Prayer Summary for October 10

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Morning Chapel Prayer Today

Scripture Focus…

 And the fire upon the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be allowed to go out. The priest shall burn wood on it every morning and lay the burnt offering in order upon it and he shall burn on it the fat of the peace offerings. (13)  The fire shall be burning continually upon the altar; it shall not go out.
(Leviticus 6:12–13 AMPC)


Father, we just thank You for this time today to surrender ourselves to You
Ignite the flames in our hearts, Lord
We come to You and humble ourselves before You, and we lay down our selfishness
Yes, we push ourselves more and more toward You
You are moving all across this place, and You are sending an invitation to repent
Father, You have called us for such a time as this
We will be prepared and ready to go to the city and to go wherever You call for us to go
Yes, we burn for You, Lord; we will be changed by that fire
You are so beautiful and we thank You for all that You are doing inside of us
Lord, we surrender to You, and we repent of all of our sins
We are hungry for more of You, and we yearn for more and more of You
Casting down all pridefulness, selfishness, and every evil plan of the enemy
Declaring for those lost souls to be found in these last days
We open our hearts to You today; come in and change us, and ignite a holy fire within us
Praying that You would blow on the embers of our souls and in our hearts
Blow all across this room, Lord, blow into the homes and lives of those believers, Father
We pray for a holy wind to blow all across this nation
Yes, blow across the churches in a fresh way
Release those things to our nation, Lord, we pray for fire starters today!
Praying over those that have a hunger to surrender and a willingness to do Your will and plan
Father, we thank You for fire starters spiritually, fires that burn and cause transformation
You are bringing in that which You intend, Lord
It must open, opening now in the church, an opening for fire to burn and to spread
Yes, send Your fire upon every heart and every life
The devil will not have his way in America; we pray for a shifting of momentum
A shifting in our nation from sea to shining sea, in every arena and walk of life
We pray for a shifting in every group of people and in every state and city
Yes, we pray for sudden shifts and sudden changes!
You are moving those things to the side of rightness, justice, and purpose
We look to You, Lord, and we call for that today
Changes and transformations are taking place, changes in our land and in our bodies
Calling for more salvations, there will be a greater harvest of souls
Give us eyes to see, and ears to hear that which You are calling us to
We pray that You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
There is a great move of Your Spirit moving all across this land in the name of Jesus
Yes, we are hungry for it, Lord
Thank You for transforming change, for the winds of change!
Lord, we loose angels and ministering spirits to go and fan the flames of Your Spirit
It is time, it is the day, and it is the hour!
Calling for openings to open, those waves are coming in, Father
We pray for a holy momentum, to cover America – it is coming and it is shifting things now
Jesus, we thank You for that name that is above every other name
Father, we worship and bless Your name
You are worthy of all of our glory, honor, and praise
We magnify You and we lift up the name of Jesus
Yes, You are the bright and morning star, You are our deliverer and strong tower
You are revival to the earth, You are our help in time of trouble
We lift You up and exalt You, for You are good and Your mercy endures forever
Praise be to the Lord, we worship and praise You
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Praying for an opening up of hearts, come in and invade our hearts, Lord
Yes, that holy fire is burning some things out, that fire is cleansing us
Fire in Jesus’ name, fire to burn, fire to purge those things out
Casting down all fear and anxiety in the name of Jesus
Father, we make space for You to inhabit in a greater way
Thank You for a holy hunger for more of You, Lord
Praying for a holy fire to be released in our eye, that our eyes would be full of fire
Give us eyes to see with new perspective, that we will see those things that are glorious
Grant us ears to hear, that which You are speaking to us, we will hear the whispers of God
Calling for alignment in the name of Jesus
Fire in our feet, that we would run and that we would not stay stuck, but we will move forward
Yes, we will run that race and we will give You all the glory, Father
We repent where we have been casual with what we say
Father, we speak into those atmospheres
You have a diving purpose and plan for each and every believer
Fire, we pray for baptizing fire to fall on churches and believers
Calling for a fresh wind to blow all across this land and this nation
No, we will not stay here, but we will move forward
We pray for a softening of hearts, Father, that You would reach and redeem them
Praying for the mercy of God to sweep all across this nation
We lift up those that are in leadership positions of authority
The wind of God is blowing, and we pray for heaven to show up!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
Casting down all blindness, give us eyes to see the truth of Your Word
Thank You for truth and light, to bring hope, help, and salvation
You are so holy, and so worthy of all our praise
Have Your way in this place, have Your way, Lord
Declaring change over our nation and over the church
Yes, changes are taking place in households and in families
Calling for breakthroughs and we cast down those strongholds
Speaking increase and jubilee, declaring for a holy fulfillment of those promises
Yes, there will be clarity and promotion in Jesus’ name
It is all moving over to the side of mercy, justice, and rightness
There is a removing of those boundaries, we are pushing out further than we ever have before
Casting down all limitations in the name of Jesus
Those things are breaking forth, and those fires are being ignited all across this nation
Yes, there is a dawning of a new day!
Praying for healing over those broken places
Hearts are being restored, bodies are being healed
Declaring wholeness over each and every believer

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