Prayer Summary for January 11


Show us Your ways, Lord
Cooperating in, with, and through Your precious Holy Spirit
We take and call those things in by faith today, Father
Pressing ahead to a higher calling in Christ Jesus
Leaning not on our own understanding but we put all of our hope and trust in You
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear the things You have for us, Lord
Calling for operations and demonstrations of Your Spirit, Father
Loose them and let them go, loose them and let them flow, let them move, and let them grow
Deposits are coming up and coming out
Take that into a greater measure and into a greater clarity
We will continue to reach for those things You have set before us, Lord
Adjustments in Jesus’ name!
Calling for aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, dear Father
Give us divine help from heaven today!
It is the kingdom way, and we will obey in this day
Watch over the urgency for that; watch over the urgency of that
Divine observations, it is a spirit of seeing right there!
Set it up, set up the vision, set up the plan
Compelled by Your Spirit, dear Father
Calling those things into alignment now, in these weeks, in these days, and in these hours
It is a direction, it is a flowing, and it is a fine tuning
Tuning those things up, lining them up to the call and the plan
We call to the laborers, be filled and saturated
Pleading the blood over eyes, today
The blood is covering that, the blood is over that, the blood is on that!
We call that together again; we call that forth in Jesus’ name!
It shall move and it shall go!
Each and every one stepping into the plan that He has called us to
Praying over every facet and detail about Your will and plan, Father
It’s a region, it’s a realm, and it’s a purpose
No, it cannot stay the way it was!
We call for a progression in the name of Jesus!
Oh, the mystery, reveal those things to us, Father
It is an assignment, it is a call, and it is an equipping
Keys, give us the keys to open those doors, Lord
Collaboration in and through the name of Jesus
We turn it, Father, we call it another way!
Sharpening, interceding, and revealing those things to us, Lord
That is open for the taking, and we take a hold of that, Father
Motion, motion, motion!
Mysteries be revealed to us; we will cooperate and obey
That is a furtherance!
Assembling together by Your Spirit, come one and come all!
Glory, to the Lamb of God
We magnify and glorify the name of Jesus today
Your name is above every other name!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over this day and we praise You for it

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