Prayer Summary for Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ms. Jerre led in worship…

♪ We stand before You washed in the blood… redeemed from every kindred and tongue… we have crossed over to the heavenly side… clothed in pure white… clothed in the light of the crucified… ♪

The following excerpt was taken from Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Yesterday is gone and should be forgotten. Satan will often time (as well as friends) remind you of your yesterdays. But remember that your yesterdays—all that is wrong is under the blood. And all that is good and is right, it will be all right for you to recite. But walk in the light and know that your yesterdays are forever gone. And today is beautiful. So walk with the Lord and enjoy His blessings. For yesterday does not exist.

Today is not as dark as some men would have you believe. Today is not as desolate and desperate as the media oft time would portray. Today is the day of the Lord—a day of deliverance, a day of blessing, a day of visitation. For, you see, those who walk with the Lord walk in the Iight. And they walk by faith and not by sight. But those who walk in darkness cannot see. Yea, even the god of this world has darkened their minds, and all they see is desolation, darkness, and the end of time. The end of time will surely come. But, remember, the Master said to us who walk and live in this time, “When these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads and look up! Rejoice! For your redemption draweth nigh!” So today is not dark; today is bright, and today is light. Walk in the light and all of your pathways will forever be bright.

(I am just thinking about Pastor Lynne when she was stepping on change this last Sunday, second service. Stepping on the change; one of the things that we should be believing for is that we are stepping on over in change, on change into more brightness. And that’s by faith too. It’s all by faith.)

So many are worried and depressed and some even almost driven to suicide—frustrated about tomorrow. What will tomorrow bring? Will tomorrow ever come? What about tomorrow? Will I be here? What about tomorrow? Will it bring fame or will it bring fortune? Will it bring blessing?

Will it be bad or will it be good? Yea, saith the Lord of hosts, tomorrow belongs unto the saints. Tomorrow can be filled, and will be filled with victory even as today—when you walk by faith. So see tomorrow as a stepping stone to greater success and achievement in the realm of God. Tomorrow is bright, for tomorrow belongs to the saints. So walk in the light. Tomorrow is good, for the Father of lights sendeth down always unto His own that which is good. For God is good; Yea, His mercy endureth forever. So do not feel any anxiety about tomorrow. Trust in the Lord and leave it in His hands. Walk by faith and shout above the turmoil. All is right and all is bright for we are children of light.

Darkness and gloom will overtake any who will yield unto Satan and walk in his way. Darkness and gloom; negativism and doubt. Fear, you see, dominates those who do not know what it is all about.

But those who are enlightened by His Word, knoweth that the trial of their faith is more precious than gold. So in the midst of the trial and in the midst of the test they sound forth the shout of victory and rejoice. For they know that victory belongs unto the children of God. They know that there came out from heaven long ago the Champion sent by the Father to those who live down here below and in the world of darkness, He came and said, “I am the light of the world. Follow Me and you will walk not in darkness. So darkness and gloom are a thing of the past. For now you are the light of the world. Yea, now you walk in the fullness of God and the glory of the Father. And all that He has provided is thine. So shout it above the roar of the enemy. Because, you see, all that God has said and declared is sublime.

(I just keep going over what Pastor Lynne said in the midst of a negative situation. God gave her a little dance and it was stepping on change. The Devil’s voice said “it’s never going to happen. It’s never going to change.” But He gave her a song, words to say “I am stepping on Change.” She just kept stepping on it and believing God for the change to come. So I like this part that where we are to shout victory above all of the darkness wherever the darkness is. Sometimes we should just shout at the TV. Sorry, I am not going to go to the new right now… Thank You, Father. When you watch things on TV that you know are a lie from the pit of hell for people to try and put forth their own agenda, we can stay “Stop it, that’s a lie.” It’s not just the TV of course. Our words that we speak by the Spirit they take effect, they have an effect, they continually have an effect be they negative or positive. Let’s stay over on the positive side. Let’s stay over on that side like the bees Pastor Lynne was taking about. The pray-ers beginning to lift up their voices, the Church beginning to rise up and take its place in prayer and call the things that are not as though they were and call down the obstacles and get them out of the way, speak to the hindrances and say “Stop in your tracks in Jesus’ name.”)

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow… these can be concerning and cause sometimes fear and anxiety but when we first realize and recognize that the blood of Jesus has covered our entire past and like he said yesterday, it does not exist. So right behind us, that’s done and that’s over. And today is not as dark as the media portrays it. Today is a day of deliverance. Today is a day of blessing. Today is a day of visitation.

Ms. Jerre shared…

And the light is brighter. That’s a promise from the Word. When the darkness gets so dark, don’t look at the darkness because the light is brighter than the darkness.

Pastor Ray shared…

We are different. We should be brighter. We should be lighter. We walk by faith and not by sight and just believe we operate in the realm of faith. We believe it, we believe it, we declare it and receive it by faith not by sight.


Lifting up pastors, ministers in the Church
You said in Your Word that You have given gifts to the body
You said to pray for the perfecting of the body
We need some perfecting now, Father
Applying the blood of the everlasting covenant over every pastor, apostle, missionary, evangelist
That blood is keeping the destroyer back and progress in their way
Supernatural strength, energy of the spirit
Spirit of seeing and knowing – for the perfecting of the saints
Everyone in their place—no, they will not cave in or quit
Quickening them—sending a supernatural supply
Lifting up their hands and strengthening their knees
Let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow through them – Stepping on Change!
The five-fold ministry gifts filled with piercing and penetrating words
Words to take down, rearrange and change—divine utterance
Defining our world in the name of Jesus
Ministering spirits, assist them in their work
Joining together of streams of ministries now in the name of Jesus
Multiplicity of operations
Like a flood going forth
Not a step behind but always ahead – seeing and knowing by the Spirit
In every step, in every move – walking carefully, circumspectly
Avoiding every snare of the enemy – stepping up higher in the high places of God
It’s the highway of our God!
Abundance on every side, provision – exceedingly abundantly above all that
The great transfer – we expect to receive that
Doing all of the will of God
Not only once but more than once
Hearing ear, seeing eye – Lord You created them both
More and more!
Praying out ahead by the Holy Spirit
Preparing for some connections that need to be repaired
So we can have the days like the days of Pentecost!
Holding up the arms as we are praying out in front
Activation by the Word and the Spirit
Being proactive to the plan, the expected end!
Believers believing the best!
Be filled with the Spirit!
The blood of the Lamb over our cities – declaring Jesus in them
Elements – changes – calling for the light to penetrate further and brighter
Rolling off cares and anxiety and fears – the blood held against them
Whole cities, be free in Jesus’ name
The political area – changes must come NOW!
Some will be taken out, others placed in
Arranged and changed
Minnesota – absolute total goodness and mercy, what You said in Your Word, the power of the Holy Ghost!
Lifting up 35W where it crosses over the Mississippi River
Believing for the move of Your Spirit breaking loose and spreading south
Listening hearts –listening to Your heart
Giving abilities to walk in Your ways, Father
Thank You for Your promise to soon turn the hand of the enemy if we hear and walk in Your ways
That is Your will and that is Your purpose
And You even make the enemies fear and obedience to You
So we hold to Your promises, taking hold of Light!
Let Your Church take hold of LIGHT – Not darkness
Take hold of the light! Take hold of the light!
You are our victory, Jesus

Ms. Jerre led us in song…

♪ The light of the victory
We will not let it go
We will take of the victory and of Your life
We will speak for the victory
We will speak forth light
We take hold of Your promises oh Lord ♪

Ms. Mary singing in Tongues concerning every kind of authority…

Pastor Ray shared…

I see gifts that have fallen alongside the road side, and I see the saints taking those precious gifts, lifting them up, and putting them back on the road with resurrection power. Devil, I command you in the name of Jesus to take your hand off those gifts. We pour in the oil and the wine and command them to stand in the power of the Holy Ghost… resurrection power renewing the mind, renewing the hope—so many rising again. And I ask you for everyone to be restored and made new, walking again on the highway. Thank You, Jesus.

Ms. Jerre shared…

This song has been just rolling around in me. It’s scripture from Revelation that sings about the light.

♪ Great and marvelous are your ways, oh Lord
Oh God oh mighty
Just and true are your way, oh Lord, King of the ages are Thou
Who shall not fear and glorify thy name, oh Lord
For You alone are holy Thou alone

All the nations will come and worship you for your glory shall be revealed
All the nations will come and worship you for your glory shall be revealed ♪

Continued praying…

Children of the light
Really, really bright
Everything is alright
In Him by faith we walk in that light
Presence, power of your Spirit, resurrection power working through each of us
In this season
Thing are changing and rearranging as we are being touched by Your presence
Thank you so much, Father. Amen so be it.

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