Prayer Summary for July 11


Hallelujah, You alone, Father are worthy to be praised
Worthy, worthy, worthy are You, Lord
You are worthy of all glory, honor, worship, and praise
Father, You are so beautiful, so holy, so good, and so wonderful
We are so thankful that You are our Lord and our Saviour
You are so gracious, kind, merciful, righteous, and true!
Thank You for providing us with everything we need to live in these days and in these hours
You have chosen each and every one of us for such a time as this
Our eyes are fixed and focused on You and on You alone!
Lord, You alone have the words of eternal life
Thank You, Father, for the privilege and honor to be co-laborers with You in these last days
It is with anticipation and expectation that we look forward and long for Jesus’ appearing
Father, we want to finish all that You have called us to do individually and corporately
We are looking for great change, change on an individual level, on a corporate level, on a national level, and on a world level
By Your mercy and by Your grace, show us how to navigate, how to negotiate the last leg of the race
Show us by Your Spirit that this beautiful body, with Jesus as the head, still has a work to do
Lord, we pray that You would make us one!
We believe that there is an action and an activity going on in the church, making us one!
We are expecting change there, we are expecting transition there, and we are expecting transformation in our body!
You are causing our eyes to see, see and understand and comprehend Your Word
See and understand and know by the spirit, see and understand the magnificent plan, see and understand how to stand!
Operations and manifestations of Your Spirit to be experienced in these days
A supernatural body functioning and releasing supplies here and there
Father, even as Your heart beats and waits for the precious fruit of the earth, so let it be with the Church of the living God
Help us to be harvest minded, harvest on our minds, Father
Not leaning on our own understanding as to how to, but giving ourselves more unto Your Word and unto Your spirit
Walking carefully, walking circumspectly in these last days
We trust in You, Father
You are everything to us, and we need You to be everything through us
We honor and reverence You for this time together, thank You, Father
Hallelujah, we worship You, glory to God!

Scripture Focus…

(8-10) You groped your way through that murk once, but no longer. You’re out in the open now. The bright light of Christ makes your way plain. So no more stumbling around. Get on with it! The good, the right, the true—these are the actions appropriate for daylight hours. Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it. (11-16) Don’t waste your time on useless work, mere busywork, the barren pursuits of darkness. Expose these things for the sham they are. It’s a scandal when people waste their lives on things they must do in the darkness where no one will see. Rip the cover off those frauds and see how attractive they look in the light of Christ. Wake up from your sleep, Climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light! So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! (17) Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants.
(Ephesians 5:8-17 MSG)


The following article is taken from Herald of His Coming Publications June 2016:

“Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him” (Matt. 25:6).

It is watchfulness of spirit that fills its vessel with oil, and trims its lamp, and keeps ready for that long-expected but swiftly-hastening hour when this is the cry that shall ring through the earth!

Watch! Look With Attention!

Watchfulness embraces all the concentrated powers of attention. It is not only the look of the eye, even in physical watching, but of the mind of the affections. To watch is to look thoughtfully either at or for something. Hence religious watchfulness is holy thoughtfulness—a calm, wide-awake attentiveness to things spiritual and divine.

The word “circumspect” means to look all around—to inspect the entire circumference. The living creatures described by Ezekiel were full of eyes, so they could see in every direction. A soul filled with the Holy Ghost is to spread out its thoughtfulness in every direction.

Are You Watching?

“Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him” (Matt. 25:6).

We stand breathlessly on the eve of Christ’s return. Every moment draws us nearer. The darkness of earth’s mid-night hour is overspreading. The coming of the Bridegroom is at hand. The bride is putting on her robes. The fig tree is budding. The spirit of the anti-Christ is abroad. Tribulation is casting ominous shadows before its arrival.

Christians, look up! Be ready! The Lord is at the door!

An almost imperceptible spiritual movement is at work in the hearts of all true believers, separating the gold from the dross, the real from the unreal, the precious from the vile—sifting, separating, calling out those who will go all the way with Him. It is felt like a solemn, sacred hush upon the soul, the overshadowing of the Presence drawing nigh. It may well be the first distant sounding of the “voice of the archangel and the trump of God” that will at the final moment cause the living and the dead to rise…

Christ is coming! Be ready when He comes. Separate yourself now from the world’s indulgence. Disentangle yourself from unnecessary immersion in the affairs of this life. Watch and pray always that you may be counted worthy. We can only watch as we keep wide-awake. The word “watch” as used in the context means to be aroused, to be alert, to be wide-awake spiritually. “The deeper the midnight hour, the more urgent the vigil; the fruit of the vigil is such as to make the loss of a thousand worlds as dust in the balance. Build upon this fact, for to build on anything else is faithlessness to Him and folly to yourself.”

He is coming when we think not. There will be no warning. Does lightning give warning? “As the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matt. 24:27). One quick, blinding, sudden flash and the watchful will be with the Lord. The unwatchful, according to the Lord’s own warning, will be left to the earth’s last judgments.

– Sarah Foulkes Moore

Continued Praying…

Father, You have showed us in Your Word that we are to be watchers
We see those signs that are taking place, Lord
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear; we need to see and to comprehend that
No, we will not just gaze at those things, but we will do something about it in the realm of the spirit
The watchers are up on the wall watching and praying
By Your mercy and by Your grace, we will finish the last leg of the race
Giving ourselves more holy unto You, unto Your Word, and unto Your spirit
We will go about doing the Master’s business
Send us supernatural aid and assistance today, Lord
Calling for help from heaven in these last days
No, we will not come up short in any way; no we will not fall behind!
We hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and no other voice will we follow, Father
Living every moment of every day in divine connection with You
Yes, Father, we will take our place of authority that You have called us to
The house of God shall be called a house of prayer for all nations
Let the glory rise upon them and cover the land
May You be glorified, Lord, in the midst of the darkness
From the east to the west the glory shines
Men shall know the presence, power, and the glory of the Lord
It is the Lord who owns the land!
The precious blood of Jesus is covering this land
Calling down death and destruction, and the glory of the Lord will cover those dark places
Miracles, miracles, miracles!
From the ashes they shall rise!
Undo that Lord… that is not going to happen
Calling for the light to pierce the darkness in these last days
Turning to the Lord, turning, turning, turning to the Lord
There is a turn now! There is a turn now! There is a turn now in Jesus’ name!
This nation turns, it turns from lawlessness and anarchy, it turns to righteousness and the rightness of God, and it turns from wayward ways!
We hold the blood against that spirit of lawlessness and anarchy
No, not in my state, not in my nation!
We pray for those in positions of governmental authority; we apply the blood of Jesus over their minds and over their hearts
Give them a spirit of wisdom and a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of God
You said that You would turn the hearts of the King, grant wisdom for this occasion
Grant wisdom for all governmental leaders, for those in positions of authority, for those in the Police force, and for those in security positions
We call forth a sense of calm and of well being
Binding the spirit of fear, we take authority over it in Jesus’ name!
Fear will not rule this nation!
We speak peace, be still!
Agitating spirits, we take authority over you… harassing demon powers, we take authority over you!
We plead the blood, and we loose angels and ministering spirits to go and work on behalf of the heirs of salvation
Holding the blood of Jesus against those war-zones!
Thank You, Father, that You continue to strengthen us
You said in Your Word that You would never leave us and never forsake us
We will walk victorious, and we will shine with the light and the love of our Master and Saviour, Jesus
Our faith works by love… the love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts
We are our Father’s children
Leaning into You more than ever before, Father
You are so good and Your mercy endures forever and ever!
Worshiping and honoring You today, Lord
Glory be to God!

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