Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jerre sang about the blood…

Your blood makes a path to You, right now. Your blood takes away the curse, right now. Your blood heals every disease, right now. Your blood sets the addict free, right now. I still believe You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. And I will always believe Your blood is sufficient for me. Your blood mends the broken heart, right now. Your blood compels me to forgive, right now. Your blood transforms my mind, right now. And Your blood brings the dead to life, right now. And I will always believe You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Pastor Ray shared…

When Jerre was singing that, I heard in my spirit, “Not everything is the way you think it is.” The Lord reminded me that His ways are higher, and the blood is working but sometimes we don’t see it until later. Or we don’t understand or know how it’s working, but the blood of the Lamb has worked then, is working now, and will work for each one of us in the future days, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years to come. The blood. Because back then on the cross, it’s the blood that won. It’s the blood that makes us today win. Not just that for “me, mine, and forget about others.” But to use the blood the way it was given to use. Plead it. Declare it. Use it. Have faith in it for protection, for direction, for healing, for revelation, for everything that is needed. Revival, an awakening, a change in nation after nation after nation—in and through by the blood. We’ve been given access to the very throne of God through that precious blood. We take steps toward the throne because we’re covered in the blood and we’re not going there alone. But we’re covered in the blood. How can we come by the blood if we don’t honor it, if we don’t use it, if we don’t respect it, if we don’t believe in it. So we make a big deal about the precious holy blood. This morning, we come by that precious holy blood.

Even in our prayers, Father, we get it. We don’t have the words, You have the words. We come by the blood, and we get the words. You said You would show us the things that are to come. We are Your feet, Your hands, Your mouth piece on this earth. What a privilege, what an honor. Thank You for the blood.

Jerre led in song…

We thank You for the blood, we thank You for the blood, we thank You for Your blood, Jesus Christ, we thank You for Your blood.

Pastor Ray shared…

Everything is in the blood. Prayer is in the blood. Covered and washed by the blood. Taking the steps by faith because of the blood. Overcoming by the precious blood. Testifying about the authority and the power that’s in the blood. Maybe it is in singing but it’s still testifying about the authority and power that is in that precious holy blood. Thank You for the blood, Lord. Let me read a little book from Maxwell Whyte on the blood. It’s called The Power of the Blood: God’s provision for health, protection, and strength through the blood of Jesus Christ. We need revival.

The following excerpt is from the book, The Power of the Blood by H.A. Maxwell Whyte:

In the early days of the Pentecostal revival, between 1908 and 1912, much was heard about the pleading of the blood. Mrs. Woodworth-Etter, in her great deliverance campaigns in Los Angeles and Chicago, used to stand with hands raised and by living faith sprinkle the blood of Jesus upon the crowds. The results described in her book are fantastic. People would come rushing to the front of the auditorium and fall prostrate; many were healed before they reached the front; many fell speaking in other tongues. Such songs as “We are under the Blood,” were sung frequently in those days.

In the early days of the outpouring of the Spirit in Great Britain, such marvelous baptisms of the Spirit were experienced through pleading the blood, that people came from all over the world to receive the baptism.

It’s recorded in Pastor Kent White’s book, “The Word of God Coming Again,” (now out of print) that the truth of using the blood by speaking it or pleading it came by revelation of the Spirit to hungry seekers. Previous to that time, not much was known about the importance of pleading the blood. Even a young girl of tender years was heard pleading the blood earnestly under a table! No one had taught her about this; it came to her as a revelation from the Holy Spirit. As soon as this truth was discovered by more people, the number of those receiving true baptisms in the Spirit increased greatly.

One of the best known places where such experiences were received was in the Parish Hall of St. Mary’s Church near Sunderland, England, where the Church of England vicar, A.A. Boddy, was conducting Holy Ghost meetings. Smith Wigglesworth received his baptism of the Spirit there. However, after some time, the practice of pleading the blood for the baptism died out, to be replaced by praising and other methods; but it is recorded that the number receiving the baptism dropped off considerably, until a brother from a Scottish assembly in Kilsyth came down and urged them to honor the blood in their seeking once again. Immediately the power of God fell afresh and people were prostrated under the power of God, speaking in tongues. Even Vicar Boddy was stricken under the power of God.

Is it any wonder that mighty miracles were commonplace in those days? Is it any wonder that divine healing came in as a tremendous revelation? When folks started to please the blood, the devil just had to leave. Satan cannot stand before the blood of Jesus when it is honored.

I am convinced that where people cannot receive a good clear baptism in the Spirit, it is because they are bound by Satan. In such cases, the best and most scriptural way of obtaining release is to go into the presence of God worshiping and pleading the blood of Jesus out loud, opening one’s whole soul to the incoming of the Spirit.

Some may argue that this is not a scriptural practice for New Testament Christians. But let me refer you to Hebrews 12:24 where we read that “we are come to the blood of sprinkling.” This does not refer back to the past, but is a present tense experience. “We are come,” or in more modern English, “we have come…” It is our privilege now as New Testament priests of the church of the first born to sprinkle the blood of Jesus—not merely to believe that Jesus did it for us in the past (which He certainly did), but to do it now. We must now battle the principalities and powers and wicked spirits of the devil; therefore, we sprinkle that precious blood once shed for us, and Satan and his demon powers must give ground. They may be stubborn, but Christians should also be stubborn. We possess the winning weapons!

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact LW Store online or call 763.315.7015.

I wanted to read this because in a lot of the things we kind of joke and say, “That’s old school.” But there are some things that are not old school. They’re for now. They are eternal. The blood is eternal. We overcome by the blood. We don’t overcome by a song. A song can help us, for sure. But it’s the blood.

Jerre shared…

Actually we serve the “ancient of days” and that’s pretty “old school.” When you said “old school,” I remembered a friend of mine who was in the music realm. She was the person that encouraged me and helped me to grow in the spirit in the music realm. She had an old hymnal (I won’t say what denomination it was) and then she had the new revised hymnal that was in use. She came to me one day really mad. She said, “Look what they did to this song.” I read the song from the old hymnal and it had the blood in it. And then they changed the verses and took the blood out. He died to give us the blood for a reason. Amen? And we have to honor that blood.

Jerre prayed…

Open up our eyes to see it. The precious blood. You said the life is in the blood. Life is in the blood and that will never change. So we honor it today. We honor the blood of the Lamb. There is no other way that we can come except through the blood.

Jerre shared…

This is a prophecy of brother Hagins and one day I was reading it and I thought this sounds like a song. He never sang but the prophetic gift within him declared things that were like songs, not with music. He spoke them. He didn’t sing them. So I took this prophetic utterance from Brother Hagin and set it to music:

“We come by the blood of the Lamb. We come by the blood of the Lamb. We come and worship truth, humbly we worship You. We’re not clothed in our own righteousness, but we’re clothed in the blood of the Lamb. We come and worship truth, reverently, we worship You. Oh we lift thy name Holy King, Creator and over everything. We come and worship truth; by the blood, we worship You. Oh it’s even in the blood that we can even worship You, Lord. Oh only through the blood that we can come to Your throne, O Lord. Washed and pure, You make us white as snow by Your blood.”

Pastor Ray shared…

Just now I saw churches, ministries coming by the blood in a greater way. I don’t know how to say it other than greater cooperation and believing or respecting and honoring the precious blood of the Lamb and they were like a snowplow, pushing through hindrances that the Devil had set up and it was a set up. But the blood of the Lamb was bringing them through into what we could say “new.” New territory, new areas, new realms of prosperity, new realms of authority that would keep the churches and ministries moving through into uncharted territories where they never had been able to go before. But just like that plow, just pushing through. The Devil being removed out of the way by the blood of the Lamb.


We plead the blood on behalf of the whole body today. We’ve come by the blood but we declare the blood over the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, for an absolute Holy Ghost revival. For an awakening like no other awakening. It’s good to read about the early 1900s but what about now? What about now, Lord? What about the days that we’re living in right now? It seems like and looks like and feels like we need another Pentecost, an outpouring of Your precious Holy Spirit to change hearts and minds, change bodies, change plans, change lands, change everything. So by the blood of the Lamb, we come by the blood. We cover the body with the blood. Pastors, leaders in the body of Christ that they too will rise up to the attention of the Holy Spirit. And many pastors would begin to pray in the Holy Ghost like never before. Suddenly the baptism of the Holy Ghost would be “in” again.

Shaking them out of the old and shaking off the dust
Shaking off the old ways and stepping in to the new
Holy Ghost power for the days we’re living in—NOW!

Pastor Ray shared another except…

The destroyer cannot get in under the blood-line where it has been placed. But, unfortunately, too many have been loosely taught that “Satan cannot get through the blood-line.” They have not been informed that Satan can and does get through if the blood-line is let down. And how do we let it down? By disobedience.

“We can hardly claim to be under the blood of Jesus if we are walking in deliberate disobedience. Peter says that we are elect unto obedience and the sprinkling of the blood. Sprinkling of the blood of Jesus without obedience to the Word of God will avail us nothing. If an Israelite had come out of his home for a second during the night of the Passover, he would have died within sight of the blood simply because it was not covering him at that instant! He would have believed in the blood all right, but he would not have been honoring it in obedience. In like manner, the New Testament makes it clear that we must sprinkle the blood of Jesus with faith and obedience.”


Tumors, you have to get out
Tumors, leave, get out, be removed in Jesus’ name and by the blood of the Lamb today!
Help from heaven
Deliverance has been sent from heaven
The plan, the purpose, the conditions, things were all finished at the cross
But in these days, we appropriate it, we declare it
There will be turns, changes that are yet to come
But by the blood, we welcome the change
Your change, Your ways, Your plans
We plead the blood of the Lamb over those that have been set up for protection, the police
We plead the blood for their protection
We plead the blood over every police force across the United States of America
We go across nation to nation, in Jesus’ name, we plead the blood for protection and direction
We plead the blood of the Lamb for those charged with protecting cities, countries and states

Erika shared…

A while back, the Lord spoke to Billye Brim and said they needed more prayer in the Church. She knew by the Holy Ghost that she couldn’t just have pray-ers come to Prayer Mountain cuz not everyone can go there. So inspired by the Spirit, she came up with the plan of a 24-hour prayer. You can go to their website and sign up. You can choose 30-minute time frame each and every day where you can pray in tongues, the perfect mysteries of God to be prayed out. We can plead our case. I encourage you to go to Billye’s website to sign up. Go and check it out. It’s awesome to think that all over the earth, the Church is praying about the same thing?

Billy Brim’s address is

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