Prayer Summary for Thursday, April 07, 2016

Morning Prayer opened with worship…

Jerre shared a testimony…

Steve and I were in a Walmart down south in Sarasota. We were returning ear phones and I noticed the hand of the girl behind the counter. It was like this [misshapen from arthritis]. I said to her, “How do you like the weather? I really like it cuz I’m from Minnesota.” She goes, “Well, it’s a little hard on my arthritis.” She lifted up her hand and I went, “Oh, Honey…” I looked behind me and there was a whole line of people. In my mind, I thought those people would get mad if I prayed with her. The healing evangelist that I had been listening to would have said to the long line of people, “Everybody pray. You’re going to see a miracle today. This girl is hurting and wouldn’t you like to see her healed?” But I wasn’t that bold. I felt bad. Afterward on the way out, I said to my husband, “Let’s pray for her, Steve” and we stood in agreement and rebuked the Devil off of her. Then we went to Culvers for lunch. Steve looked back behind me and said, “If you want to pray for that girl, she’s right there.” I’m thinking, “how bold am I?”

The evangelist I’m listening to said it took him three hours to get out of Walmart one time because when he saw a person that was hurting, he would go to them and pray for them. His results are phenomenal. One time he was on TV and a guy said, “Would you pray for the people in the audience and those that are watching?” He said, “Yes, I will.” He said, “Call and leave your name and address and I’ll come to your house.” They had 1,000 calls. He spent the next six weeks going house to house. Is that like Jesus or what?

So I thought, “Well, it’s now or never,” and I walked over to her. I said, “Honey, aren’t you that little girl that was in Walmart just a minute ago and we were in your line?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “I wanted to pray for you but there were so many people waiting in line and I didn’t want to get you in trouble with your job. And God put you right here so I could pray for you. Would you mind if I pray for you and laid hands on you?” I said, “Give me your hand.” She laid her hand, all messed up, on the table. I said, “God, you are and always have been the healer. Devil, in the name of Jesus, arthritis, Go! Get out! Pain go.” That’s all I said. I put my hand on top of hers and when I did, her hand just straightened right out. It was like a little noodle, soft and pliable. I lifted up my hand and said, “Honey, look how straight it is!” This finger was up a little bit and I said, “Let me pray again for this finger. In the name of Jesus…” and it was still up. I said “I’ll believe God for this. I won’t take my hand of faith off of this finger. It’s going down.” She said, “Oh, that can’t go down. It has a pin in it.” I said, “God is bigger than a pin. And I’m going to believe God that finger is healed. He doesn’t do half a work.” She looked at me, stood up, and just hugged me. It was a precious God moment.

If we say, “Miracles only happen on the missions field, then guess what?” We get what we say and they’ll only happen on the missions field… over there. But we received the same power and the same anointing here and God is well able to do it. I don’t have to trust in myself or my power. It’s the power of God that does the work. I encourage you, as you pray, be believing for those opportunities.

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read from brother Hagin’s book The Believer’s Authority. The chapter I’m reading from is entitled, “Breaking the Power of the Devil.”

[start quote]

Authority Now

It’s now, when there is something that will hurt and destroy, that we have authority. But many people believe we can’t have much of anything now. They think Satan’s running everything down here. We must remember, however, that although we are in the world, we are not of the world. Satan’s running a lot of what is here on earth, but he’s not running me. He’s not running the Church. He’s not dominating us. We can dominate him. We have authority over him!

Jesus said, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing [nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing] shall be any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19).

Does the Church in this century have less authority than it did right after Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and seating at the Father’s right hand? If it has less authority today, it would have been better for Jesus not to have died. But no, bless God, we have authority.

Jesus said in Matthew 28:18, “ALL POWER is given unto ME in heaven and in earth.” All the authority that can be exercised upon the earth has to be exercised through the Church, because Christ is not here in person—in His physical body.

We are the Body of Christ. Even though we have prayed, “Now, Lord, You do this and that,” leaving everything up to Him, He has conferred His authority on the earth to His body, the Church. Thus many problems exist because we permit them to—we’re not doing anything about them. We’re the ones who are supposed to do something about them, but we’re trying to get someone else, including God, to do something about them.

As long as Satan can keep you in unbelief or hold you in the arena of reason, he’ll whip you in every battle. But if you’ll hold him in the arena of faith and the Spirit, you’ll whip him every time. He won’t argue with you about the Name of Jesus—he’s afraid of that Name.

I have found that the most effective way to pray can be when you demand your rights. That’s the way I pray: “I demand my rights!” Peter at the Gate Beautiful did not pray for the lame man; he demanded that he be healed (Acts 3:6). You’re not demanding of God when you demand your rights; you’re demanding of the devil.

Jesus made this statement in John 14: “and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do … If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it (vv. 13–14). He’s not talking about prayer. The Greek word here is “demand,” not “ask.”

On the other hand, John 16:23–24 is talking about prayer: “And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall as the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

The Greek actually reads, “Whatever you demand as your rights and privileges …” you’ve got to learn what your rights are.

Faith’s Role in Authority

Faith is involved in exercising spiritual authority. Yes, there are times when evil spirits come out immediately, but if they don’t when you speak the word of faith, don’t get disturbed about it. I base my faith on what the Word says. Some people’s faith is not based on the Bible, however, it’s based on a manifestation. They operate outside faith in the sense realm. If they get certain manifestations, they think the devil’s gone. But he isn’t gone just because you get a manifestation. He’s still there, and you need to know that and exercise your authority.

When circumstances don’t change immediately, some people become discouraged and slip back into the natural. They start talking unbelief and they defeat themselves. They give the devil dominion over them. As Smith Wigglesworth often said, “I’m not moved by what I see. I’m not moved by what I feel. I’m moved only by what I believe.” So stand your ground. [end quote]

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Thank You, Father, for Your Word and that You are not a man that would lie
Thank You that we can know You and trust You
We do not lean to our own understanding
We acknowledge You in every situation
You place us into situations and circumstances so You’ll be seen and known
Demonstrations and operations and manifestations of Your Spirit in this day
The believer to stand and speak Your Word
It’s simple: I believe therefore I speak
If I believe, I will act in accordance with Your Word
Thank You for peace and ease and comfort in the Holy Ghost
Revealing those things vital and necessary for the Church
Have no fear, trust in the Lord
Understanding our authority
Mouthpieces—hands and feet in these days
More hearing, seeing, and knowing and operating in authority
For a reason… I’ve given it to you for a reason! Use it! Use your authority!
And things will change and be rearranged

Erika interjected…

There is some business we need to take care of today. Let’s pray…

Continued praying…

In the realm of authority, exercising our authority to overthrow, to bring down, to call down, and to stop some things
It’s because of the blood
We’re looking for a change and a divine intervention
Men to be stopped in their tracks today
No longer will they be free to roam
Captured and bound up in Jesus’ name
We loose angels to assist for the saving of the nation
There’s a routing and a rooting and a pushing
We won’t tolerate that
Neutralize that threat in the name of Jesus
Reveal it, uncover it, and bring it to the surface
Much more evil to be uncovered
There is no hiding place
Supernatural aid and assistance in the name of Jesus
Go! Go! Work on behalf of the heirs of salvation
Underground and covert activities and operations
By Your Spirit, stop it!
Eyes to see into that and to search it out
There is no place to hide
We pray for all the players and all the parts… from the start and to the end… covered in the blood… be strengthened in the blood… anointed for such a time as this … do not go another way
We watch over the United States
We watch city after city after city and state after state
By faith, we pray… send help there in Jesus’ name
Alert, alert, be alert, be on the watch
A spirit of seeing and knowing, sensing and knowing it
Answer the call, one and all!
Up to the high place
Attention to the details
Keep the information flowing
I take authority over confusion… clear lines of communication
We plead the blood over the communication lines
I bind that spirit of division… I take authority over you… you will not operate… we hold the blood against you… cease and desist in Jesus’ name
Wrong patterns, we break them in Jesus’ name
Jesus is Lord over the United States
Orders, divine orders and plans, supernatural words
Not moving from what we’ve seen and heard
We pray over the base
Satan, get your hands away from the base… We lift up the authorities and we plead the blood of the Lamb over them…
We plead the blood of Jesus over every state, over the governors and mayors
Father, thank You for revival… that’s Your plan for revival to sweep across these states like it did before

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