Prayer Summary for July 22


Thank You, Father, that we can trust and rest in You
For what You have already done for us
We rest in You every day not working in our own strength

The following excerpt was taken from How to How to Become a Water Walker by Andrew Wommack:

Unbelief comes in three different types. The first is ignorance—lack of knowledge. Some people have never heard about miracles. They’ve never read the Bible. They were brought up in a natural world. They’ve been taught from the time they were a kid that the physical realm is all there is. The second type of unbelief is one that comes through wrong teaching. It’s not a lack of knowledge, but wrong knowledge. But the third kind of unbelief—natural unbelief—comes through your five senses.

Sixth Sense

Your five senses aren’t evil. God gave them to you for good things. You need your five physical senses to function in this world. It’s hard to get around if you can’t see. If you were to take me somewhere in your car, I’d want you to be able to go by what you see. I wouldn’t want you to drive by faith. I’d want you to use your five senses!

However, at times God will call on all of us to do things that are contrary to our five physical senses. When the Lord calls on you to do something that counters your five senses, how will you respond? The answer to that question depends largely upon your relationship with God. Have you been spending time with Him, specifically in prayer and fasting? You need to spend time receiving from the spirit realm. This way, you will develop your “sixth sense.” Then your mind can be trained to respond to faith the same way it responds to your five senses.

Train Your Mind

“But strong meat belongeth to them…who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14)

Your five senses can be exercised to discern things beyond just their physical, natural ability. You can get to where you develop this sixth sense of faith. If someone is blind, does that mean that they are just paralyzed and can’t move, that they don’t do anything because they can’t see where they’re going? No! They start learning to depend on their other senses more: what they can smell, feel, and hear. They’ll use a cane or a seeing-eye dog to get around. They’ll memorize a route through the house. Their mind will compensate for the lack of sight by depending even more on the other senses.

If you spend time with the Lord in fasting and prayer, you can train your mind to respond to faith. If you spend a lot of time with the Lord, you’ll start seeing miracles. You’ll see God deliver you in some way or another. You’ll start hearing from God and have evidence of the reality of the spiritual world. You’ll have physical proof that the Word of God works, and over a period of time, faith will become like a sixth sense to you.

So, even if you can’t physically perceive something that is consistent with what you’re believing for, your mind can be trained to say, “Well, I can’t see, taste, hear, smell, or feel it, but I’ve spent so much time with the Lord and seen Him come through on so many occasions, that I’m aware there is more.” That’s this sixth sense. You can get to where you rely on faith, just like a blind man relies on his hearing and feeling to still be mobile and get around. You can get to where you aren’t limited to your five senses.

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Continued praying…

Taking our rest in heaven’s way
Yielding more to the anointing within us
Exercising the authority You have placed in us for ourselves and others
That they might walk out of darkness and into the light
Laboring to enter Your rest
Daily walking and trusting in You
You made a way where there was no way
Taking our position of power and grace—declaring the things that ought to be
Breaking the hold of the enemy over the body of Christ by the blood of Jesus
Declaring our feet will go in the right way!
All across the world, we plead the blood over leaders, positions of authority, kings and for all men
Calling some things to be straightened out in our own nation
I hear a bell ringing, “My glory and healing power is beginning to raise up the Church!”
Where it was almost like being on a wrong channel we dial back into “One nation under God—Indivisible!”
Speaking strength to all the hands that hang down
Declaring some turnarounds—no more status quo!
Speaking courage over all the five-fold ministry
Prophets speaking on an even higher level
Going through a new door—contending for greater
The power of the blood cleansing dark, desolate places
Laborers sent to specific places bringing a word in season—now is the time
Answers, help, divine assistance—broken things healed and whole
Some things have stopped but they will be restarted—an adjustment by the Spirit
Thank You, Father, for revelation concerning the turnarounds
Taking hold of the ones that have been given to us
Never to slip or fall but we shall do what we have been called to do
Thank You, Father, that Your Word is still the same
We will walk in the plans and purposes that we have received from You
Going in the way we should go—eyes to see it
Even our feet are speaking to us and saying “This is the way, go in it.”
Taking us continually toward that finish line where we will hear “well done!”
Every day is a good day, a holy day blessed and anointed
Standing on the foundation of Your precious Holy Word
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for directing us in truth
For equipping us all day long
No weapon formed against us shall prosper
We thank You, Father, for the victory today and we give You all the honor and praise in Jesus’ name

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