Prayer Summary for Friday, July 24, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Let the hearts of those who would seek His face rejoice… Let them sing and dance and lift up their voices… For He is Your God… You’re going to live with Him forever… Death, just where is your sting… Jesus is come and He has saved your soul… He’s taken us from Satan’s cold control… And we’re going to reign with Him forever… We’re going to reign with Him forever… Let the hearts of those who would seek His face rejoice… ♪


You do sustain us and empower us
You’ve anointed us to walk out these days, to run our races
Your words, Your power, the anointing resident in us, Your strength
Your plan…
Pro. 19:21 says, “Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.”
We lift Your plan today
Not pulling over to the side but pushing ahead, continuing to contend
Declaring some things to be straightened out—those are the crooked plans and ways
Be straightened out, in Jesus’ name
Straighten the paths
There still are and there will be things to be straightened out, walked out
But walked out in God’s plan and purpose, and it’ll work out
We yield to Your plan and purposes
There must be some steps, some direction needed
We open up our hearts to it
We draw out those rivers—words, words, words
Words and waters—deeper all along the way
Deeper as we go closer to the end of days
Drawing it out like a deep well—the waters
There’s a marching and a contending today
Steady in the water, reaching further, pressing ahead and contending for deeper
The Rhema of the Word, the revelation about what we’ve heard
The assignments given out—we contend and call for it
That’s a shift in how we’ve seen it or opened up our hearts to it that there is a great deal more of deeper waters
Let’s take a swim! Let’s go on out further. Press beyond the known. Press out into the unknown—uncharted territories!
Uncovering some things, revealing some assignments, lifting up the names
You know the ones, the specific names, Father, we lift them before You
A restoration, a renewing, a reequipping, a re-stirring, a fresh anointing
There are answers and solutions for each one of them
Sort of like coming around a corner or around the bend but not able to see what is around the other side, but by faith continuing to contend for the greater, knowing that it is the will of God, knowing it is the plan of God, and knowing that it will work out right!
Orders—power-filled orders, more and more clarity for the kingdom
Angels, light
Every one of those—it’s a sustaining, a continuation
It’s a call but it’s a strength to continue in the call
But there’s help! Ministering spirits, Go! Work on behalf of the body of Christ
Sorting out a situation—seeing what is right and what is wrong
The army of angels
Increase, increase, increase
We open that realm in Jesus’ name
The armies of angels—loosed!
Innumerable company of angels loosed!
Equipped for every dark place—go and switch the light on there!
Undergird those that are in those regions
Power, power, power, there’s fire in that, empowerment
We watch over those steps, the direction—tributaries, streams, rivers, oceans, water, water, water… a gusher!
It cannot and will not be shut down or stopped or turned around, for the glory of God has begun to flow

Pastor Ray shared…

I see the body of Christ like little birds with their mouths opened up, hungry for more, receiving what the Father has sent. By the power of the Holy Spirit and through the blood of the cross, what was done then, we open and yield for more now! It’s like a blaze, or fire, that is unquenchable. Can’t stop it. It continually burns brighter and brighter.

Continued praying…

For so many are at stake
Many plans and purposes of God yet to be carried out
Many battles yet to be won
Yes, they’ve been won, but for the body to do it, to carry it out and use its authority and call things that are not as though they are
We call for breakthroughs
Fire, fire, fire—fire in the hands, fire in the feet
The anointing of God in the hands and in the feet to move and to go
They can’t stand still—you got to move
Fire, fire, fire fire—the power, the anointing of God flowing and moving
He has made a way—reach out, step out, and the anointing will flow
Lay your hands upon the sick and the sickness will go
Put your feet on that land and it will become yours
Wherever you step, He will bring it
The people of that place will be drawn unto you
Wabisha, Wabisha, Wabisha!
It’s time to rise up—no more in the low places—up high, eyes up
Don’t look down—you are far above—you are walking far above those things
Keep your feet to the fire, walk in the Word
Oh, you thought you couldn’t do it, and you can’t! But the anointing, Christ in you—He strengthens and enables you
Prophesy to those places—you tell them what to do—dry bones come together, call them in
This is your land and these are your people—you declare a thing and it shall be done
New boundaries—extended boundaries
Get out of the way—we speak to every hindrance in the name of Jesus—get out of our way—be removed and purged—get out of the way!
Those things that have seemed immovable—ha ha, ha ha, ha ha! MOVE! You have to go! You cannot stay in the way!
In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, we declare that you are gone!

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me. After the meetings we had with Andrew Wommack, I ran into a person from Living Word, or so I thought. I said, “Were you able to be in any of the meetings this week?” She said, “What meetings?” I said, “Andrew Wommack.” “Oh really? Where was he?” I was like, “What?” Finally she said, “I don’t go to Living Word anymore.” I said, “Oh okay.” I wasn’t asking her if she still attended Living Word. I was just asking her if she was able to enjoy the meetings with Andrew Wommack. She went on to share with me what happened to her. It’s an example of why we must be so careful with what we take in. Her husband started listening to Wayne Dyer. He’s a positive thinking speaker. After a while, her husband started getting offended. They were part of Living Word for several years. He started rejecting the Word because of this teaching he was listening to. And it kept increasing in him so much that he left the church. Then she said she left because it created such strife in their home every time she went to church. She said it’s gotten so bad that her husband hates the Word. He doesn’t want to hear the Word. “Don’t talk to me about the Word!” He only wants to listen to what Wayne Dyer says.

[prayer] I just lift him up to You, Father, and I pray for him right now for revelation knowledge to be set free from whatever the Devil has blinded him. That his eyes would be opened. That his ears would begin to hear. Please send a laborer across his path. In Jesus’ name.

She said it started by listening to him while driving. Then it became more and more and more until finally he rejected the Word. It seems so impossible. How could you do that? But deception came through words spoken and the result is that it’s taken him in another way. It’s so critical to continue and contend for the body of Christ to keep going in the right way. For the Word is good and it is truth. He is faithful. You are faithful, Lord. All the time. Remember Andrew Wommack kept saying… I felt like there was a hammer on my head—boom, boom, boom…—“You do not go by your feelings. What do you go by? Faith! The Word. What does the Word say?” It was so good. It would be good for all of us to re-listen to those meetings.

Dave shared…

On top of what Pastor Ray said, I just encourage you in one thing that Andrew was teaching. Like Ray said, it was like a hammer on your head and sometimes it’s uncomfortable. But that’s okay. The Holy Spirit is there to work with you, to work out the junk and then receive the good stuff. It takes time to just go over them and over them. Pretty soon, you’re going to start seeing things differently. And when you start seeing things differently, it’s like brother Hagin used to say, it’s like a string you pull. The Holy Ghost would pull him to that thing. The Holy Spirit will draw you to the truth. And the things that are right will settle in your heart and the things that are not quite right, will kind of be up here floating and eventually it’s going to get so much inside you that you’ll be able to part with this. Then things will start changing big time. Then everything you listen to is going to change. Everything you read will change. The way you read the Word will change. The way you receive will change. And the way God moves in your life will change. It took Barb and I… I mean, we’re still working with it, but it took us about a year to get out from under some of the things we used to think. But now today, we’re seeing God move in a great way in our lives that we’ve never seen before. And that’s because we were able to push away and receive. But you got to let go sometimes. Cuz you got your little pet thing and that hammer is hitting it and it’s like a sacred cow. You got to let it go. “We’re not doing that anymore. We’re going to do this.”

Be blessed and have a fantastic weekend!

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