Prayer Summary for June 1

Ms. Sharon led us in singing about the anointing…

The following excerpt was taken from A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Wommack:

While Daniel was still praying, the angel Gabriel showed up and gave him God’s answer. Daniel’s whole prayer couldn’t have taken more than three minutes. Yet, the Lord answered while he was still in the midst of praying it. That’s powerful!

At the beginning of thy supplications, the commandment came forth, and I am come to show thee, for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision. Daniel 9:23

Notice what the angel said concerning when God had answered. “At the very beginning of your supplication, God gave the command and I’m here with your answer.”

Three minutes isn’t so bad! You can handle it if you go forward in a meeting for prayer and everything’s just fine by the time you hit the floor at the altar. But what if it takes three weeks instead of three minutes? That’s when most people lose their faith. If they can’t see or feel their answer very soon, then they conclude, “I asked, but God didn’t answer!” How do you know? How can you be sure that the Lord hasn’t already commanded your answer and it’s in the process of coming out of the spirit realm into the physical realm? Can you see all the activity taking place in the spirit realm on your behalf?

Daniel makes a great example! The same man prayed two different times and received two different results. If anything, he should have had more faith after his miraculous encounter in chapter 9. He should have been so pumped that the results of his prayer life could only improve: Instead they became worse! This time it took three whole weeks to receive his answer.

In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. Daniel 10:2, 3

Daniel afflicted himself and focused totally on God, but it still took three full weeks to receive his answer instead of just three minutes like before. Have you ever had that happen? Has something you prayed for instantly come to pass, but then something else took a long period of time? Why does God answer one prayer in three minutes and another in three weeks? That’s an invalid question. God didn’t answer one in three minutes and the other in three weeks. He answered both of them immediately!

God answered both prayers instantly, but one time took three minutes before the person could perceive it and the other took three weeks. Luke 11:9–10 say, “If you ask, you receive.” God instantly answers every prayer that’s based on a promise in His Word. He’s answered every prayer that every believer has ever prayed this way. God has never failed to answer any such prayer, ever!

However, there are things that happen in the spiritual world that determine how fast the answers come, or not, into the physical realm. The manifestation of your answer is affected when you become discouraged, depressed, or give up. There could have been tremendous activity in the spiritual realm. You could have been very close to seeing the physical manifestation, but you gave up and quit!

What if Daniel had given up on day twenty in chapter 10? The Scripture shows that God had already spoken and the answer was coming. If Daniel would have said, “Man, last time it only took three minutes. This time tomorrow makes three weeks. I quit!” Even though all of these things were happening in the spirit realm, his answer wouldn’t have manifested. God’s Word reveals that it is according to the power that works in us. (Eph 3:20.) From the human perspective, it would have appeared as if God didn’t answer Daniel’s second prayer.

“But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me [the angelic messenger] one and twenty days: but, 10, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.” Daniel 10:13 (brackets mine)

Many people don’t understand that we’re living in a world that has demonic opposition. They think that if God wants something done, He can just do it. God is greater than the devil, but Satan can hinder Him if a physical person cooperates and gives the enemy authority to do so. Things don’t work automatically just because they’re God’s will and you prayed for it!

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to give you two different examples that I experienced years ago. When my kids were little we had a van and we were driving on HWY 100. A lady ran out on the highway and the first thing we saw was her in front of our van so we hit her. I couldn’t stop. I slammed on the brakes but I couldn’t stop. Bang, she flew several and lying face down on the highway. It wasa busy intersection and there was a restaurant on both sides. It turned out she was drunk was going from one place across the highway to another to get cigarettes. You know how they say people who are drunk a lot of times they can be in an accident and they are not hurt. But I saw her hit so hard that it dented the front of our van in, the hood and the whole nine yards. We stopped obviously and when we saw that our kids were okay both Sandy and I got out. We were out on the highway and she is lying flat down on her face not breathing in a pool of blood. So the only thing that we could do, we didn’t have any plan, it happened so quickly, we just laid hands on her and said the name of Jesus. That was our prayer. We had no other prayer. We did what the Bible says to do. Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

It was just Jesus, Jesus as we laid hands on her. We did that until the ambulance came and police came, there was people standing all over watching and after I don’t know how long, all of a sudden she just breathed a big deep breath and they took her away. We found out where she was and we were able to find out what room she was in so we went to see her. “Hi, I am the man who ran over you.” Oh, there was ice in that room I tell you but she had no broken bones, not one. And she was totally… I mean she had some bruises, that’s it. I had to take my van to the body shop but her body was restored and to me it just reminded me of that.

Another time here in this building I prayed with a friend for 6 years and he was dealing with a terminal disease and he went in and out of hospice three times minimum. Have you ever seen anyone go into hospice and come out alive? Not normally. Hospice is the next step to you are out of here. But he would go in and he would come out. And he would tell me so many times that he had questions about whether he should stay but he kind of teeter totter with it and he would call me back up and say “No, I am staying.” I know I need to stay. I am not leaving. So for 6 years, not just me, but there were other people praying with him and for him, after 6 years he exited earth.

After his service, maybe a few weeks later, a nurse met me here and introduced herself to me. She said I know you. I saw you come visit in the hospital for this man. She said right before he left, just a couple nights before, we had a meeting in his room, just the nurse and him. He said I have decided to leave, I am going to go home and that’s what he did.

It’s so easy then to question, turn it and say why didn’t, what about, questions about how it turned out and these are some things that Andrew Wommack had gone over. There are so many things that we do not know. But we do know that it is His will to do what? Heal us. It’s His will to prosper us. It’s His, always His will and I like how he put that. When we pray a prayer according to His Word, based on His Word, He always answers. Isn’t that right?

So we don’t have to question it. There should not be a question about Him. There can be other questions of course but…. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Ms. Sharon led us singing about the anointing…

Your presence, Your glory, Your power, Your anointing
Lord, we welcome how You work, We welcome how You work in us
How we love You, how honor You, that anointing so precious flows through us now

Your glory, Your power, Your glory for this hour
Everything we need is ours today through Your glory, through Your power
So we yield to You, We yield to You
Flow through us, use us, Lord, Flow through us as you choose

Anointing fall on me
Anointing fall of me
Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall of on me
Anointing fall of me

There is a river flowing wide and deep
Filled with Your power, Lord, it’s what we seek
So flow through us, use us, Lord, flow through us, use us, Lord
Anointing fall on me
Breathe on me, breathe on me, anointing breathe on me

Let Him breathe on me, let Him breathe on me
Let the breath of God now breathe on me
Let Him breathe on me, let Him breathe on me
Let the breath of God now breathe on me

And I’ll say yes, Lord, yes, I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I’ll say yes Lord yes, I’ll say yes, yes, yes

Pastor Ray shared…

When we say yes like that with our heartfelt yes we are opening up our heart’s door for more and yielding for the best that will take us all the way through for the rest in Him. But for all of the rest steps in our plan that He put in us. So to continually saying “Yes, Lord” we are saying yes to the will of God, we are saying yes to the plan of God, to God’s creativity in our lives, yes to what He put in us that must come out and be free. We are saying yes to victories.

Sharon continued singing…

And I’ll say yes, Lord, yes, I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I’ll say yes Lord yes, I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I will go where you want me to go
I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I will be what You want me to be
I’ll say yes, yes, yes
I will say what You want me to say


Purposes You have given we say yes
Eyes, eyes, eyes
Much more today, the promises
(In tongues see yourself praying out what you just said yes to)
An into, over on into
A clear showing
They will, they will
Plans, plans
Medical, medical, new revelations
Alignment, reach, reaches
Open, open the eye, march, march
Orders, orders, we must
Speaking, speaking spirits
Steady, steady, strength, strong
Apprehending the way, watching over the steps
For others, then they move and they are propelled
Open, open, each and every one
Up and into it, receive it
Roll away from the care, roll away from the fear and lack
Contend for those!
Standing in the gap – opening up those ways
Reaching over
Delete that – hold the blood over and shut that down
But we move and they move
Praying over the leaders
Aid, assistance from heaven, ministering spirits go, go, go!
Work on our behalf
Leaders, that they would hold onto the mandate of God
Not personal advantage
Of the Spirit of Christ—doing the will of God in the land
Impressed to do right, to do the former things of God
Declare the blood covering!
Clarity, see it, hear it, receive it
Making room for the works of God, giving access to the children of God
That they would have a sense of urgency to flow by the Spirit of God
Sudden move in the nation
It’s a corporate way – every member in its place and power
Raise them up! Raise them up!
Codes, codes, codes
Sudden, sudden, suddenly!
Much, many more
Enter, enter, enter into those right steps
The line, align, align, arise
Go on, go on
Up, up, up

Pastor Paul shared…

I am hearing a sudden move in the nation, a sudden move and concerning our leaders this is what the lord has commended to pray that they would be men and women of influence. That as the Lord raised up Cyrus He will raise them up to make room for the things of God and they will be leaders that will be led by the Spirit of God. They will be led by the Word of God. They will be compelled by the unction of the Lord and they will make righteous judgments in the land. They will read the scroll of God’s Word and there will be a change of mind and a change of heart to follow after the Word of God and the influence of the rich would be removed from them. The influence of those that have not the Spirit of God they would not follow. They will not be compelled to listen to lies but they will listen to the Word of God. They will be hungry for the Word of God. They will be desperate for the will of God. They will be wondering where is the Word of God? And they will call out for the council of the Lord and they will walk in the way of the Lord and they will do the will of the Lord and they will make room for the body of Christ, they will make room for the Church of God.

No longer shall it be difficult for the Church to accomplish the work of God but they will make room. The cities will make ordinances that will favor the Word of God. They will favor the house of God. They will favor the Church of God in the name of Jesus. Let there be as You have shown a sudden move in the nation, a sudden move, Father, a sudden shifting for the cause of God, a sudden overturning for the will of God in the nation in the name of Jesus. Let the dominant influence in this nation be the Word of God, the council of the Lord, the rhema of God in the name of Jesus so the leaders will be led by revelation, they will be led by the Spirit of God, they will be led by the impression of the Spirit of God, they will be led by the urgency of the Spirit of God in the name of Jesus. And that which You have spoken about Father, the sudden shift, the sudden move in the nation, let it be, Father, in the name of Jesus.

Sustain the leaders. Let those who have favored Your righteous cause not be cut off in the name of Jesus. Preserve them my, Father. Preserve them through the generations as You preserved Daniel through the generations, preserve them. Let their influence continue. Let their influence be profound. Let their influence change systems, change systems in the name of Jesus. Alter systems in the name of Jesus. Uproot systems that are contrary to You in the name of Jesus. Undo the works of darkness in the name of Jesus. Let their ordinance brake down, all strongholds, in the name of Jesus. Let it expose deception in the name of Jesus. Let them be emboldened, let them not be isolated, these leaders. Let them not be relegated as nonessentials but make their work profound. Let their words roar in the nations in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that Your name would be glorified Father, that Your council would stand, that Your purpose would be fulfilled in the name of Jesus.

Ms. Sharon led us singing…

I hear the sound of victory, I hear the sound of victory
Wall are torn down
I hear the sound of victory, I hear the sound of victory
Wall are torn down
For the king is rising up through His people
For the king is rising up through His people
Chains are broken, people set free, I hear the sound of victory, I hear the sound of victory

Ms. Mandie shared…

I am seeing the statue of liberty. Lord, we just thank You that this nation is going to rise up as a statue, as a standard, Lord, of victory wearing that crown. The liberty of Jesus will be released throughout this nation. We thank You that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. We decree and we declare it over the nation in the name of Jesus.

Continued praying…

We bring these things before You, Father
Lifting the prayers You said You would answer according to Your Word
Your written Word and word spoken by Your Spirit
For the shift, the suddenlies, the freedom and the victory, hallelujah

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