Prayer Summary for April 2


Lord, thank You for the rain of Your Spirit
Thank You for Your glorious presence
We pray for our eyes and ears to be wide open
Lord, we lift up Israel—from border to border!
That nation will NOT shrink
We lift up the leadership before You
Praying for safety over the entire nation
A time will come when Your temple will rise again
Pushing back those who are trying to push their will and plan on the nation of Israel
Pleading the blood over the Golan Heights
Lord, we pray for people to begin to rise up around the world and declare they are standing with Israel
As a nation, America WILL stand with Israel!


The following commentary to 2 Thessalonians is taken from The Revival Bible:

AD 50—52

The world is always in a race between revival and judgment. The only laudable feature of darkness is that when it becomes intense, the smallest light may be seen from a long, long way. Evil, Paul says by the Spirit, will surely increase as we move to the end of history. Indeed evil has been here for a long time, but it has not always been here, and it will not be around forever. Evil will increase, but it, too, has an end; God has no end. And the record of the Bible and history is that God is against all evil and calls His children to stand against it; likewise, it is not the start of the race nor even the apparent initial strength of the opposition that determines the final outcome. It all comes down to the power of the leader you follow and the team He puts together for the mission. Here is the victory mandate: The Lord directs your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. He hung in there out of love for you, so you do it, too. It is not how you start the race; we all begin the same. It is how you finish that counts.

The Presence of His Power or the Power of His Presence
2 Thessalonians 1:9

There seems to be a disturbing truth in the Bible that it is possible to have the Lord’s power without the Lord’s presence. Accordingly, there will be people who know the Lord’s power without having been known by Him. Four scenarios are possible. Revival is the fourth!

1. The Power of His Presence Without the Presence of His Power
This is the comfort zone for many. The Lord’s presence is known without the Lord’s power being displayed. When Jesus came to His own hometown of Nazareth, He was not able to do mighty works there because of their unbelief (Matt 13:58). They had Jesus’ presence but they hindered Jesus from displaying this power because of unbelief.

2.The Presence of His Power Without the Power of His Presence
This was the predicament the Israelites found themselves in after they had worshiped the golden calf at the foot of Mount Sinai. The Lord was so angry with the people that the Lord told Moses that He would send an angel to go before them instead, for if He Himself went with them, He would consume them on the way. But Moses refused to move from that place unless the Lord’s presence went with them as well. God then told Moses He would go (Ex 33:14).

3.No Power of His Presence and No Presence of His Power
This is a dangerous place for any society or person to be found. According to Amos 8:11-12, people get frantic when God’s power and presence are nowhere to be found.

4.The Power of His Presence and the Presence of His Power
This is revival. People who are pure in heart, and this allows for the Lord’s presence in their lives; and people who are strong in spirit, and this allows for God’s power to be manifested. This is what happened on the day of Pentecost – the first day of the Church’s existence.

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Continued Praying…

Father, we acknowledge Your presence
Through it, we receive a greater increase of You
Seeing the steps ahead that we are to take
Moving higher and increasing from glory to glory
We believe for more of Your manifest presence to rest upon the people
Staying steady on the path, not being blown away or shaken by every wind of doctrine
Calling for strength and perseverance from heaven
Positions of leadership in the Church staying steady in the right way
Right answers will come!
The assignments that have already been handed out must be fulfilled
Father, understanding regarding that call must be given in a greater way
It is a mandate!
When you step into that right plan the right words will be given and the right revelation will come
More and more revelation!
It is a victory plan and a victory way—direction from the Spirit
Lifting up transfers that have never taken place before
Now is the time for things that have never been restored to be restored!
Mistakes are covered by the blood
Static must be removed and clear seeing must come
Abiding in the right way and plan
Reveal more and more deposits
Speaking for the body of Christ to be aligned, to stay on that course
Holy Spirit, bend the Church in a spirit of prayer
For men and women to be in their positions
Leaders leading and going beyond with great accuracy

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