Prayer Summary for June 4


Father, thank You for the Spirit of seeing and knowing
You have a purpose and plan, so help us to not miss anything!
Your Word is not just words on a page, but it is life to us!
We are looking for change from one degree of glory to another
Seeing a transformation going on in the Church
By Your Spirit, we are asking for help to pray, see, and walk out Your mysteries in these days
We want to be more conscious of the whole body of Christ!
Praying for a fresh ministry of the Holy Ghost to flow in the hearts of men
A new start!
Applying the blood over the signs, boundaries, and ways
Lord, let us walk carefully concerning Your things
Help us to be more sensitive to the spirit realm
Some must stop and cease and walk in a new way
Leaving some things and cleaving to You, Lord!
Not coveting the things of this earth
Praying for men to give unto the Spirit!
You have a way to reach the young men—we apply the blood over that!
We will operate and live in a new and right way
As Jesus, we will not be ignorant of these things
Calling for implicit obedience and a response to Your Word and Spirit!
Moving out of the “have to” and moving into great desire to do Your will!
The truth of Your Word will set us free!
Through it, we will come out of the muck and the mire
We have to be tuned in for these are serious times!
Father, we pray for the lost, that they would be reached
That there would no longer be a wondering, but they would know Your signs along the way!
We hold the blood against soul ties that would hold the body of Christ back
We cannot give up on the lost!
Bringing to our remembrance ways that You have moved on our behalf
We pray over the arrangements
Position Your laborers right in the pathway, that they would minister words of life and restoration!
We make new decisions to allow the transition of Your Spirit to come out
Your Word says that whatever we put our hands to prospers
We believe that when we lay hands on others, Yours Spirit is transmitted and their lives are changed!

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