Prayer Summary for April 29

We started prayer today with Annie singing softly in worship.

Pastor Ray shared…

If I had a pillow, I’d like to just lie down right now and soak in His presence. It reminds me of Kathryn Khulman and how she was known for the presence of God in her meetings. I mean she wasn’t so much known as a preacher or any of the other gifts although she could operate in them. The big part of her meetings was that people would come under the influence of His presence, the presence of God. Not always did she personally touch people but the Holy Spirit did. He touched them. It’s awesome.

His presence changes minds and bodies. So many times we say one touch from His presence changes everything. Father, we are so thankful for Your manifested presence in our lives. When we can sense it, we know it without a doubt. We receive in this presence right now so we can give. We give to receive. We receive to give because what we want to give is all Him—the presence, the river, and rivers of living water. Halleluiah. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


Thank You, Father, for assignments from Heaven being revealed
In Your presence things are uncovered
Thank You for Help to go in the right way—wisdom and understanding
There is power in Your presence
Places to walk and room to go
Out of the old and into the new
Running the race all the way through
Receiving and giving words from heaven
The Spirit of seeing and knowing continually coming our way
It’s a victorious way!
Watching and praying so we know where to go
Not bound by our own understanding – contending in the supernatural
It is a fresh start everyday – taking hold and declaring we have won in Jesus’ name
Limitations, be removed in Jesus’ name
We take our place seated in heavenly places
It is boundless and endless—so much more
Prospering spirit, soul, and body and in everything we say
Rolling off every care and anxiety
We will go together – we will go all the way
Thank You, Father, that we cannot be held down and we will not quit
Standing on the Word!
Thank You, Father, for eyes to see, ears to hear, and words to speak
Calling a clearing up, clearing out and clearing away!
Getting out front and applying the blood over every city in the US
What happened there will not happen here in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Lord, that no weapon fashioned against this nation will prosper
We will rise up and declare the Word of the living God
Pleading the blood over every police officer
Protection in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the peace that passes all understanding over all our cities
Declaring a calming down in Jesus’ name
Joining with other parts of the body by the blood
Lies and hidden agendas be revealed and uncovered by the blood and the name of Jesus
Thank You, Father, for a manifestation of Your presence
We call for Churches to rise up – we shall not be divided
Covering leaders in the blood so they would lead in the right way in Jesus’ name
Lifting up the moms and dads – pleading the blood over their positions of authority
Thank You, Father, for sounds from heaven that change everything
For drawing the people to Your presence – a great outpouring in America
We see Your glory over this nation burning up all the chaff
Father, visit the prisoners and children with Your glory
Every school and television studio
Your glory burning away every lie in Jesus’ name
Healing all the hurting hearts, You make a way where there seems to be no way
Jesus we magnify and glorify You for what You did and what You are doing today
You made a way for us to walk in victory!
Precious Savior and friend, we love You, Lord

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