Prayer Summary for May 18


The following excerpt is taken from The Nature and Dynamics of Revival Glory by Dr. John D. Shiver:

“In the last days,” God says, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” (Acts 2:17a, NIV)

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14, NIV)

The greatest revelation of the glory of God the earth has ever witnessed is coming. It will be a time that the Holy Spirit will move without reservation and limitation in the earth. Entire cities, regions, and even nations will be impacted by the power of His presence in the coming revival! It will not be a movement orchestrated by people, groups, denominations, or organizations. It will be done by the revelation of the Holy Spirit power that will bring worldwide blessing instead of global destruction.

The most startling, earth-shaking revelation of the glory of God ever witnessed in any generation is coming. This revelation of the glory of God is going to produce the greatest influx of souls the Church has ever even imagined. It’s coming. The Devil can’t stop it. Demons can’t stop it. Principalities and powers can’t stop it. Religion can’t stop it. Critics and scoffers can’t stop it. Those who live in violent rebellion and passionately hate God are powerless to prevent its coming. It’s going to happen and just maybe, ours will be the generation that sees it come forth. It’s coming, and it is called revival glory.

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We welcome You, Holy Spirit, in this place
Yearning for more of You today, Lord
Possess us and change us, touch our eyes and our hearts, Father
It is all about You, none of us and all of You
These are the last days, and we will be Your hands and Your feet until You return
We are hungry and thirsty for more of You
Fill us with Your love, mercy, and Your compassion
Father, we want to decrease so that You could increase on the inside of us
Praying that Your Church would transform from one degree of glory to another
Not in our own strength, but by Your strength and power we can do all things
This change must come; there is so much at stake
There are millions and millions that have never heard the truth of Your Word
Show them Your love, Lord
It is through Your power that we can reach the lost
We have nothing without You
Thank You for all that has been done and all that You are doing
Calling in the harvest of souls, today!
Awaken the Church to Your call and purpose, Father
No, we will not cower in the corner, behind closed doors, but we will speak out!
Speaking words from heaven, words of encouragement and love
We will bring hope to the lost and the broken hearted
Calling for greater and greater signs and wonders, Lord
No, we will not be a Church filled with fear, but filled with Your power, Father
Humbling ourselves and our lives before You, Lord
Seeking Your face, Your glory, and Your honor
The mighty Holy Spirit ignites and illuminates the Church
We have Your Word, and we will hold fast to it, Father
Calling those things in line in the name of Jesus!
You have called us to such a time as this
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every believer
Come, Holy Spirit, come!
Your mercy is being poured out over Your people
Touch us with Your Spirit, Father
Some things must be turned upside down
The children must know You, they must know the God of the book!
You are the only one, true and living God!
Reaching, reaching, reaching!
Moving out of the old, and moving into the new
Demonstrations and operations of and by Your Spirit, Lord God
Stretching those things out, and moving them further ahead
We are so hungry for more of You, Father
Reveal Your plan and purpose You have for us, Lord

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