Prayer Summary for October 4


Lord, we know You are drawing us and we must yield to You
We humble ourselves before You and allow You to draw us closer
Thank You for Your goodness, faithfulness, and mercy!
You have put within each one of us a call and strength to do it all!


The following excerpt is taken from a prophecy that was given through Mark Brazee in 1996:

…Oh yes, it’ll not be like before.  No, no, it’s a new day.  It’s a day of increase, increase, increase, increase, increase.  Increase in power, increase in know, increase in the Holy Ghost and the way He does flow.  Yes, yes, yes, and even in this place where there’s been a mighty move and a mighty momentum, there shall come a great increase in the days to come.  Yes, where it’s increased 20, 30, 40 %, it’ll jump that much again.  The Spirit of God will have His way.  And far and wide people will say, I’m going to that place, they’ve got a move and I know for me it would behove to go and get a taste.  And there are those that’ll come from other places.  There are those that’ll even come from other nations that’ll even find themselves coming into this place and as a man would walk over to a campfire and pick up a stick with fire on it and take it off to another place and light his own fire, there are many that’ll come to this place and just be here for a season.  Many will come in and their woods so dry, but don’t let that bother you, because dry wood always burns faster.  They get close to the fire and they’ll jump right on it.  And many will come to this place and pick up a log off the fire and take it back to their own location.  And it will spread.  It’ll spread.  Somebody says, How’s the wind gonna blow.  It’ll blow them in and it’ll blow them out.  And this fire that’s in this place as a forerunner, will be taken here and it’ll be taken there and it’ll be taken here and it’ll be taken there and over there and over there and It’ll be brought into this place and it’ll go to that place and it’ll go across that body of water and it’ll go across that body of water and it’ll go to that nation.  Ad it’ll go to that continent and this move will be duplicated and that’s why it must increase in the days to come.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  Hallelujah, thank you Father.

You know a church has a call on it just like an individual. A Church has to answer a call just as much as an individual has to answer a call.  And this church is answering its call.  Fulfilling its purpose.  Glory to God.

Continued Praying…

Father, we call for Your presence
Lord, we make a demand on You, for to whom shall we go but You!
Hearing the Lord say, “Can you and will you enter My way?”
If you forget about “self” and enter My highway you shall see that to which you have been called to and you will yearn for My glory!
It is My glory alone that shall change a man and save a land!
Lord, we are washed in Your blood!
As pray-ers, we stand on the foundation of Your Word!
We have been cleansed and purified by the blood
Push out and grow and contend for some more!
That momentum is necessary for today!
Lean not to your own understanding but look unto Me!
Seek Me and you will find Me!
Calling for pillars of life and of light
That will cause a revival and an uncovering
Keys to unlock those doors
Streams connecting together that will carry you through
Obey and do not waste your time!

A Word of The Lord came forth…

“And concerning this nation,” says the Lord, “concerning this nation have I not told you, and have I not shown you the power of the resurrection? Ah! So lose not hold, do not let go of the grip on your nation! Do not be dismayed,” says the Lord! “Never, never lose the grip of your nation, for even if I had to I would raise her from the dead,” says the Lord. “So shake it off! Shake it off! Shake off that discouragement! Shake off that wondering and hold to the promise! Hold to the promise! Hold to the promise! Hold to the promise! You have been called to hold to the promise with great faith and with great encouragement,” says the Lord! “So I say again, shake it off! For if I needed to, and I won’t need to, but if I needed to I could raise her from the dead,” says the Lord. “Continue, continue, continue, continue to stand. Continue to stand! Continue to dealer! Continue to pray with great faith and unswervedness! Ha, ha, ha! Never giving in to the lies of the Devil! Not for a moment! Not for a moment! Not for a moment! Ha, ha, ha! For I have a purpose and I have a plan, and you will see it in your day. And the right way shall be resurrected and come up up above the wrong way! So rejoice, but continue to stand!”

Continued Praying…

Shake the Church, O God!
Seeing her arise above the darkness of the enemy!
Shaking out the lies and inaccuracies
Father, shake the branches and leaves that we may see!
Cleanse the Church with Your holy fire!
Fire burning in the nurseries, schools, pulpits, and in every worker
Seeing fire in the families—mom and dad are on fire!
All kinds of tongues and words spoken together contending for the increase!
Whole parts of the body of Christ being set on fire!
There is fire in the base and it will continue to burn higher and higher causing change in every place
For some, it will be like changing the channel
It will be a new frequency
That has been sealed by the blood and it will not be hindered!
By faith, we receive that fire on behalf of ministers
Declaring unlimited openings for it to flow!
Seeing the fire operate in every denomination!
Prayer will continue to contend!
We shall receive knowledge and understanding
Today is a good day!

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