Prayer Summary for October 23


Thank You, Father, for the precious blood of Jesus
That blood lives and speaks and is keeping the destroyer back today!
Declaring that the blood of Jesus brings light and life to all who believe in it, Lord
We are so thankful that You have a whole, wonderful, and beautiful plan of redemption
You have provided us with everything we need to fulfill Your purpose and Your plan
Yes, Father, You have thought of everything and have done everything, and we are so thankful for that
We are so thankful that we can gather together because of the blood that was shed on the cross
Open our eyes to see and our ears to hear Your Word, Father
We will continue to be co-laborers together with You in the mighty work of God
Thank You for this time together and for the freedom of this time in this nation, Lord
Lifting up this nation before You, for You birthed this nation into existence, Father
It was Your idea, it was Your power, it was Your glory, and it was all of You!
We are standing here today, declaring that this nation will be one nation, under God
Yes, Lord, we know that the United States of America was founded for the glory of God!
Give those unbelievers eyes to see and to know You, Lord
Thank You for this time together, we trust You for it, Father
You are thinking through our minds and speaking to us through Your Spirit
Empower us, Lord, that we can speak, say, and pray all that You would have us to pray!


The following excerpt is taken from First of All & the Awakenings by Billye Brim:

The Authority of the Believer

2 Cor. 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;)

Carnal means “of the flesh.” Natural weapons, in other words. The greatest weapon we can wield against the darkness arrayed against this nation is our God-given authority over the kingdom of darkness.

To triumph over the dark forces assigned against our nation, the Body of Christ can and must exercise her authority over them. This is so important that I am borrowing heavily from my book, How You Can Pray in the End of Days. And in that book, I quoted from the marvelous book by John A. MacMillan, a missionary to China and the Philippians entitled, The Authority of the Believer.

John A. MacMillan’s book contains such spiritual treasure that we bought the rights to publish it. The powerful message begins in the book’s preface:

The rapidly approaching end of the age is witnessing a tremendous increase in the activity of the powers of darkness… To meet the situation the Church of Christ needs a new conception of prayer. The urgent call is for men and women, wholly yielded to the Lord, whose eyes have been enlightened to see the ministry in the heavenlies to which they have been called. Such believers… may in union with the great Head of the Body, exercise an authority to which the powers of the air must give place wherever challenged.

MacMillan departed earth in 1956. How much greater now is the increase of the activity of the powers of darkness.

This increase is primarily due to the fact that Satan sees his time is short and he is struggling to survive (Revelation 12:12). He well knows that the Body of Christ has an authority over him that he must obey. Our challenge is to get the Body of Christ to awaken to it and exercise it. This awakening is a vital part to our knowing an Awakening to God that will save America.

Continued Praying…

We call for the body of Christ to awaken to her authority and to her purpose
Give us a greater understanding and revelation of that which You have called us to, Lord
You have called each and every one of us for a specific plan and purpose
Thank You for the Spirit of prayer in the church of the living God
You have already set into motion time released anointings to be released in this day and in this hour
Yes, Lord, You have anointed our President and brought him into the kingdom for such a time as this
Grant unto him wisdom and knowledge for the days we are living in, Lord
The plan and purpose was Yours, Father, he was ordained and ordered by You
You are using him, You have used him and You will continue to use him
We ask You, Lord, to awaken him of and by Your Spirit, Father
He has been called to these days and to these hours
No, no man put him in that office, but, Father, You put him in that office!
You have ordained him and anointed him to lead this nation
He will bring this nation forth to once again operate in the plan and the purpose of God
Father, we ask You to visit him and speak to him, give him eyes to see and ears to hear
Strengthen him in his inner man, let him know and acknowledge Your Spirit, O God
Give him boldness and courage to move forward and to do all that You have called him to do
We speak peace over him that he would bring about supernatural change all across this nation
Rise up on the inside of him, Father
Give him greater inspiration of and by Your Spirit, O God
The heavy oil of the Holy Spirit is flowing all across, and down, and through every part of him
No, nothing will disturb him in any way, for he will continue to press forward all along the way
Calling for that burden to be carried by Your Spirit
Declaring for that burden to be easy and that yolk is light, lighten that load by Your Spirit, Father
We call for there to be a distribution all across that administration
Yes, there will be an even greater distribution of anointing in a new way
You have called each and every one of them for a plan and a purpose, Lord
They are stepping up today, even in a greater way!
We know our place, and we know our part, and the Spirit will not depart!
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross
Covering our President, his family, and his staff with the blood of Jesus today!
Declaring that no weapon formed against them shall or will prosper in the name of Jesus
No plot, no conspiracy, no plan, and no activity of the devil will come against them
We bind it and take authority against it in the name of Jesus
Those things will come to nothing!
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go, assist, accompany and preserve him
Praying over the implementation and the execution of those plans and purposes, Father
Grant unto him divine strategies from heaven, speak them clearly, Lord
Calling those things to come together by Your Spirit
Show him the big picture; let the time and the timeline be revealed unto him, Lord
We apply the blood of Jesus over that, roll out the plan, roll out the plan!
Reveal to him those instructions, Father God
There is a lifting there, a movement there, a release of those supplies by the Spirit
Thank You for the divine orchestration of Your Spirit, O God
There is motion, and there is momentum, and there are intricacies that must be discerned
Clarify those things to us, Lord, so that they can be navigated of and by Your Spirit
Bring those things to their remembrance; enlighten their minds to see that, Father
Give them a greater revelation of the time, of the plan, and of Your will
We are on the cutting edge of something new!
There is a shaping and a defining of Your Spirit, O God
No, don’t enter into that fray, but cling to this way this day!
We bind and take authority over you lying and deceiving spirit of the enemy
Calling for the peace of God to cover each and every believer
Confusion, you leave in the name of Jesus!
Declaring forth an increase in the things of God
Pushing those things back in Jesus’ name!
Release Your wisdom upon us, Father
We declare for the government of God to be upon this nation!
By the power of the Holy Spirit, we ask for a release of Your anointing, Lord
Yes, we will take the key and open that door, and we will walk through it, Father!
Lifting up the church to walk in the authority that You have given us!
By faith, we call those low places to be brought up and the high places to be brought down
We will move out and into those things the Father has set before us
Oh, the glory! Oh, the glory! Oh, the glory!
No more bushels to hide, no more bushels to hide behind!
We will be carriers of the light!
Give us eyes to see those fresh anointings in a new way!
Yes, we will be Your hands and Your feet, Father!
Declaring that in these last days the body would function together
Calling for each and every believer to take their place of authority in the body of Christ today!
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, but we will finish the race set before us
There is a multiplication that is happening in the body of Christ
Thank You for angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf

A Word of the Lord came forth:

The adjustments that have to be made, they shall be made, as the church stands up and puts on the new clothes that have been provided from heaven above, under the anointing, and yields to the anointing. The adjustments will come. And the adjustments will be made. And the changes will be walked out. And those things that we have seen, we shall walk out into. And it will not just be seeing but it will be the knowing because our feet will walk in it, our hands will do it, and our mouths will speak it. And the adjustments will be made day after day after day. And the church will step up, and the steps are up and up and up. And it shall never turn around or go down, but it is from one degree of glory to another to another and to another, unending glory! Codes, codes, codes will be unlocked and numbers will be revealed. Codes shall be opened for the church to walk out into on that other side of only what they have seen before. Seeing is one thing but doing is another. So, church, rise up in this hour of power, and take your place for it is part of the race. And you shall go through and you shall move up until it is through, over, finished, and well done!

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