Prayer Summary for August 7

Scripture Focus…

(19) “Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.”
(Luke 10:19 Amp.)

(8) “First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because [the report of] your faith is made known to all the world and is commended everywhere.”
(Rom 1:8 Amp.)


The following excerpt is taken from Born for Battle by R. Arthur Mathews:

God’s Scramble Squadron

In the pursuit of victory, it sometimes falls to the lot of one particular branch of the armed services to bear the brunt of the enemy’s attack and then to bleed and blast its way through to victory. The Battle of Britain in World War II is a good example of this. The collapse of France had cleared the way for Hitler to move ahead with Operation Sea Lion, his code name for the invasion of Britain. As the massive formations of his bombers and fighter escorts stormed into the skies over England, it soon became apparent that the survival of Britain was hanging by a very slender thread in the hands of the vastly outnumbered fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force.

As soon as the personnel in operations control spotted enemy planes on their radar screens, they would telephone the command, “Scramble!” to the RAF defense squadrons stationed along the line of enemy attack. When the order to scramble reached the pilots on the ground, it meant a desperate, mad scramble to win for themselves a position of advantage above the attacking planes. The race they must first win if they were to shoot the enemy out of the skies was altitude, and they gave this all they had as they clawed their way upwards.

There was no such thing as instant altitude for the fighter pilots of the RAF. Not so for God’s scramble squadron. The believer has been granted the privilege of instant altitude by faith for any and every situation. If we are to grapple, not with flesh-and-blood adversaries, but with principalities and powers in the heavenlies, we need to come to grips with one basic truth of God’s Word: that when God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and set Him in the seat of authority “far above all,” He made us co-sharers with Him in every stage of the mighty finished work and then seated us with Him.

From only one position is it safe to approach and resist Satan, and that is from this position in Christ in the highest heavenlies. From this position Satan and his hosts are completely vulnerable.

So for us also altitude is a vital factor. Victory depends on it. Understandable, therefore, Satan’s craft is dedicated to luring us away from this place of advantage and causing us to forget his vulnerability. The significance of being made powerful in the Lord is directly connected to the faith that maintains its position “far above all” in all circumstances and puts on with prayer Jesus Christ as the only adequate armor of God.

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Lord, we thank You for this is the day that You have made
Thank You that You have called us to live in this day with a purpose
You have given us all authority
We pray for every denomination of the Church
Father, we are asking for grace, wisdom, and heart peace for each one
Let them know the full assurance of faith
We remember every pastors, evangelist, and prophet
Father, we repent for forgetting to pray for the parts of the body of Christ
We apply the blood of Jesus over each one—spirit, soul, and body
Refusing to allow even one part to be in lack
Strengthen the small and new churches—renew their vision and passion
Blow through their congregations
We are looking for help for the five-fold ministry gifts!
Let Your voice be amplified in their hearing!
A clear hearing of which way to go
Father, we pray for a clearing in our sight and hearing—to see and know by the Spirit
We must draw nearer to You and Your Word, Lord!
There must be a throwing away of cares and distractions
Everything Jesus did is ours through the blood
Applying the blood over the mouth of the Church
We speak Your Word boldly and demand for the enemy to take his hands off of us and the Church
Devil, we forbid you from deceiving our president and senate
We cover this nation from the east to the west and from the north to the south
Praying for wisdom for everyone in authority to know the right way
Binding confusion in Jesus’ name!
Calling for solutions to problematic situations
We call for a revelation of the core values of this nation!
Father, we lift up the constitution
We call for the joining of forces that bring this nation together!
Binding division and schism
Father, draw them closer to You by Your Spirit
Let the same Spirit that founded this nation blow through it again
The same Spirit that stood against religiosity and called for liberty and freedom!
Let our nation be America the beautiful
Father, thank You that You have raised the Church to stand alongside Israel
Help us to be aware of You and Your plan
We ask that as the Church, we would take our place
No man wishing to be someone else
Thank You for the privilege, honor, and blessing of serving You
Hearing the word – “accesses”
There are those who have been called to access positions of authority
Pleading the blood over the guards
There is maneuverability to go with the flow of the Spirit
We pray for the rain of the Spirit to water the seeds and the shoots that have already sprung up
Refresh and strengthen the five-fold ministry gifts
We sense the change of seasons
Help us to be acutely aware of You, Father!
We praise You for everything that You are doing, Lord!

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