Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Pastor Ken prayed…

I pray for a supernatural invasion of the Spirit of God and the presence of God.

We pray for a fresh invasion of the Spirit of God to overwhelm and overtake us in a good way, even right now.

Lord, we pray and come together regarding those needs, specific and personal, and family needs today.

Lord, we pray for a supernatural invasion and inundation of the Spirit of God into people’s hearts and lives.

We declare and we speak to sicknesses and weaknesses, pain, disease, injuries today, bad reports from the doctor regarding bodily issues.

We say, Devil, take your hands off each and every one suffering in a physical way right now in the name of Jesus.

Father, we agree for a release and an invasion of healing power into limbs and organs and systems.

We command healing power to be released into your chest, released into your neck, released into your lower back, and up and down your spinal cord in your vertebrae. We command alignment today and for swelling, an injury there to be reduced.

Right now at the sound of my voice… swelling to go down.

We curse cancer at the root today in people’s bodies.

Be released, restorations be released…

We command strength of flow into your innermost being, and then to flow and populate every cell of who you are and who God created you to be right now in Jesus’ name.

Father, we declare that people are being raised up physically right now.

We declare that people are being raised up mentally and emotionally…

Father, we release a heavenly anointing today in and through our agreement of faith into homes and individuals, into the lives of our leaders, our loved ones, those that we rub shoulders with every day.

We release a delivering, liberating, healing and restoring anointing in the name of Jesus to work in those situations, circumstances, and lives.

I’m sensing we need to pray for those who maybe lost their way or those who don’t know the next step forward. Don’t know where to go or what decision to make or how to obey in a situation or a set of circumstances.

Father, we pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to show up now in people’s hearts, in their spirits being translated to their minds and to their intellects so that they can understand.

We pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, for who this applies to right now online or in this chapel.

That you would grant them understanding, wisdom, fresh inspiration, that their heart would dream new dreams, that their eyes would be open, that you would help them to see the way forward…

We pray for a holy energy to be supernaturally transmitted to your heart, to right what’s wrong, to cause even your mind to be rewired for new pathways to be formed that are in sync and in alignment with the ways and the thoughts of God in Jesus.

And so we pray over the body of Christ here at Living Word, in your church, in your home, in your city, in your family, in your individual life today.

We pray for a heavenly aligning sent from heaven to align you—body, soul, and spirit with the way and the purpose of God to align you with your book of destiny.

We go after those who are far from Jesus, whether they be prodigal sons or daughters, whether they be those who are hardened in sin and never have professed the name of Jesus, we go after them today and we say, “Lord, enough is enough. They will not go another day far from Jesus.”

We reach out into the spirit today. We assign angels, we assign power. We assign divinely orchestrated missions now in the Spirit to go and reap their lives.

We claim their lives, whoever they are.

We pray for light and truth to penetrate their innermost beings. We pray for divine interruptions in the lives.

We pray out avenues and new ways in our nation’s political and leadership system.

We command and we release power and the hand of God to expose corruption, lies, darkness, deception in every way, all across our land.

Father, as we’ve been praying for some time now, we thank you, Lord, for sending a heavenly, holy shaking not only to the church, but also in our political arena here in America in the upcoming election.

Lord, that there would be a shifting now, supernaturally to move out that which the devil has entrenched himself in to move out every work of darkness, every system, every stronghold, every entrenchment of demonic forces in Washington. In St. Paul, Minnesota, in every state capital across our land today.

We speak to dumpster fires in leadership, dumpster fires in the political system, dumpster fires that are currently burning in our nation in various ways. We speak to them and we release a heavenly extinguisher to extinguish those dumpster fires.

We pray this morning for people to obey, to simply obey.

Lord, we pray for a supernatural transmission of the command of God to obey now that there will be a newfound urgency, an increased intensity for people to respond, to go God’s way, to stop in their waywardness, to turn from their unrighteousness, to turn from their self-centeredness, and to seek God to obey.

We pray, Father, for a movement across the church of obedience… simple, organic, heartfelt responsiveness to the hand and voice of God in the name of Jesus.

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