Prayer Summary for May 19


Father, we bow our hearts before You today
Thank You for filling us, baptizing us, and giving us the gift of other tongues
You are so good, always wanting to fill us more
Your mercies are new every morning
We give You honor and glory for this new day
Everything is new when we walk with You

The following excerpt was taken from Tongues Beyond the Upper Room by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Scriptural Purposes

1. A means of magnifying God
2. Speaking in tongues helps us stay conscious of the Holy Spirit’s presence
3. Tongues aid you in worshiping God
4. Tongues stimulates faith
5. Gives spiritual refreshing
6. The best way to give thanks
7. Praying in the Spirit brings your tongue under subjection
8. Praying in tongues protects you from the contamination of the world
9. Praying in tongues is the introduction to the gifts of the Spirit

You see, tongues are the beginning of it all—the entryway into a new realm of power in your walk with God. But once you go through that door into God’s supernatural power, are you going to develop in the things of the Spirit? Or are you just going to stop on the other side of the door and stop your spiritual growth, as so many people do? Personally, over the years I’ve found in my own life and ministry that the more I pray and worship God in tongues, the more manifestation of the other spiritual gifts I experience in my life. And I’ve found that the opposite is true as well: the less I speak in tongues, the fewer manifestations of spiritual gifts I experience. Paul teaches believers to be desirous of spiritual gifts and to covet earnestly the best gifts (1 Cor. 12:31). But remember those words were written to people who already spoke with tongues!

In conclusion, let me repeat. Speaking with tongues is the entrance into all the spiritual gifts and the supernatural equipment God has for you. But don’t just stop at the entrance! Go on to develop yourself fully in God’s mighty spiritual equipment as you press ever deeper in prayer!

The Inestimable Value of Speaking With Tongues

In light of all these purposes for speaking with other tongues that are set forth in the Scriptures, we can readily see that each one is designed for our benefit and our gain. Therefore, it is amazing to me that people ask, “What good does a person get out of speaking with other tongues?”

Is there any value in talking to God supernaturally? Emphatically yes! There must be, or God wouldn’t have provided the means to do so!

If God says tongues are a supernatural means of communication with Him, then we emphatically need this supernatural means of communication with Him!

If God says tongues edify the one who speaks, then the one who speaks needs this supernatural ability to empower him in the Holy Ghost. No matter what a believer feels or does not feel, when he speaks in tongues, he is being built up!

And if God says tongues are of value, then they are of great and marvelous value—beyond the scope of anything we have yet imagined or experienced in Him!

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Continued praying…

Building ourselves up in the gifts as we pray in the Spirit
Magnifying and giving You glory through our tongues
Thank You, Father, for the extreme value of praying in our heavily language
Seeking it and operating in it more and more
Increasing the manifestation of the gifts for us and others
We thank You for it, Jesus

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep having the Holy Spirit bring up the blood as we are singing in the Holy Spirit. He is magnifying the blood and bringing our attention to the King of Kings. Have you been cleansed and washed? Did you know, do you know that the blood is still working, flowing, alive and active in these days, in these times in the Church? It’s by and through the blood.

How far can it go? All the way through. In every way, every step, every plan it is still flowing today—flowing and flowing. It started on the cross but it has never stopped. The blood of the Lamb is reaching and flowing. Overcoming and making a way for the lost to come in. Oh, it’s active today. Things will not stay the same. Not one day to the next. Not the same old ways. It is new and that new will come through you as you lift up your voice and pray and sing in other tongues. There is work to be done, plans to be made and walked through. Overcoming by the blood! That’s a plan, that’s a plan for each one, every one, every man and every woman and every tongue.

Continued praying…

We will see it all the way through
Declaring and lining it up Jesus’ name
In time! On time! This is the right time!
Go body! Let the body go forth in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for heaven-sent assignments for this time
Following after the heart—everyone has a part
Moving by Your Spirit!
Praying over the positions of authority in the body
It will change; it’s moving, continually changed
The way we line up our tongues and pray, that’s the way it will go!
So pray and sing in other tongues!
Up, over, and into the new—all the way through
Pleading the blood over Mark and Trina Hankins
Declaring grace over them wherever they are on the face of the earth
Father, grant them utterance that they would run their race and fulfill their call
Whole, healthy, wealthy, prosperous in everything they put their hands to in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the anointing shifting them to a higher level
Propelling them to contend for the glory
It’s a show! It’s a showing!
Thank You, Lord—we so love You
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for continually filling us
For the plan you have put within us to fulfill our destinies
We have overcome by the blood, speaking Your Word always
Thanking You, Father, for this day in Jesus’ name

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