Prayer Summary for April 30


As we pray and speak by the Spirit, we will grow
The Holy Ghost will lead and guide us in the right way
Lifting up the shaping of things to come
Taking care of everything in the sphere of our influence
We are supernatural beings with supernatural equipment
Lord, we yield our tongues to the great expansion
There must be numbers that are ready
The cost is worth it!
Calling for a greater measure of power
In cooperation with Your Spirit, we can cover greater territory
The door of opportunity opening
Moving together as a mighty force!
Calling everyone up and bringing them deeper
Don’t back away, but continue moving ahead
A great clearing and a cleansing—removing the stumbling blocks!
Some things need to be severed at the root!
We curse you and declare you will NEVER produce fruit again!
The blood of Jesus is against you!
We will not be caught in that trap!
Changes! Changes! Changes!
Applying the blood over everything: every leader, position, and place!
It is about the work that must be done!
The Church will go all the way!
Adjustments in Jesus’ name!
Pastors moving ahead and covered in the blood!
Casting out and away all the cares
Getting all the gifts in their positions of authority
Obedience is better than sacrifice
There will be an explosion of glory!
Maintain the things that have been given by the Spirit and moving ahead
It is a continual advance, for we cooperate with the orders
Relationships being restored
We will not lean on our own understanding
Gaining influence and new territory
That is being smoothed out by the blood
We will contend for more!
Lifting up the rivers, tributaries, and every connection
Watching and calling for the light
Choosing life and liberty
We take authority over lies
Uncovering and revealing wrong plans and motives
Check and see whether you are resisting or not
Do not be polluted with the world but stand strong in the Word!
Lord, help us to be more like You!
Continually to think about You
We apply the blood over all of our family members


Dr. Billy Graham was once told that he is too “old school” and that he is setting the church back 200 years. Billy Graham responded, “I am hoping to set the church back 2000 years.”

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