Prayer Summary for June 16


Father, we rest in You today
Trusting, yielding, and giving it all to You, Lord
There is safety and protection in You
We love You, we love You, we love You, Jesus
Thank You for Your peace that comforts us and gives us joy


The following excerpt is taken from The Power of the Blood by H.A. Maxwell Whyte:

The Application of the Blood

The blood of Abel spoke vengeance, but the Blood of Jesus speaks peace, pardon, and reconciliation for all who are bound by Satan. As we speak the word “Blood,” we must remember that the Blood of Jesus carries all the power, Spirit and life that is in Jesus. As the blood of a human carries his life, so does the Blood of Jesus carry the life of the Son of God. Each time we say the word “Blood” in faith, we are bringing the creative life force of the universe to bear upon the destroying power of Satan.

I am not meaning to suggest for a moment that the Blood does not avail for you at all times. And that therefore you must be continually pleading the Blood to keep yourself covered. I remember a young man who approached my wife after one of my teaching sessions and said in grave earnestness, “Sister Whyte, how often do you think we should plead the Blood? Should we, for instance, plead it every half hour?”

Mrs. Whyte said later with some amusement that she could just see him standing there with a stopwatch saying, “Well, now, I must plead the Blood!” Of course, such an idea is ridiculous. No, the point we are trying to make is that in every situation where you sense that you are under the attack of Satan or needing special protection, that is the time to plead the Blood. By so doing, you are reminding God that you are trusting in His mercy, you are reminding Satan that he cannot touch you as long as you are under the Blood; and you are reminding yourself of the ground of your confidence in Christ.

The pleading of the Blood was an accepted revelation of the Spirit in the early days of the Pentecostal outpouring. But like many other divine revelations, it was lost as man’s organization came in to replace the supernatural workings of the Spirit. Yet wherever this message is preached today, it is still received with gladness. And when the Blood is used, it brings astounding results. Truly we are more than conquerors through the Blood (Revelation 12:11).

In the early days of the outpouring of the Spirit in this century, Mrs. Nuzum of California used to teach her listeners in her Pentecostal meetings to sprinkle the Blood upon their loved ones, their children and all that God had given them. Did not the children of Israel actually splash blood upon their buildings? Is there any limit to using the Blood in faith against Satanic powers and the darkness of the world? Would it not be good if congregations of Christians were to stand unitedly in pleading the Blood of Jesus against the demonic forces now trying to take over our cities and our young people?

I believe that the Church has yet to discover the deeper dimension of spiritual warfare through pleading the Blood. Great miracles can take place if we learn this secret. There is wonder-working power in the Blood!

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Continued Praying…

Thank You, Father, for the precious blood of Jesus
We take authority over every evil plan of the enemy
Believing for souls to be drawn in to the kingdom of Heaven, today
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every preparation
Declaring that no weapon formed against us shall prosper
We take our place of authority in You today, Lord
Covering every decision that needs to be made with the blood of Jesus
Turnarounds, changes, and insight are on their way!
Declaring it by faith that many will come to know You, Lord
We plead the blood of Jesus over the atmosphere
Praying for divine supernatural utterance in Jesus’ name!
Lifting up every step to You, Father
Asking for greater revelation for every believer!
You, Lord, are preparing the way, and we ask that Your anointing would cover every detail
Calling forth a shaking up and a breaking out into unchartered territories
More and more of the new—new beginnings, new turns, and new openings!
We call for a greater abundance over every heart, dear Father
Things that were prepared and prayed out years ago would come to pass, by Your Spirit, Lord
Declaring that more miracles, signs, and wonders would be seen in these days and in these hours
Turning up our expectations and removing every limitation in Jesus’ name!
We are expecting a great and mighty harvest, and we take a hold of it by faith
No, there will not be any interruptions, but every plan and purpose will line up with the Word of God
By faith, we are seeing and expecting, and we call those things out and forth in the name of Jesus!
Angels and ministering spirits, we loose you, right now, to go out and draw in those lost souls
We will not miss one opportunity to be a blessing to those in need!
No, it is not in the mental realm but in the supernatural realm that we pray these things out!
That will work out, and everything is going to be all right!
You, Lord, are revealing and uncovering those things that were hidden!
Calling for greater clarity in Jesus’ name!
Operations and alignments are taking place of and by Your Spirit, Lord
You have equipped us and given us the power and anointing to fulfill Your plan and purpose
Alignment—You are lining every part of that up in the way it should go, Father
We hold the blood right there!
Calling for more and more momentum and increase!
Supernatural aid and assistance in abundance, Lord
Many, many, many more will be touched and changed by You
There are steps that have to be made and words that need to be spoken
Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Overflow and increase are on the way!
Taking our place in the body of Christ with greater expectancy, Lord
It will work out, it is working out!
Those are assignments and, in due time, they shall come to pass
Reaching, stretching, and yearning for more and more of You
Smoothing that out with the blood of Jesus, today
Oh, the glory!
You, Lord, are making a way, where there seems to be no way!
Leave it and let it go!
Continually moving into more of the Master’s plan
We lean not on our own understanding, but we lean on You, Lord
There is victory in Jesus!
The seeds of prayer that were prayed out will come up in these days
Declaring increase in the days to come
Jesus, Your name is above every other name!
We lift this day up to You and ask that You would bless it

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