Prayer Summary for April 15


Thank You, Lord, that whatever the circumstance “it is well with our soul”
Drawing closer to You in the secret place
Lord, how we need You every day
We open our hearts wide to receive spiritual equipment from You
Praying from the Spirit, the fruitful place
Supernatural surrender, coming to Father God
In the workplace, schools, and hospitals—in the churches
Deep convictions that would fall—shepherds being shepherds
Calling the backslider back to You, Father – back to a place of grace
Those that have left their families—divine connections leading them back
Father, cause Your people to move mercifully and full of grace
It’s all about You and coming to You
Drawing the souls out of darkness
People who suffer from depression, open their hearts to receive You
Supernatural signs and wonders—God fixes all mental disorders!
Father, we ask You to go to the bedside of children at night and visit them
Refusing the shame and receiving healing in Jesus’ name
Bridges being rebuilt so people can come back to You
We are all divinely connected—lifting up our eyes to see beyond ourselves
Trusting You, Father, You go ahead of us and provide answers and solutions
The remnant is moving!
Supernatural things are escalating now—God is moving now!
You are very strategic, Father, You have a plan when we pray
Father, touch the souls of women that they would hunger for You
These are the final days so, God, You are doing a quick work
Our souls are made stable in Your hand, Father

Pastor Margie shared…

What days we live in. What final moments we are in… final hours and steps… final doors. The finality of things is close. So God is doing a quick work. Times and seasons… that we would know the season we are in. God holds those times and seasons in His hand. For the body of Christ and for your life, He holds the times. Your soul remains there in that place. You are made peaceful. For hearing the voice of God now is of utmost importance, each and every day as the days unfold, as the coming of Jesus draws ever near. One day at a time knowing that the end is drawing near and that your heart would open wider and wider now. That You would make more room for God now more than ever before.

For He can use you as You come into His presence more and more. Things will come into you as you are there in that atmosphere. Things will come into you. There will be a knowing about things. There will be answers to things. There will be strategies, plans, doors that He shows you just as you come and abide in His presence. It will be very strategic by the Holy Spirit. He is wanting the ear and heart of people now because He has a strategy and He wants to include us in that strategy. Not just to pray like this but to actually do. To actually take steps, to actually talk to people, to do certain things and be in certain places that we would be on an adventure with God for the final closing days of the Church age. That’s where we are. This is what the prophets saw. We are there.

More than ever before, God needs us to be leaning in and listening. He may have you pray for Israel. He may have you praying for something in the government. He may have you praying something for your pastor or the church but it’s all strategic now. And He will take care of you. You don’t have to worry about your needs. He’ll take care of you. Let there be a greater surrender of your soul now. That no matter what we are going through, we can always say it is well… “it is well with my soul.”

We prayed that as a prayer, Father. We started off today praying for the souls of men all over the world. The souls of men trapped with mental illness and pain, those that are backslidden and the souls of little children. You said that Jesus was going to go to little children at night while they sleep. That You were going to touch their souls that have been so battered and so torn. Jesus, that You would walk to the bedside of those babies. You know what happens to them in darkness. You know, Jesus. And God cannot do anything on earth unless men pray and we are praying. We are seeing that unleased. Let’s just pray for little children now that are being abused and hurt.

Continued praying…

We send the angelic host to the little ones being abused
Taking authority over that and breaking it in the name of Jesus
I see You, Jesus, going to their bedsides, Your very self
We speak to their souls and minds to be restored
Sending divine connections into their lives
Father, thank You for angels rescuing the little children—they look like people but they are angels
For the souls of men and women everywhere being touched by the hand of God
Father, we ask that You work in our souls
We give You our hearts, Father, opening them wide to You
We are changed just being with You
Declaring it to be well with our souls in Jesus’ name

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