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Father, we thank You that we get to know You
Thank You for Your presence and for Your life in our lungs today
No, You have not given up on us, and You will not forsake us
You are with us, and You are granting us prayers to pray
We pray that You would restore and kindle within us a fire to rise up
Yes, we will rise up against everything we are facing
Grant unto us wisdom and grace in these days, Lord
Calling for a burden removing, yolk destroying power would be released in Jesus’ name
No weapon formed against us will prosper in the name of Jesus
Declaring that those plans of the enemy would be brought to nothing!
We call for spiritual refreshing and fire
Yes, we stir up the fire of God on the inside of us
No, we will not remain in the place of defeat but we are victorious
Thank You for the Spirit of God to reach down and pull us up to a new place today!
We pray for a stirring on the inside of situations, for we are called to something greater!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the body of Christ, and we cover them with Your Spirit
You are penetrating every heart, for we thank You for a Spirit of prayer!
We open our mouths to worship and praise You, Lord
Yes, we bless You, honor, and magnify You, Jesus
You are so good and so faithful, and we thank You that You are on the rise and on the move
Thank You, Father, we thank You for Your presence
The church is cooperating, Father
We surrender to You, and we give You all of our time, our hearts, and our future to You
Yes, we want to follow You to that place that You are taking us
Thank You for the divine intent of heaven for this hour and for this season
Have Your way in us, Lord
We lift up America and we pray over the red, white, and blue
Yes, we contend for this nation today, that You would surround us with Your presence
Thank You for doing all that You want to do in our hearts and in our land
Praying for a supernatural move of Your Spirit to surround us, Lord
You are exposing the darkness and those lies of the enemy today!
No weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus
We declare that no evil plan of the enemy would come against us in Jesus’ name
Calling for light to penetrate the darkness!
Praying for answers to show up in the midst of our problems, Lord
Declaring for peace over those situations!
Calling for answers to be signed, sealed, and delivered to our nation today!
Answers are bringing restoration, answers are bringing revival
Thank You for supernatural deposits to protect the plan of God in our lives
We stand up today to those evil plans of the enemy and we cast them down in Jesus’ name
You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
No more secrets, no more lies!
We pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
Thank You for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the hearts of our leaders, Father
Supernatural shifting is taking place today!
We speak to every lie and deception of the enemy and we stand against that
Peace be still, enemy you must stand down
No, you will not have your way in this state and in the nation!
Open up, we open up our hearts to You, Lord
Yes, our hearts are being opened wide, for the time has come to invade earth
America is opening up to the move of God
Our eyes are being opened up to more of You, Lord
The time has come, it is time to release those things now
Declaring that God will have His way in these last days
No, we will not give up but we will keep going
America is opening up to God like we have never seen before
There is a moving now, without hesitation
The Spirit of God is moving through this land and through the church
Those things are turning more and more in the right way
Yes, You are shaking those things that seemed immovable
Grant us eyes to see now!
We see all that You want us to see and we hear all that You want us to hear
Thank You, Jesus!


June 15, 2022 Veronika West

“America! Watch! 6.. 7.. 9… and 11 which makes 33… For I AM a Covenant Keeping God, and I will not leave nor abandon thee!”

So, in the early hours of this morning, I was woken by The Holy Spirit with an urgency to pray for President Trump and for the destiny of The Nation of America.

Now as I began to pray, suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “America! Watch! 6.. 7.. 9…and 11 which makes 33… For I AM a Covenant Keeping God, and I will not leave nor abandon thee! Ha!” As I heard that wee riddle, I quickly wrote it down and continued to pray. Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation say these words:

“My Beloved, awake from your sleep. Arise and be alert in this hour, for a great Battle is raging — a battle between life and death. Look! For did I not say that there shall be two Altars set before this Nation? For they have sought to offer up a sacrifice to appease their own guilty consciences. Yes! A Scapegoat on which to put the blood that is upon their own hands by their own making.

But nay, I say! If My People will Pray, their wicked plans and evil agenda will be fully exposed and brought to nought, and the very gallows on which they have built for My Anointed, shall be the gallows on which their own necks shall be broken.

For they shout “January 6th! January 6th!” But I say, Watch Esther 6. Esther 6, for the king’s honour shall come to the one who sits at the gate. Listen! You, city Gates, open wide, and you ancient Doors, stand back… for My Glory comes to The Nations.

Yes! Gold, gold, gold! Watch! As a great shaking and quaking shall bring a discovery of hidden gold buried deep beneath the ground. For a gold rush shall once again come to this land, a sign that the gold of My Glory shall be poured out upon this Nation. For a Banqueting Table has been prepared in the presence of your enemies.

Now watch and pay close attention to the seventh (7) month, for in the month of July, there shall come a resounding reply to those who cry for Justice and for righteousness sake, a reply that shall bring great unrest, and even the talk of Martial Law and a Civil War.

But watch, as My Spirit moves suddenly and in yet strange and mysterious ways in the midst of the turmoil and the trouble, for My Eyes have seen their hidden and evil agenda, and My Ears have heard of their secret plots and demonic plans.

Fear not! For I shall turn the tables and the deals done behind closed doors shall suddenly backfire.

Look, as a tiny thread comes undone, and a gentle pull will soon give way to a great unraveling to what has been carefully woven by the hands of the wicked.

Watch and pray! Stay alert! For a Divine Dismantling will begin that will bring an unseating to many in both houses, for the ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing will be exposed, and the snakes will be driven from their caves, and the moles from their holes.

Watch! I say, “Brace!” Brace, as a great political earthquake will take place that will wake up and break up, that will bring a Nation to the brink, to a divine tipping point, that will cause a Nation that is standing at a crossroads, to suddenly move and advance forward.

Now Watch and Pray. Pay attention to the ninth (9) month, Yes! And to the nine that sit in the highest court in the land, for when my plumb-line falls, suddenly a simultaneous move of My Justice and Judgment will take place. The Winds of Change will blow forth upon the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] that will bring the Nation into Divine Order, a Supernatural Realignment that will bring to birth My Kingdom Purposes in The Nation(s).

Listen! Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Who can stop the hands of the clock from moving? Even as My Governmental Hand is moving over this land — look — a Kairos Time, an appointed time of Divine Visitation comes at the eleventh hour. Watch and stay alert! For the eleventh (11) month, the month of November, will be remembered for supernatural interventions that will bring an even greater course correction to a nation in divine transition,” says The Spirit of God.

Continued Praying…

Father, we pray out ahead of things, and we pray for divine alignment
You are orchestrating in our government, in our homes, and in our churches
Thank You that You have prepared us for all that You have for us to do
We pray that You would separate the wood, the hay, and the stubble
Come out from that worldly thinking and perception
Yes, we are prepared and ready for all that You have for us, Lord
We call for those things to be revealed in the name of Jesus
Thank You for divine preparations to be set in motion
Yes, we set our sights on things above
We humble ourselves to Your will, Your way, and what You have to say

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