Prayer Summary for Friday, May 01, 2015

Morning prayer began by lifting up the name of Jesus in worship

Pastor Ray shared…

While we were magnifying Him, that is the key. It’s not us but Him. The authority that we declare and pray from is a position of authority in Him. His authority. His power. The anointing from heaven, resident within us. I am reminded of how brother Hagin prophesied way back and said things that took place in the 60s, all the turmoil and junk that took place in this nation, it was… I’m paraphrasing… but he said it was the Church’s responsibility. If we had prayed and did what we are called to do, it would not have taken place. That just came to my heart. I believe brother Copeland said something about it yesterday for the Church to stand up and take its place and not be just a Church that just makes people feel good but they’re really not changed. But a Church that will declare the whole full Word of God and allow the Spirit of God to move through and change the hearts. Maybe we could pray to turn them more and more outward for others, not just internal but external. Moving out our prayers. Praying outward. Praying from the position of authority. I’m reminded of Patsy’s book “Praying in the End Times” those platforms of authority where we’ve been seated in heavenly places with Him. We’re not way down, looking way up trying to get the Lord to do something. He already did it on the cross through the Son. And then for us today, we take our place in that position of authority and pray from that place. So without reading it, 2nd Timothy it’s pleasing to the Lord to pray from positions of authority. Pray for kings, heads of nations, heads of states that it would go well with us. It’s pleasing to the Lord. It’s not so critical what man would say or who it is that would say it, but it’s so critical what God has said and what His Word says and the power of the Holy Spirit in us that changes us and while we lift Him up, He lifts us up. We get ourselves up and take our seat and declare from that place of authority. Not that we get up there and declare just because we’re there and be real loud about it but internally the sound coming out of us would be Him. His sound through us. The anointing. Hallelujah.

Barb declared…

And we call those things that are not as though they were. So those things that don’t seem to line up with the Word of God, we call them as though they were as though they do line up. That’s our place of authority. That place where we are seated. That seat is to make those circumstances and situations line up with the truth the way that God says it should be. So by the Spirit today, we call those things, we call those leaders, we call those persons in authority to be the way they’re supposed to be. We declare that you are guided. You walk in the anointing of God, walking in unity in the power of Your Spirit. Be led by the Spirit. We declare that that’s the way You are in every state of this nation. In the name of Jesus, our President does the will of God. He makes decisions by the Spirit of God. He’s led by the Spirit of God. The anointing of God comes upon him and he makes decisions from that place of anointing. All those that surround him are godly people. They provide wise counsel to him. And every connection that they have, comes from a place in the spirit. The anointing of God is upon them and rests upon them to do right things and to make the right decisions, to do that which is just and good. We declare that this nation is one nation under God, under Jesus Christ. We declare that every person that crosses across our borders would come to a realization of the truth of Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ is lifted up in this nation, that He is glorified in this nation. That no other God reigns here. The glory of God is seen here. The glory of God is manifested here. The anointing of God is flowing and moving through this nation and throughout the earth in the name of Jesus Christ. We declare it so. We call those things to be in Jesus’ name. That’s what it is and that’s the way it is. We are walking in the Bible. The Church of God is rising up in power and strength. The anointing of God is moving through the Church. The people of God are rising up and taking their places in every situation. They’re declaring the truth and walking in the power and anointing of God. They are changing every circumstance and every situation and they’re not allowing anything to come and stand against them, in Jesus’ name.

It’s time to stop pushing things out to the future. No longer will we declare that “One day I’ll do this” or “One day we’ll see that.” I declare that today we see the glory of God. Today we are whole and healed today. Today!

I heard this: Whatsoever a man sows, he reaps. And many of you have been sowing to the future. But He says sow to the now. Right now. Don’t sow to the one day, to the far off, I’m praying for the future. Now. Sow to the now. I am healed now. And I sow those words that I am healed, I am already healed. God has prospered me. He has delivered me. He has already set me free. I am free. It’s already done. He said that the reaper would overtake the sower. But you have to sow to the now. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done in Jesus’ name!

Ray declared…

So we can say “Change is… Now!” Breakthroughs are NOW! The Father by the power of the Holy Spirit has put resident within us the anointing to call these things forth NOW! When He says now is the time, He is saying Now! This day has come and now is the time. And the authority that’s been placed in us by Him is for now. So the things that have not seemingly lined up till this day, we say “Line up NOW!” History hangs in the balance. Souls hang in the balance. For now is the time for the Church to rise up and stand in its position of power and grace. And the anointing and the call and the words and the prayers and the declarations and the prophesies must be spoken forth. For this is the time now. It’s time for the Church to become desperate for NOW! To not let one more day go by but call it forth today and see ourselves as members of the body, connected to the head, receiving it now. In Jesus’ name. Not that we’re somebody special, although we are because we’re kids of the King of Kings. But it’s “the” authority from heaven above that keeps coming and filling and filling and refilling us with His glory, with His power, with His love to be a demonstration of that power on the earth… right NOW!

There are groups of people in the United States that feel cut off, cut out from power, from help. It’s a lie from the enemy. I bind you. Lies from the enemy, even right now that are being spoken over our nation. I stop you in your tracks. Desist in your maneuvers. Get out in Jesus’ name. I call to those groups of people and call you back in where you have been called to be. Rescued, restored, revived now in Jesus’ name. In every state there are people that have been lied to and held back or held down, but in Jesus’ name, we break the hold of the enemy and declare freedom and victory for them. We declare every state to “Calm down.” Let it be a sound that brings a calming down. A change.

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