Prayer Summary for September 9


The following commentary to Acts 17:17 is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

Keep on Babbling!

Acts 17:17

The Christian’s constant witness may seem as worthless talk to some, but keep talking.

Talking about Jesus is the spark that brings revival.

It is impossible to keep silent once you have truly believed the message of the gospel. In this story, you see Paul in Athens beholding all the idolatry and false teaching, and his spirit was grieved within him. He was surrounded by idols and idol worshipers. Once you have truly believed the gospel, all other teachings will cause you to rise up and speak the truth. This world is full of philosophers with followings, speaking empty lies to itching ears.

God has burned the message of the gospel into Paul’s heart, and He has burned it into mine as well. Telling the story is everything to me. A “babbler” is one who might appear to others as simple or ignorant. It is derived from the Greek word, spermologos, (spermo meaning seed, logos meaning to collect.) In the time of the disciples, it had been used to describe someone who would survive by collecting scraps falling from the wagons and carts going through town. In a similar manner, Paul’s audience in this story most likely looked upon him as a mere babbler-distributing scattered knowledge here and there, but not truly learned about any subject.

Paul was not responsible for the results of the message, only for getting the message out. He was responsible for “babbling.” The hearers were responsible for the results. Some mocked. Some procrastinated. Some believed and followed. It is like that in any revival.

Like Paul, as long as I have breath in my body, I am going to keep on babbling. In the true sense of the word, it suggests one is outside of the world’s literary, philosophical realm—and that is just fine with me. I am not here to conform to this world’s philosophies…I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind!

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Thank You, Jesus, for a fresh anointing, today
Declaring that we will walk in Your presence, Lord
Father, we want to be a light to the world in our actions and in our words
We ask You for greater revelation about every assignment You have called us to accomplish
Taking authority over those activities that do not line up to Your Word
Applying the blood of Jesus over every member of the body of Christ
No weapon formed against us shall prosper!
Limitations, get out of the way!
We declare Your Word accurately and we will wait on You, Father
Declaring that everything we set our hands onto will and shall prosper
Where the enemy has come to cause confusion—we speak clarity to those things now in the name of Jesus
Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit, today!
We welcome Your presence in this place, Father God
Have Your way, Your plan, and Your purpose in us, Lord
Continually yielding to You and Your Holy Spirit
Father, You are our comforter and our helper
We ask that You would work through us to bring comfort and help to those in need
Calling for a turnaround and comfort from Heaven, today
It is a critical time and we will not let the enemy hinder the flow of Your Spirit
Hidden things will be brought to light
Each and every one would stand up and take their place
Words, words, words!
Never stop—a continuation and a furtherance
Calling for resources of every kind
There is a way, a plan, and a purpose
Laying hold of that, Father
Cooperating with the Holy Spirit
Greater momentum and understanding
Filling us with power from within—power like dynamite!
Declaring an increase over into abundance
Blockages get out of the way in Jesus’ name!
Entering into a new way—with new assignments, new orders, and new resources
We are right on the edge, Lord
Calling for Holy Ghost opportunities
It is Your will and Your plan that souls would come into the kingdom
The Holy Spirit power is moving upon the face of the earth
Declaring that more and more laborers would be brought in, Father
Praying that the Church would begin to be the hospital it was meant to be
It would bring healing, revelation, and help to those in need
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus

A Word of the Lord came forth:
Steps that are pre-ordained by the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit, steps that were, and that are, and that will be ordained for us personally to follow through and step upon. For it will never be pressure that will move you unto, or into those right steps, but it will be by My Spirit, yielding to it, looking unto it, receiving it by faith and waiting with patience. For My voice will continually direct and My voice will lead you through and to great opportunities for you. But not just you, for those that you are in contact with, you will bring upon them opportunities that will bring My blessing to pass for them and for you. For what you sow is also what you shall reap. So sowing unto My Spirit will bring My Spirit into a greater degree for you. Different days, different activities, different revelations that have never been seen before. But these are new days and I will bring about My show and My presence. So look up onto Me, I am looking unto you.”

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