Prayer Summary for June 5


The following prophecy was given through Lynne Hammond and Dr. Billye Brim on in 1999:

1999 Prayer Conference
Living Word Christian Center

Tongues: Lynne Hammond
Interpretation: Billye Brim

Listen to what has been said unto you concerning My Body and concerning My Bride. Sins against My body will be judged quickly now both from without and from within. Not all sin and judgment is unto death. But some must come, for the Body must rise. The time is short and the enemy has made the Body his aim, his focus to destroy Me, for he knows it is Me.

And I say unto you:

There’s a very high calling unto those given to prayer to minister to her now under My care. To minister to her healing and life for she is My Bride, she is My Wife. And I show to you in the Bible true and plain how wondrous it is to bear the same name. Even as in your earthly marriages, you are one flesh become and one name. It’s to show My domain. And I say unto you that I give you now in this meeting and in this place both charge and how. The “how to” will come unto you. The how to minister life and blood and flow unto the eruptions that have come forth from the one you know. But the healing shall be quick and the strength shall come. And she shall rise up fit for her Bridegroom, the Holy One. But take both admonition and challenge in this hour for you are given a place now of power. The power will be raised to high degree to those who will follow Me in the ministry of My Bride.  But to those who would offend and come against My Bride, My friend in ratio to the power, the judgment will come more quickly, too. So see that you are about the Father’s business. Do what I want you to do concerning the Church, the Body, the Bride. And don’t be afraid of the higher place and the increased glory for there is increased grace. Don’t be frightened by revelation that will come. Don’t be frightened by an unknown tongue. From someone you may not even know but you’ll recognize the Spirit and you’ll know the flow. For the supernatural will now come to you. Your air to breathe.  And the job you do will be a breeze, it’s not hard for Me. You see, it’s never been. You’ll walk there comfortably and safely and you will know the Word and the Holy Ghost flow in agreement. You’ll see dimensions you’ve never known as you arise now nearer the throne.


Father, we praise and magnify You
We humble ourselves before You
Thank You for the plan and purpose that You have given each one of us
Your favor goes before us and Your blood covers us as a hedge of protection!
Thank You that you have given us authority from heaven!
Clouds of division, be gone in Jesus’ name!
Declaring a clearing of every hindrance!
We take authority over the spirit of confusion
Atmospheric condition, be stabilized in Jesus’ name!
Loosing angles and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf!
Speaking stability to every function and leadership
Eyes be opened up to see clearly the plan of God
We will walk carefully and discern the things that are necessary
Binding self-initiatives!
Taking authority over pride!
Calling for adjustments to take place
Holding the blood against anything that would hold the Church back!
Widen and increase the hunger and thirst for You
Covering all of the advancements in the blood of Jesus!
The Church—one heart and one mind
Letting go of things in the past and pressing on into You, Lord!
We repent for the mistakes we have made
Lord, we apply the blood over all of the parts to come together!
Calling all of the watchers to stand on the wall to watch and pray!
We are looking for revelation!
Father, heal the body of Christ and get our attention!
That we would cleave to You and Your Word!
We know the reward is in the finishing!
Everything we need is found in You!
Taking authority over covetousness in the body of Christ
Help us to not look to another man’s gifts or callings!
Discerning things by Your Spirit!
Lord, You make a way where there was no way!
Rooting out the old and plowing up the hard ground
Do not lean on your own understanding
Father, we are not afraid of change
Enter on into the victorious way, for it is a supernatural way!
Moving up even higher
Enemy, you are a defeated foe!
Limitations, get out of the way
Declaring for every part to be opened
Praying over the specific calls and recipes that have been given to each ministry
New territories and responsibilities
More than enough resources to do it!
Father, thank You that You are working on our behalf!
Praying for the new!
Lord, we apply the blood over the baptismal pools
Great emersions in the Spirit
Bring great direction to us through Your Spirit
Help us to pray for our nation!

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