can say “Limit! You got to get out of the way. We will not be held back. We will not be held down.”
We lay hold of the greater, for others too
There are situations where we proclaim change and restoration and wellness
Leaders, positions of authority—we pray over them
Ministering spirits, go and minister on their behalf
An awakening, rise up, Church, and take your place
We lift up the prophets, the ministers, the missionaries, the evangelists, the teachers
Being shaken out of the old ways and moving into the new, into the greater, into the higher
Watching all around 360 degrees, observing what is taking place on this earth
Leading those under them in the right way in the right plan
We plead the blood over each and every one of these
God-breathed inspirations
The words, God breathed
Words that change, that turn, that lift, that remove
Like the sword, the Word
It’s the right prescription for every situation
Dividing… to the truth
Joy coming forth… in endurance… stamina
Every hindrance… to turn… eyes on the Shepherd
It’s a supernatural finish, a supernatural time, a supernatural hour
It’ll be a suddenly, it’ll be a turn, it’ll be a change
Watch them come from every direction
Gathering to the river bed

Pastor Ray is singing in the spirit and then interprets…

For in these days, there are low places that you thought would never ever be leveled out. But I’m saying today, by My Spirit, those low places as you continue to pray, they are coming up. My Word in you will not return to Me void, but it shall do what you say it should do. So there will be different ways of reaching those in these days. There will be different words to speak, different ways to act. Today maybe you don’t know the way but you’ll see the way as you keep coming to Me every day. There will be new words of direction. You’ll know it when you hear it. You’ll know it when you see it. Go. Go. Go forth in My power. Go forth in My direction. Go forth and lay hands on those that need it and that will receive it and open themselves to it.

Pastor Ray shares out of his spirit…

I have something about cement, that ways would be so changed, the pathway, the steps… it would be as we pass through, it would be like cement right behind us so others could come too. That things would be smoothed out for others to come through the door or the gate for freedom and light and to receive their King of glory and might.

Colors have no matter. It’s the glory, it’s the power of the blood. Yes, the blood is red. But the blood is not working because it’s red. The blood is working because it was shed on the cross at Calvary. BANG, it’ll be done. BANG, it’ll change. So when you say, “Taste and see that the Lord is good” believe that when you taste, you’re going to see. And when you see, you’re going to see that the Lord is good. Better than what you thought good could be. Ha!

So don’t be moved by what you see… But by My Spirit in thee, be moved by what you hear that comes from Me that is so near. And you shall walk out ways that you did not know, did not see because the time had not been right. But these days are the times and the days to watch over your ears and hear what I’m saying for you to walk through.

Money, money, money… finances… prosperity… resources that transfer… that My Word has talked about. I spoke it to you. Transfer of the wealth of the sinner into the hands of My kids. And you are one and you are one…Stay humble, stay fixed and receive by faith for the transfers have begun to come. Each one, every child… expect to receive change in that arena… expect to receive a change in the financial arena… expect to see a change in increase in the financial arena… and it shall come.

That wasn’t right. There was some debt there. There are some bills that are to be paid. Oh yeah… It’s a Holy Ghost account. And Jesus is the password. For the blood that was shed, was shed so that what is needed for today, you could walk in it because it was done on the cross. Thank You for it, Father. Even the mysteries that have been hidden, they shall begin to unfold. Even the things of supernatural wisdom, absolute total restoration, shalom… not one thing broken. Leaning way over into it. Leaning way over by faith into the shalom… leaning way into the promise… It’s been bestowed upon us as children of the King… There is no holding back…

The still small voice continually speaking, leading, and directing. We hear You, we hear the sound from heaven. We hear the new sound from heaven. We hear the sound and the sound says to “go forth in My glory and in My strength.” For the strength from heaven will take us all the way to our completed destiny. And we shall not just barely get through, we refuse sickness, lack, pain, depression, symptoms of every kind. Tiredness, worn out, shut down, we refuse it in Jesus’ name. And take upon ourselves today the authority to go all the way. We have the power to go all the way. The authority to declare to others to watch them run and go forth and slide all the way in and take their places.

Father, we thank You that we have opportunity to declare from this place Your Word and watch it move on others’ lives and watch them go and move and change. Even over kings and those of authority and presidents too. Watch them change by the power from heaven and the precious Holy Spirit. We give You this day. We call this day anointed, holy, healthy, the best. For in this time, we’ve taken our rest and we rest in You so that we can do our best. We thank You for it. We give You glory in advance for what you want to do and what you want us to day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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