Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mary shared…

This morning I have on my heart to pray about the glory of God. I always love to pray about the glory of God. There are a lot of scriptures that speak about glory. In Habakkuk 2:14, it says, “…the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” I want to read a couple of commentaries in my Revival Bible:

Saturated With God’s Glory
Habakkuk 2:14

The revelation of God’s glory is “God’s restoration strategy.” He wants to restore what sin and Satan have robbed you of. In the presence of His glory, we are set free from things that limit, inhibit, or pull down. …

The key words in that verse reveal the depth and scope of that promise. “Filled” means to saturate to the point of overflowing; “knowledge” refers to a first-hand experience, an intimate knowledge of something through close observation and contact; and “glory” is the sum total of all God’s attributes. A fresh translation of the promise reads something like this: “The earth will be filled to overflowing, saturating God’s people with an intimate knowledge of God’s glory, through close observation and the first-hand experience of the attributes and perfection of God’s love, holiness, and power.”

Imagine whole communities saturated with the presence of God through revival. Not just a trickle, not some worked up emotion, but by a firsthand experience of the unfolding of His mighty love, His holy character, and His sovereign power. (BP)

Mary shared…

We do pray a lot about revival and the glory of God, but there’s different parts, if we think about it, understanding what the glory of God is. What that all means. What is in it? God’s love, His character, His attributes, you know, really understanding the love of God. The mercy of God and the compassion of God. So we turn from our wicked ways, so to speak, that we would truly as the body of Christ live holy and consecrated unto God and His purpose. So revival can come the way He wants to reveal His glory. So here is another commentary:

Grasping God’s Glory in Revival
Habakkuk 2:14

Something remarkable is happening! God’s awesome glory is on the move bringing forth His mighty presence. Without the glory of God openly manifested, the Church easily becomes more of a corroding influence than a powerful purifying force in the world. When the glory is absent, individual Christians become less than God intended them to be. One of the mighty purposes of revival is to bring into clear view the manifest presence of the glory of God.

Revival comes to usher in the presence of God’s glory in such a powerfully manifested display of the true expression of who God is and what He does to create a fresh heart hunger for His presence. There is a God-shaped vacuum in the human heart that only God Himself can fill. Revival comes to awaken you to a full hunger.

Revival comes first as a great disturber and exposer of man’s hearts before it comes as a great blessing and comforter. Before we can grasp the glory of God, we must be revived for our low condition. Revival comes with discomforting revelation of ourselves and confronts us with questions that disturb the condition of false peace.

Revival awakens the conscience with such probing questions as, “Am I really living the kind of life that my redeeming Lord would have me live? Is there anything in me that really distinguishes me at a glance from the unrenewed world? Is my character different? Are my tastes, habits, and ambitions different? Do I wear the name of God on my forehead or am I hiding it somewhere out of sight? Am I declaring plainly whose I am or do I wear the marks of my ownership to God so faint that even a microscope could hardly discover them?”

Revival comes with questions like these to humble us enough to see our need for the great uplifting power of God’s glory for victory over the downward drag of our earthly environment. Grasping the glory of God brings an uplifting above the world, above corrupting influences, and gives us victory over our sins and weaknesses.

The central thrust of revival is to bring us back to the cross. The cross always brings a crisis. Why? Because there is so much in us unlike Himself that needs to die, and dying is a crisis. Revival confronts man with his sin, not just in deeds of sin alone, but in his unlikeness to a glorious God. A revelation of sin in one’s life is not only an awareness of what we are, but of what we are not in relation to a holy God. That is the purpose of God’s powerful self-manifestation in glory: to create an inner crisis, a moment of decision to separate from the unholy and be cleansed to live in the purity of God’s presence—in His glory. (BP)

Mary shares: Daily, we check ourselves, purposing to be all that God wants us to be—livign according to His purpose. And we pray for the body of Christ to rise up and live holy, separated unto God, the way He wants us to. So as the body of Christ, we need to be revived unto Him individually and then corporately. Then God can display His glory the way He wants to.


Father, we lean into you; Holy Spirit, You are our helper this morning
Lord, help us to see more and more clearly Your glory
Show us and help us to understand more and more clearly Your goodness and mercy
We are leaning into You this day
Father, we lift up the body of Christ, Your people
We don’t want the body of Christ to live in a corrupted state, a lower place
We must rise up in You, Father
Show us where we need to make changes, where we’re not living according to what You intended for us
Individually and corporately across the world
Shining with who You want each church to be
Pure, pure hearts, clean hands
Undefiled and not in a desperate state, but strong in You
Purifying in these days
A burning away of all the defilement
To Your purpose and separated from the world’s ways
Broken, broken
The weights, throwing weights aside and dropping things that hinder our race
So we can rise up
Breaking off those things to be set free in Jesus’ name
Revelation of Your glory, Lord, bring revelation to the people of God
A greater understanding and clarity
Breaking free and busting out
Living above
Staying in there… appointed time…
It’s a press
Holy Ghost operations
Sunday… separating that… call for it… sending help… angelic forces: Go, Go, Go!
Come into that place… so you will ascend…
It’s a combination… together… the ingredients… anointings… it shall come to be…
Liberation in the spirit
That code… unlock it… in the name of Jesus… busting that out
It’s so revealed… vacate that in the name of Jesus
You’ve been exposed in the name of Jesus
The dots connecting together now… the pieces… a revealing
Signs, revealing, making things clear, more every day
Stopping in the name of Jesus
Making those connections; thank You for revealing and breaking all of them
The call, the call now, the process, momentum
An opening, a wide opening
We lift up the money

Mary shared…

Here’s another commentary regarding Habakkuk:

The Glory of God

The expression “glory of God” is used in the Bible in a number of different contexts. However, a simple but accurate definition is “the glory of God is who He is, clearly manifested, and what He does, powerfully demonstrated.” Glory is essentially the nature and acts of God in self-manifestation.

Man has been created in such a way that his ability to be what God intended him to be can only be accomplished when he is in the presence of God and the power of God is released through him. Man is no more capable of functioning independently of God than an automobile is capable of operating without gasoline. Of course, you could give the car a shove downhill or even push it along on a level road, but no one would actually claim that was the proper use and operation of an automobile. Without the presence of God’s glory, man can do nothing concerning his God-intended purpose for being. When God is able to work in and through us, demonstrating His glory, nothing is impossible, “For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

Without the glory of God’s self-manifestation of who He is and what He does, we Christians live so much lower than we ought to live, lower than we might live, lower than we were redeemed to live, lower than it is safe for us to live. We live below our duty because we live below our privileges, below our godly aspirations, below our prayers. The worst condition of all is when we are content to live in that low condition. (BP)

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