Prayer Summary for July 21


Holy Spirit, thank You for Your presence this morning
For the way You continually fill us more and more
Purposing to renew our minds to receive more of what You have already done for us
Opening up our hearts wider to receive more of You
For our feet to walk where they need to walk
Thank You, Father, for the contact we have in the Spirit with You
Declaring freedom to the captives all over the earth
Mysteries being revealed by and through the precious Holy Spirit
Now is the time for the spirit of seeing and knowing!

The following excerpt was taken from Contact With God by Jeanie Wilkerson:

As intercessors, we work together with God. God doesn’t want to harm or destroy anyone; but in order to save His people, He won’t hesitate to thwart the plans of the enemy. That is why it’s best to be on God’s side of the battle!

The following is a prophecy that God gave me about the times ahead:

I, the Lord, see and hear many of the long-range plans that are going on in the councils of men, as they gather together in this hour to do business for Me.

You must listen very intensely, very keenly to the voice of your God, rather than to the many voices that would seek to influence you to go in the wrong direction.

Guard very closely these gatherings together. It is becoming very fashionable to come up with such big plans of your own doing. But My plans are the best plans for My children.

Until there is a guarding of My plans, you will miss your personal and individual plans entirely.

Yes, I am still the God of the individual. I still deal one-on-one with My people.

Much as you network across the country and around the world through the telephone, so it is with the Holy Spirit and prayer. Your communication with Me links you with that person I will show you, so that your prayers go far beyond the stars above and into

The throne room of the God of the ages. For I am the Ancient of Days, the Master Planner, the Designer of the universe. And if you will allow Me, I will let you enter into the high level secrets of God.

I will bar many who claim to understand scientific approaches to these secrets. I will close the door in their faces. But if you will come with Me into the secret council rooms of the Most High and close the door to the enemy, I will unveil before you My plans, purposes, intentions, and desires. I will show you My wisdom, counsel, and know-how. I will show you the inner workings of that life that you say you have within you.

I will truly open the tongues of My people. The Holy Spirit of God will be so strong upon you that you will stand in awe. You will see that God does display the brilliancy of His sons and daughters before the eyes of mankind. And there will even be days when you will almost be too dazed to speak.

So stricken and smitten will you be with My presence that the burdens and cares of this life will all suddenly lift from you in a moment—in the twinkling of an eye.

And you will be lifted and enlightened by the glory of the ages that are yet to come. You shall truly begin to taste of that which the Holy Spirit spoke of.

These are powers that are yet to be unveiled to you. For the powers of the ages to come are just on the verge of being tapped into by men.

For I have brought you to this point. / have trained and schooled you in past days, but / will now take you into a new era of the Spirit.

You will not be assaulted by the advancements of the devil. For I will suddenly equip and qualify you to withstand these advancements. And I will call the minds of all peoples back to the God who created them.

Men and women of the earth have felt they were so sharp in the business world, but I will add a dimension of the Spirit for My people who have the nature of My Spirit. They will be enlightened above the sons and daughters of this world.

I will lead men to riches in the earth and in the spirit that have been hidden for an hour such as this. I will show certain chosen ones the ways and means of transacting business both in the natural and in the spirit.

You will hear a word in season, focused by the Holy Spirit to enlighten your hearts and minds to a dimension that it has never yet known. But I purposed and planned it, even before I brought mankind into being. And I will fulfill this new dimension before My people who arrive in My presence.

I believe this word of the Lord is for this hour! God’s people need to understand that we’re entering a new day in the Spirit. God will open up the eyes of His people’s understanding. (Eph. 1: 18.)

The things of the Spirit are a part of the quality of life that is eternal. We will partake of this quality of life as God unveils it to us in the days to come.

Sometimes our finite minds are so wed to the world’s system that God must completely sever that tie in order to join us to the life of Jesus Christ. As He does, we will be open to new levels of communion with God and His children through the art of intercession and prayer.

Word of the Lord came forth:

You are on the threshold of greater glory. For Your eyes and ears are tuning up and tuning in to receive what I have already sent, what I have already done, what’s already been given for you to carry out for these hours and weeks and months that you are living in right now.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah.

The Master’s Key… It’s a master key and it’s the Master’s key for His children to remove limitations and keep the Church on the go, in the flow, knowing where to go! Not just where but when and receiving opening… eyes opened and ears opened to receive what has already been sent to carry out the plan the purpose in these last hours.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for clear, living waters flowing out of us today
Your power, glory, and presence in us
For unlimited access to You 24/7
No limits can hold us away from Your perfect plan
Paradigm shifts—going in one way and coming out an entirely different way
Connections cleansed by the blood of Jesus—clear communications with heaven
Whole groups of people at one time contacting the glory—communicating and receiving
It is global—all over the earth
Praying for all men and those in authority
New realms of authority in the Church all over the earth
Praying over the main plan—reaching every man, woman, and child
Greater cooperation in Jesus’ name
Money transfers of every kind
Favor that brings great lessens from heaven
Through the Spirit, it is coming into the natural
Manifestations of great glory—the best is yet to come!
Calling things that are not as though they were—the army of God is marching!
Shaking out of the old and into the new!
There is joy there—strength in that

Word of the Lord came forth:

I am hearing the word “denominations,” denominations of every kind beginning to sway. I see that right now, a swaying. Denominations that have never jumped all the way in to the realm of the Spirit; the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They’ve swayed over a little but somehow the enemy got in and brought them back over where they were before. We declare this morning that sway is moving to a greater degree and it’s going to move all the way over and denominations that have never ever yielded to the baptism to the Holy Spirit are about to jump on in! We declare a jumping on in! OOOhhhhh! For fresh fire! For new desires! For Holy Ghost words spoken in and through the Spirit…

Yea, okay, it will bring the Church more and more into a unified place. Many have given up. Many have gone astray or left where they were but the hook, the drawing of the Spirit is pulling them back in again. And it will be better and it will be greater for the fullness of the Holy Ghost, the baptism of the Holy Ghost! Whooo!

Numbers, great numbers, great numbers! Ha! Ha! Ha! And the witness of the Spirit. Deliveries galore, deliveries everywhere, a change in the body, a supernatural change in the body… Yes it’s the body in general but individual bodies too—a change in the body! We receive… but we send it! We receive and we speak it! Be changed in Jesus’ name. Be changed in Jesus’ name. Be changed in Jesus’ name. Jesus, our precious, precious Jesus, wonderful Savior.

Annie led us in singing the name of Jesus…

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw this in my spirit that many times it is tempting to take a seat that’s not in the heavenly places where we are to take our seat. Tempting because of the situations or positions or words from the world, the world’s ways, the word’s news, the world’s ideas. Tempting to take a lower seat, tempting to settle for less than the best but when the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of God raises up a high standard that we can stand and walk on. For that name, Jesus, is above every low standard and He’s called us, lifted us, given us access to a heavenly seat by faith. We take it this morning. We take our seat high above.

What was that lack anyway? What was that pain anyway? What was that situation? We are seated in heavenly places high above. Lack, what lack? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ooooooh my, my, Ooooooh my, my, my mighty, mighty King over everything—the Great I AM. The Healer, the Supplier, the Revealer, the One that shows us the way.

Steady, so steady today in this way we take that seat, seated in heavenly places high above. Oh it’s the glory, see the glory, it’s Your glory, glory, glory. We send it. We speak it. We pray it. We declare it over others—Your precious glory. We make a way, we declare that way cleared by the blood. They have been made righteous and they have access to their place in heaven’s place high above.

Lifted higher… maybe the arms are just down, situations didn’t work out the way maybe we thought they would but we take our place today in heavenly places. Speaking and declaring those things that are not as though they are. We speak it, declare it! Rolling over and off every care, every anxiety, we do it for others. We stand in there on behalf of them lifting that standard this morning. Lift up those arms that are down. We lift them by faith and declare “Rise up, get up, yield up, stand up and take your place.” It’s a heavenly place filled with glory. It’s everywhere. It’s all around.

Singing in the Spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

Today is the day He has separated, called apart, anointed, refilled, equipped, directed… yielded, really, really, really clear… directed out into some new. You don’t know it yet until you yield to it. What are You saying, Lord? He will say things that we don’t even have a clue how to say them but He will say them through You and through me. And many of the words will be direction, wisdom showing us what we are to do. Answers for the future, for direction to complete the destiny He has called us to, you know, in victory. Not limping through but running, boldly declaring all the way through… up above, lifted by the standard of the Holy Spirit in You and in me.

Continued praying…

Letting the things we hear and see from You flow from us
Living words coming through us
Thank You, Father, for utterance for the meetings tonight.
Believing to always do Your will
We give You all the honor and glory in Jesus’ name

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