Prayer Summary for June 13


Lord, we stir ourselves in You today
We are blessed coming in and blessed going out
Healing and deliverance is ours
You have translated us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light
Thank You for Your gift of grace and life
We cast down vain imaginations that keep us from You
You came to give life and give it more abundantly
Thank You for the blood of Jesus that has made us pure and whole
Lord, thank You for Your unyielding love towards us
Thank You for the revelation of Your truth
We receive an abundance of Your grace
By Your Holy Spirit we are going to the end
Lord, we are grateful that we can gather together and hear from You
Jesus, we allow You to be who You are in us
We give all of our doubts and fears to You
Letting go of human knowledge and receiving the knowledge of the Holy Ghost
Speak to our hearts, Lord
We have got to have You, Jesus!

The remainder of morning prayer was spent worshiping the Lord.

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