Prayer Summary for Friday, October 23, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ All that You are, we want, O Jesus… All that You give us, O Lord, we receive… We seek, O Lord, we seek You, Lord… And Your promise, O Lord, is that You would come… Reveal Yourself, manifest Yourself, O God, to us… For the great love that You loved us with… Oh we receive, O Lord, one degree of glory to another… For Your kingdom, O Lord… That You would be lifted high, O Lord, in our lives for all to see… to Your glory, to Your glory… Changed into Your image, from glory to glory in Your presence… We come hungry for You again… You fill us with Your glory, Lord… You fill us with Your glory, Lord… ♪

I remember the Holy Ghost saying this to me one time. “There’s never a minute wasted in the presence of the Lord.” So when we come and yield our hearts and bodies and minds to the Father, things happen. Because He promised He’d take us to one degree of glory to another. And you cannot help but be changed in the presence of the Lord because He promised that we would find Him if we sought Him with all our hearts.

Jerre prayed…

So today, we come, Father, to seek You with all our hearts to hear and be guided by the inward witness, by revelation, even by Your audible voice. To the glory of Your kingdom, there are things I know today that need Your touch and we’re here yielded, Father, to appropriate those things, to believe, to speak and believe that our prayers avail much. Very much today, Father! That is Your promise, Lord. Very much! They’re going to avail very much today. By faith we appropriate all those mysteries and secrets that we pray in the Spirit, Father, we appropriate them today by the words of our mouths. The deep things of God, even when our minds don’t understand, Lord. We have faith and we grab hold, confess and believe in our hearts that those prayers in the Spirit will avail much today. Thank You, Holy Spirit that You are here upon and within to lead us and guide us into all truth, the truth of the pathway today. Whatever You want, Lord. Whatever You need. We’re here and yielded, O God. Father, we know that we hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, Your voice, and no other voice will we hear. We put the blood of the Lamb over this time. And thank You, Lord, for Your leading and guiding, in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Ray shared…

That was a good prayer… just speaking about being led and directed. I want to read Isaiah 40:3–5: “A voice of one who cries…” We could say “a voice of one who is praying…” “Prepare in the wilderness the way of the Lord [clear away the obstacles]; make straight and smooth in the desert a highway for our God! 4 Every valley shall be lifted and filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight and level, and the rough places a plain. 5 And the glory (majesty and splendor) of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.”

Don’t you love that! I found a good example of that in Pastor Lynne’s first book, The Master Is Calling. She was talking about how in Isaiah’s time this scripture referred to making a way for the king. They got people out front and would smooth out the road so the king could come through. Literally, that’s what they did. I like the way she said this about that scripture. “By speaking the inspired words of God by the anointing of the Holy Spirit,”… that’s a big key. It’s one thing to speak the Word, but it’s another thing to speak it under the anointing. Like yesterday when Miss Jerre sang something about nations, it sent an arrow to Mary’s heart and the anointing on that word “nations” took us to the nations. There was an anointing to pray for the nations. I do believe anointed words, inspired words by the Spirit were spoken. And then we can believe and things happened.

Pastor Lynne goes on to say, “By speaking the inspired words of God by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we clear a highway for our God!” We’re not just clearing a way for a natural king, but for our God. “We clear a path in the realms of the Spirit so He can move and work.” If that doesn’t make you want to pray! Lifting up words in the spirit, praying in other tongues.

She used this example and maybe you’re heard it before. Charles Finney during the 1800s had this one man that he always spoke about. His name was Mr. Abel Clary. “…although he was licensed to preach, he spent the greatest part of his life and ministry in prayer. At times, he would go to the cities in which Brother Finney was preaching. His burden of prayer would often be so great that, instead of attending the meetings, he would stay in his room and pray.”

I remember once in this building when brother Kenneth Hagin was here for a week for Holy Ghost meetings. We were so excited for what was going to happen that night. Then Pastor Lynne called and said, “I want you to get some other pray-ers and get in the prayer room and stay there and pray.” It was blessed. But we didn’t know what was going on in the sanctuary. We only knew what was going on in the prayer room. So we yielded the best we could and covered what was happening.

Kind of in the same way, this man would do that for Finney’s meetings. “In writing about him, Charles Finney records one particular time when he was having dinner with Mr. Clary and his brother. Mr. Clary bowed his head in prayer, intending only to speak a blessing over the food. Suddenly, he broke down and fled to his room. Brother Finney followed him there and found him seemingly in great distress. He lay groaning upon the bed, the Spirit making intercession for him, and in him, with groanings that could not be uttered. I had barely entered the room, when he made out to say, “Pray, Brother Finney.” I knelt down and helped him in prayer, by leading his soul out for the conversion of sinners… I understood that this was the voice of God. I saw the Spirit of prayer was upon him, and I felt His influence upon myself, and took it for granted that the work would move on powerfully.” Brother Finney’s work in that city did indeed ‘move on powerfully.’ During the six weeks he was there, 500 people were saved.”

That was then. Sometimes now we’ll go, “Pastor Nick prayed with 700 on the streets last night.” These were different days and different times. Also, there are so many more people that need to be saved. That should encourage us as we pray to know to actually believe when we pray… Yesterday, we went down a whole road of being led and directed by the Spirit. I love it when Miss Jerre comes in and starts worshiping the Lord. She takes us right out of the natural and moves us into the realm of the spirit. We can be touched… we will be touched and changed like she said. Every split second we spend with Him, lifting up our voices, just giving thanks to Him, we are changed. But we are making a way for Him on this earth to do what needs to be done. All of the bigness of the things that are happening on the face of the earth, just name a country… Many, many changes. But the pray-ers of the body of Christ doing what it’s called to do. Jesus took the time, got away, went up into the mountains or hills and lifted up His voice, stayed filled up, listening to what the Father said. How much more for us.

Jerre shared…

This morning, I found something while studying about obedience. The Bible says Jesus learned obedience by the things that He suffered. Then there was this other scripture that brother Hagin gave. I looked it up and I said to Steve, “Do you know why Jesus’ prayers were heard?” Steve said, “Tell me.” He said He offered up vehement prayers—hot, glowing, burning prayers with tears. It was because of godly fear that He was heard. So that’s what we need to confess. We need to seek Him for that—a godly fear.


Father, I do confess that over all of us today that we have what Jesus had because He lives within us—a godly fear. So we declare that we have that so that our prayers are heard in heaven. We knew You heard us but we really didn’t have the depth of the revelation because of the godly fear. Thank You, Lord. And You reveal more and more of that to us as we come and yield ourselves in this day, for You know the way. You know the words to say. You know what must be declared. You know what must be appropriated. You know it, Father, and so we’re asking for wisdom in our prayer lives. Wisdom from on high. And You promised in Your Word that You would grant unto us wisdom liberally. We thank You for it and we come in Jesus’ name. You know what has been ordained for today at this time. Father, we thank You that we hear Your voice in Jesus’ name.

Let’s just worship in the spirit a little bit and connect a little deeper with Him.

Singing in the Spirit…

♪ We worship You, Lord… ♪

Now let’s build ourselves up in our most holy faith. You can worship Him in the spirit like that, but then He kind of “changes the channel” sometimes. And we’re going someplace and we’re going there by steps in the spirit. Let’s build ourselves up in our most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost. [praying in the spirit]


Totally, totally
We stir the gift on the inside of us for the purpose, Lord
There is a purpose for this time
It is a divine purpose
Holy Spirit, lead us and guide us into all truth
Thank You, Father, that we utter mysteries unto You
Every word in the spirit accomplishes
It’s accomplishing… ha, ha, ha
We believe, we believe in the accomplishments
We lift it up…
Thank You, Lord… that was accomplished… that thing, it was accomplished
There’s more… You know it, Lord
That’s good enough for us…
All the way through on that, Lord
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
[You hear that note of victory? That one’s accomplished]
The next one, Lord
We’re here, Lord
Father, by Your Spirit… Your power there in that place
The blood there… ha, ha, ha, ha
No, no, no in Jesus’ name
That will come to naught in Jesus’ name
The blood is on it
Your Spirit makes utterance there, Lord
The next one!
We lean over there and we lift it in the spirit
Yeah, that’s right… that will break forth there
(Holy Ghost laughter)
Lean over there, lean over there, papa
All the way through… ha, ha, ha

Pastor Ray shared…

While we were praying, I got a picture of myself on a swing and I’d swing way out, swing way back. Then all of a sudden, it expanded and the swing was big enough for all of us to sit on. It would swing way out to the future and then it would swing back to the present time. We’re looking down on situations and plans for today. Then we’d swing out and look ahead for the plans and purposes and conditions that need to be lined up and making a way where there needs to be a way made. But when we would take a second to look back, we could see when the enemy came in like a flood, the Spirit of God came in and lifted up the standard. So we never had to go back again because it was finished for the blood has already won! It’s been done. So we began to swing and we had to hold on one to another. The ones on the right and left had a hold of the ropes and the rope was the Word. We stayed strong on the Word. And then it stuck right in between the future and in the present, where we could see the present and we could also see the future. We could call the things that be not as though they were. We could see that standard of the Holy Spirit was working on behalf of us and we declared—“We’re never going back!” The blood of the Lamb has taken care of every situation, lack included.

As we prayed in other tongues today, we not only covered today but… We put no limitations on how far out we must go. But we can see that it shall work out in the way the Holy Ghost has called it to go. For we’re not going back. We’re stuck right here in the present and moving out into the future, calling these things forth, lining up situations that need to be lined up. We’ll not put limitations on it. We’re not even trying to see what it is that we’re looking at down there. But we keep looking up and we keep praying it forth. We’re preparing by the blood of the Lamb and the words that we declare. We are making a way for the Holy Spirit to have access and bring about these changes. Nothing is worth passing over. Nothing is worth destroying the anointing so that we can’t see and say. We’re praying not out of our heads but by the power of the Holy Spirit in our spirit man, contending for things we’ve never seen before. Co-laborers together.

Continued praying…

Mary sings in the spirit and then in English…

♪ Oh we see very clearly… very clearly see… step by step… moving on openly… Oh we see very clearly… Be lifted up, be exalted… be magnified… be glorified… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Sandy and I were in a restaurant last night. The server was just about to put the food on the table and his phone, my phone, Sandy’s phone and phones all over the restaurant started ringing. At first, I was like “What is going on?” It was an Amber alert for a missing girl. I thought if the authorities can take over our phones and send out an Amber alert, then certainly the Holy Spirit can get our attention. And He gets our attention best when we’re in the spirit like this.

Miss Jerre, I love how you just go along and if you’re supposed to sing a song, you sing a song. If not, you don’t. You just get in the river and flow and see what He wants to do and say. Just let Him do it. I remember Lynne sometimes would pray things and I’d go “What on earth is that?” or “What does that mean?” I always thought she knew what it meant. But it turned out that she didn’t. She’d say, “I hear myself praying things and I don’t even know what it is.” In prayer, we need to be led by the Spirit and pray in the Holy Ghost; we can cover so many things that way.

Thank you for coming.

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