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The following article is taken from Herald of His Coming Publications:

The Problem of Self

To be more than a conqueror in such a world of this—one in which temptations of every hue and category assail the believer every moment—is something so amazing, so seemingly impossible, that one is not surprised that even among Christians strong doubts and prejudices exist regarding this matter. What provokes the doubt is not so much the giants of temptation which are on the outside—that is to say, the world and all its alluring enticements to sin. No. It is the fact that one has multitudinous and multifarious enemies to deal with on the inside. It is one’s own flesh. It is one’s own self. It is one’s own pride.

Oh, were it not for that self-pity that is on the inside! Were it not for that self-love, and self-centeredness, which, like blue glasses, gives a false color to everything, or like binoculars ever before one making little insignificant slights, for example, seem great. Were it not for that hyper love of self which keeps one ever seeking for the praise of men and which gives birth to envy, jealousy, fear, resentment, and who knows how many other corrupt things that make for defeat. Here’s the rub. It is possible for one to be free from the inner monster which is one’s self and which, with subtlest enticements, enslaves and overcomes one’s very best efforts to move on a high level of victory?

Freedom From Self

The answer is an unreserved and unqualified “Yes!” Now let us look squarely at the reason. It is found in the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ, when He wrought redemption on Calvary’s Cross, not only bore our sins in His own body on the Tree, as Peter puts it in his First Epistle, but He also bore us with Himself that in His death we might die. He realized that nothing short of this would meet the exigencies of the case. There had to be a great undoing of our natures, as when you tear down a house to build another in its place. The savior took us to the grave and then brought us forth in the power of His resurrection as new creations. Self cannot overcome self. It must die. Nothing short of this will take care of our pride, our self-infatuation, our envy, our restlessness, our resentments and our fussiness. Victory means freedom from the ugly ulcers of self-pity and fear and worry and the love of self. Paul calls it “the flesh.”

Romans 6 is the great Bible classic at this juncture. It is the Christian’s Magna Carta. Here he reads that he (the old man) was crucified together with Christ; carried to the grave that the old life, leprous because of self, might never again appear. He is commanded to reckon himself dead indeed unto sin and alive unto God, as if his position were exactly that of Jesus, his Lord, which, in the economy of God, it really is. As we read in Ephesians 2: With Christ he has been raised up and with Him he has been made to sit in heavenly places. Christ’s ascendancy over the powers of evil is his. All things are under his feet because they are under Christ’s. He reigns because Christ reigns. It was not for himself that the Son of Man went through the Cross to the grave and then to the throne in a glorious resurrection. It was for man. It was as man. It was man. “Ye are dead,” writes Paul to the Colossians, “and your life is hid with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3). What happened to Christ, happened to man potentially; to the believer actually, when he enters in by faith.

Here is where we must clarify matters. When we accept this position of co-crucifixion (simply because God says it is ours, whether we feel it or not), then it is that the Holy Spirit has the needed instrument to make victory the supreme fact of our lives. He does not work independently of Christ; He works through the Cross. As A.B. Simpson used to say, “He is the divine undertaker to take us to our graves.” He will make Romans 6 and Ephesians 2 and Galatians 2:20—that is, the fact of our identification with Christ in death and resurrection—an unshakable reality in our experience, and we will come into a glorious liberation, a triumphant ascendancy in which victory is ours, not through struggle, but through the participation of Christ. In such an ascendancy (seated with Christ in heavenly places) little things that formerly defeated us are like the waves that beat against Gibraltar and have no more effect than these.

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We take our seat in heavenly places today, Father
Casting down all fear, doubt, and anxiety
No weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus’ name!
We are victorious in and through that precious blood of Jesus
Old things have passed away and all things are being made new
We yield, walk, and abide in You, Lord
Worshiping and giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today
You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
There is no one like You, Father
Nothing is impossible in and through You
You have made a way where there seems to be no way
All things are working together for the good of those who love You
We bring those impossibilities before You, today
Casting down every hindrance and every evil work of the enemy
Thank You for new avenues, new empowerment, and new authority
Give us strength from heaven today!
Every plan and purpose will be walked out!
Asking for signs, miracles, and wonders of every kind!
We plead the blood of Jesus over Israel and every Israeli border
Covering the people of Israel with the blood of Jesus today
Calling for a joining together—America will stand with the nation of Israel
Stopping those lies of the enemy with the blood of Jesus
Praying over every leader and those in positions of authority concerning Israel
We plead the blood over the Israeli army; give them eyes to see and ears to hear
Covering the land of Israel with that precious blood of Jesus
Uncover those hidden things that need to be revealed, Father
Give us answers and help today
We cover those CUFI meetings in Washington, D.C. with the blood of Jesus
Praying that there will be a greater influence than there ever has been before
Declaring that there will be supernatural answers and solutions, Father
Things are beginning to turn, and they will begin to see things the way You see them, Lord
Right plans and purposes will be carried out in the right way
No, we will not blend in, but we will lead the way!
Hindrances be removed in Jesus’ name!
The blood of Jesus continually washes and cleanses us
We are asking for a greater move of Your precious Holy Spirit
You are providing us with new resources, new strength, and new endurance today
There is victory in the blood of Jesus!
We will continually stay faithful to serve You, Lord

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