Prayer Summary for April 4

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Thank You, Jesus, we worship You  today, Lord
We welcome You, Holy Spirit, in this place
Yes, we thank You for Your presence and we thank You for Your ministry
You are our coach and our comforter
Father, You are speaking to our hearts and You are comforting us today
You are ministering hope and fresh perspective to us
Thank You for a new outlook and new insights
Grant unto us a new way of seeing and a new way of perceiving and recognizing
Not through the filter of our five physical senses only, but through the filter of the Holy Spirit
We pray that our eyes would see, Lord
Yes, we pray for those in our communities, for a fresh perspective and a fresh set of lenses
You are helping our leaders in our churches and in our nation today, Lord
Grant unto them eyesight with the ability to see, recognize, and discern what You are saying
Father, we are open and available to whatever You want to do next
We pray for a spirit of proactiveness, that we wouldn’t live in a state of reacting and responding
No, we will not play catch up, but we pray for a 360 degree perspective, Lord
Grant unto us the ability to see, the ability to sense, and the ability to pray proactively
Yes, we will be ahead of things, and we will pray for advancement in the kingdom
You have given us eyes to see the things that are to come
Father, You are the spirit of the future, so we thank You that You are out ahead of things
No, we are not dragging behind, but we thank You that You are sending fresh light
Praying that there would be a fresh perspective bubbling up and out of us
There is a new hope and a new understanding like we have never had before
A firm grasp on what God wants to do, no we won’t wonder or wander
Thank You that there is a resoluteness and a certainness about us in these last days
We surrender to You, Lord
Yes, we pray that there is a certainty in the hearts of Your people!
Father, we are stepping into those opportunities that You have set before us
You have called us to be the generation that stands upright and stands upon the walls
We will watch and we will pray, we pray for a further positioning and a further posturing
Yes, we pray for a posturing of America and the Church!
Father, You are causing the Church to move, to respond, and to shift, and to be proactive now
There is a leaning in to the presence of God, and a leaning in to a relationship with the Father
Our eyes are being opened to future events and to see and know by the Spirit how to position ourselves
No, we will not be walking around in a fog, but there is a stirring of hearts and the Church now!
We will wake up, no we will not be sleeping, but we will be on alert, Lord
Declaring that the enemy will not have the upper hand in our lives or in our churches or nation
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in the name of Jesus
Casting down all emotional, psychological, and physical weapons that would try to come against us
We say no to those things, no to oppression, no to darkness and the works of the enemy
Praying for the blood of Jesus to surround our families and friends today
The Church is standing upright, no we will not waver from Your Word, Lord
We say no to darkness, and we say no to the enemy’s agenda in America
Yes, we will continue to push ahead to the things You have called us to
Leaning in with words of faith, and with expectation that You are still on Your throne, Father
In You we live, move and have our being!
We breathe in the presence of God, we breathe in the faith of God
Yes, we draw in faith today, we draw in hope today!
Back off depression, back off discouragement and despair
Sickness and disease, you must go in the name of Jesus!
No, we are not willing to put up with regret or fear, but we are here to drive you out!
Jesus came to overcome evil with good, so we are overcomers today!
The goodness of God is on our tongue, the power of God is released with our words
We break up the enemies strategies in America and in our nations capital
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy that would try to come against us
Breaking up doctrines of devils, and religious spirits that would try to imbed themselves in churches
We come against deception, lies, and the work of the enemy to blind people!
Lifting up the Church today, and we speak to the clouds of darkness and tell them to be cast down
Casting down every lie, and we command it to be broken up today!
We speak to those demonic spirits that are hanging over families and we tell them to be cast down
Yes, we are raising up a standard of the blood of Jesus and of the Spirit of God
Calling for a release of Your Spirit into schools, into our government offices, and into our state capital
No, Devil, you will not stand in our way, but the Church will conquer and overcome!
The nation will go only one way, it will go in God’s way!
Father, we steer and redirect things more and more in Your right way!
Praying over the Executive branch, over the Judicial branch!
We pray that You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
For You are going before us and You are making a way, Lord
Speaking to those things that would try to come against us and we cast them down in Jesus’ name!
We send light to expose the darkness today!
Releasing ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf, to bring about His purpose
Praying for an awakening, a revival, and a wave of healing in these last days!
We pray for a move of Your Spirit, an outpouring of Your Spirit, Lord
Yes, we marshal the forces of heaven today
Praying for a divine download and a release of the influence and the forces of God
Up, up, up to a higher place, You are calling us up!
Up, up, up in Jesus’ name, no we will not stay there, but we are coming up higher
You have given us words to speak, words of light and life!
We speak words that change circumstances, words that would bring forth Your plan, Lord
Help us to see truly who we are and what we possess
Grant unto us a greater understanding of Your fullness and the stature that we now walk in
We give ourselves over to You, Lord
No, we will not give ourselves to fear, or to the things of our past, but only to You
Yes, we surrender to You and we pray out in the spirit
Yielding our hearts to You, we give our all to You
You deserve all the glory, honor, and praise
We give You the brokenness, we give You our past and our present
No, we will not hold onto that discouragement or despair, but we give it to You
Yes, we lay that on the altar, and we surrender it all to You
We saturate ourselves in You, Father

Scripture Focus…

Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].
(James 5:16 AMPC)

Continued Praying…

We magnify You, Lord
Jesus, we bless Your name
Father, we thank You for Your faithfulness
We lift up our hearts to You, today
Fill us with Your Spirit, and we pray that there would be an infilling of Your presence in our lives
Praying for an outpouring of Your presence into families and into hurting hearts
We flush out the enemy and we welcome in the Holy Spirit
Yes, we pray for a hunger for more of You, Father
Fill us with more of You, for we hunger for surrender, and we hunger for Your Word
No, not more of the world, but more of You, Lord
Praying for the spark to come, to ignite that fire in our hearts
Calling for a divine explosion!
There will be a breaking out and a breaking forth into a whole new realm You have called us to
Praying over every single believer today, we speak a holy launch over them
Yes, there is a breaking forth and a moving ahead to some things
You are filling us with Your presence, Father
There is a coming up and a moving out today!
Faith is now!
We release that today in the name of Jesus
Thank You, Lord, we love and worship You
You are going with us, for You never leave us nor forsake us
Your light is shining on us, and everything we set our hand onto will prosper in Jesus’ name!

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