Prayer Summary for May 5


Thank You, Father, for Your goodness
That You never change – receiving Your great love today

The following excerpt was taken from Spiritual Hunger and other Sermons by Dr. John G. Lake:

What is the greatest blessing or revelation of the Spirit of God? I believe the greatest thing is that Jesus showed the world how to exercise compassion for one another. The law of Moses that preceded Jesus was exacting in its demands, as all law is. That is the nature of law. And Jesus undertook to reveal the Father-heart of God to the world. The greatest movement in the soul of God Himself was that movement of compassion for a needy world. It was so great that the Word says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Compassion reaches further than law further than demands of judges. Compassion reaches to the heart of life, to the secret of our being. The compassion of Jesus was the divine secret that made Him lovable. Religious people are exacting; good people are exacting; but good folk have to learn to exercise compassion just as others do. We remember the incident with the disciples and the Samaritans. The Samaritans did not want Jesus and His disciples to come. They said, “We have heard strange stories, how this thing happened, and how that thing happened. How a great number of swine were drowned.” They had heard about the pigs, but they probably had never heard how the widow’s son was raised from the dead, or how the water had turned to wine. The disciples loved the Lord; they were exercising His power, they were ministering to the sick, they were endeavoring to alleviate the sufferings of the world. But still that sense of insult was so overpowering that they said, “Master, shall we call down fire from heaven to consume them?” How easy it is for us to feel the righteousness of the issue rather than the compassion of the Son of God. There is no limit to the compassion of Jesus.

The compassion of Jesus was illustrated when He broke up a funeral procession one day as He passed through the little city of Nain (Luke 7:11-17). When Jesus looked on that procession, something broke loose in His soul. He was moved with compassion as He saw the dead boy’s mother, to the bier and said, “Young man, I say unto thee, Arise.”

The sorrows of others moved the soul of Jesus and touched His heart. Lazarus, His friend, died, and four days later the Lord went to him (John 11:1-44). Hearing that Jesus was approaching the village, one sister came to meet Him. She said to Him, “Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother would not have died.” The other sister poured out her heart to Him in a similar manner. As Jesus stood by the grave of His friend, He wept. Compassion stirred His soul. He said, “God, I thank thee that thou hearest me always.” Then He cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.” And he that was dead came forth.

Lake goes on to talk about a man he knew in South Africa who was an ardent Methodist. He had ten sons, all Methodist preachers, and three beautiful daughters who were holy women. This family was one of the most wonderful families I have ever known. The old father had been stricken with disease, and the agony of his suffering was so great that the only way to relieve him was to drug him into insensibility. As the years passed he became a morphine addict. He told me that he smoked 24 cigars, drank two quarts of whiskey, and used a tremendous quantity of morphine every day. The old man, 73 years old, was drugged into senselessness most of the time.

I prayed with him unceasingly for sixteen hours without result. William Duggin, one of my ministers, hearing of the situation, came to my assistance. He stood over the old gentleman and prayed for him in the power of God, but somehow there was no answer. I watched that man in convulsions until his daughters begged me to let them give him a little morphine and die senseless, rather than to let him suffer longer. I said, “No. I have had your pledge and his, too, that life or death, we are going to fight this battle through.” Presently as I stood there watching the awful convulsions, the Scripture came to my mind, “Himself took our infirmities” (Matt. 8:17). I reached out and got hold of him and held him as in a grip of iron. A compassion that is too deep for any form of expression we know broke forth in my soul; and in a single moment I saw him lie still, healed by God’s power. Many a day after that I have walked with him over his three vast estates, on which there were 50,000 orange trees and 50,000 lemon trees. As we walked the old man told me of his love for God and of the richness of His presence, and I have my reward.

If the church ever succeeds in doing that which God purposes we should do, it can only be when we enter into that divine compassion of the Son of God.

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Continued praying…

Every limitation must get out of the way
We are moving and contending for more
Lifting up positions of leadership in our nation
Declaring “Jesus is Lord over America!”
Thank You, Father, for the Church taking her place
Where sleep has settled in we declare an awakening – wake up church!
More and more things are moving one way or the other – no more grey
Declarations by faith coming forth to stay the enemy
Praying for the next candidate for the United States – Pleading the blood over the election in Jesus’ name
Preparing for, expecting and believing You for a great turnaround!
You know the right one Father!
You are the Alpha and the Omega
The true church of God on display with signs, wonders, and miracles
The church will never be set aside!
We are sowing compassion in the land in the name of Jesus
Thank You, Father, for showing us how to move
A showing! A showing! A showing!
It’s a paradigm shift touching each and every one of them
Reigniting, recharging, and setting the church on fire

Pastor Paul shared…

I heard the words “rest to reign” as we were praying in tongues. In resting you discover who you are in Him and who He is in you. In resting you discover your position of authority. The Christian life begins with sitting, which is an attitude of resting. God created man on the sixth day after He had created all and on the seventh day God rested. Man’s first day was the day of rest, the seventh day. In resting you understand by the word of God the dominion that has been given to you. The church must first rest before it can stand and then walk. To rest is to receive what God has freely given the Church. Put that word in your mouth and speak it out of your mouth. The word that God has given is the conduit of His power. God’s word will have no power on earth until it is released on earth. So when we open our mouth to speak the word of God, we allow the kingdom of God here on earth. That is the paradigm shift because God has given the earth to man and will not usurp that authority. But we invite Him into the circumstances of life when we speak His word because He hastens His word to perform it. His word runs swiftly. He sends His word and heals them. His word is sharper than any double-edged sword, it pierces through to the divided line of soul and spirit of the joints and marrow and it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart; and there is nothing hidden from His sight but all things are naked and open before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.

So when we open our mouths to speak the word of God, we are speaking it from a position of rest. That means we are speaking it from a position of full assurance of faith unto the end. And when we release it we don’t have to worry whether it will accomplish the purpose for which is was released. His word never returns void. God’s word is never void of power! But God’s people are void of speech. They must speak to receive. God has told us that we can have what we say but we have been saying what we have. The power of God is released through words and the word that is released from a position of rest carries with it the full weight of the authority of the Father and the dominion of the kingdom in its release and it is the conduit for the power.

Did I not tell you the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to all them that believe. That’s the power. It’s not in the laying on of hands that releases the power. It is the word you hear before the hands are laid on you that releases the power.

I was ministering the word in healing school yesterday. One woman had a stroke years ago and I told her to close her eyes and to tell me what she wants. She said I want to run. I said do you see yourself running? You cannot go anywhere in the physical that you have not gone to in your mind. That’s why God gives you pictures. The pictures are always about your future not about your past. So, I asked her if she could see herself running. She said I want… I said do you see yourself running? She said yes. So I said take off! She began to run and said “oh, I can move this leg where before I couldn’t!”

There was also a boy in a wheelchair. I just put my hand on his hand. I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed there. It’s not my power. It’s His power. It’s not my word. It’s His word. God’s word in His mouth has the same power as God’s word in your mouth. So I just held him and stood there and I sensed virtue coming out of me. I said feels good doesn’t it and he said yes. We stood there for about 10 minutes and then he took off walking. His mom tried to support him but I told her to leave him alone. He got his balance and started walking. He was panting because he had never walked that far before and I said go around again. He fell and his mother tried to help him but told her to leave him alone. He got himself back up and walked all the way around which he had not been able to do before. Glory to God! That’s what the word does.

From what I see right now the church has the words. Like Elijah went to King Ahab and said there will be no rain and or dew in the land but according to my word. This is the authority that has come back into the body of Christ. We are not a people that are intimidated, that have to cower; we do not have to get the world to appreciate who we are. No, we are not hiding under a bushel. Glory to God!

So the last thing I hear is take with you words and approach unto the all mighty. Take with you words. You speak unto your day. You get up in the morning and say this is a good day! Father, You have invested this day into my hands. I have 24 hours. This is an investment. What do you want to do today? That’s how you look at your day. You don’t look at your day like oh, no this is Tuesday. No, you get up and look in the mirror and say I am going somewhere to happen. I am born again, spirit-filled, Bible-believing, faith-talking, armor-bearing child of the King. I am anointed for such a time as this! Look for an opportunity to extend the kingdom of God because every time you open your mouth and you see the results of what you say that brings you into a new level of dominion. Praise God.

Continued praying…

Father, thank You, for the rest you have provided
For the authority of Your spoken word that does not return void
We thank You for this day and call it blessed and prosperous in Jesus’ name

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