Prayer Summary for April 11


The cloud of the Holy Ghost is moving today!
Something is happening in the Holy Ghost
Something is happening in the Church
Something is happening in the body of Christ
We drink in the Holy Spirit!
Father, we thank You for this time together
You made it possible for us individually to come together to pray
We honor You with our prayers, Lord
There is a foundation of prayer here, glory to the Lamb of God
The Spirit of prayer is here!
We are led by Your great and mighty Holy Spirit
Your Spirit is revealing, disclosing, and transmitting the things of the Father to us
Thank You, Father, that You did not leave us as orphans
The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives on the inside of us
He is leading and guiding us into all the truth!
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear, grant us understanding and light!
Thank You that You have called us to live in these last days; You saw fit that we should live now
We are operating of and by Your Spirit, dear God
You prophesied about those things that would happen in these last days
Father, we know Your Word and we will follow Your Spirit all the way to the very end
We believe, speak, and heed Your Word, Father
Your hand is not too short to perform those things You have said
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today!
Our eyes are fixed and focused on You and Your Word
Lord, to whom shall we go, only You have the words of eternal life
We are doers of the Word and not hearers only!
Thank You, Lord, that we are dispensers of Your Word and Your life
Seizing every moment and every opportunity!
Speaking and declaring the truth of Your Word, Father
Grant us greater utterance, boldness, and courage in the Church of the living God
Give us the words to speak, words to pierce, words to penetrate, and words to change
You created everything with Your words, and You have given us the same power with our words!
We are believers who believe!
Our trust and hope is in You, Lord
The cloud of glory is moving in these days and in these hours!
Your Spirit is moving in this nation, it’s moving in this state, and its moving in the Church of the living God
Our eyes are open to see, and that we would respond to Your Spirit
Asking for greater accuracy in that realm, Father
Acuteness of seeing, acuteness of hearing, and acuteness of utterance in the Holy Ghost
Giving You glory, honor, and praise every moment of every day
We will be Your hands and Your feet, Father; we will go about doing the Master’s plan
Something is happening now!
Calling for the strength of God to gird us up
We pray that Your anointing would break every yolk of bondage today, Father
Fire of God, rain down on us
There is a stirring, a moving, and a momentum happening now!
We will prepare the way; we will prepare the highway for our God
Stumbling blocks, be removed in Jesus’ name!
Bring strength to those in positions of spiritual authority!
Praying for the expansion of the kingdom of God
We call for greater manifestations of Your Spirit, Father
Open up our eyes to see greater operations of faith of, by, and through the Church
Declaring that each and every member would take their places in the body of Christ today!
You are the way, the truth and the life; You are the one and only way, Lord!
We will align with Your plan and with Your will
Body, be healed and be whole in Jesus’ name!
Nothing missing and nothing broken, that we would take our place that You have called us to
Calling for those barriers and walls to be torn down
We believe for a greater influence in our neighborhoods and a greater influence in our community
Throwing off those things that would try to hold us back and limit us
Grant us a greater revelation of what our destiny is, Father
Clarify those things in the hearts of Your people
Alignment of and by Your Spirit, dear God
Moving, seeking, hungering, flowing, and operating together
One heart, one mind, one plan, one Jesus!
Illuminate, unfold, and clarify those steps, Father
We will obey and do what You say!
Every need will be provided right in time and right on time
There is much at stake!
We want to move with You and with Your Spirit
No, we will not hesitate but we will boldly speak out and boldly move out
Give us words to change, words to rearrange, and words to bring light and life to those in need
Lifting up the feet of the evangelists, those feet are bringing about the good news of the Gospel
Strengthen and equip them, Father
Give them a greater fire, a greater desire, and a greater vision
Assistance of and by Your Spirit, dear God
Those doors of opportunity are being opened today, doors that no man can shut!
Possess the land! Possess the land! Possess the land!
Progression all along the way!
You are making a way where there seems to be no way!
We call that path open, we call that path cleared up, we call that path wide open
Breaking free from some things that were trying to hold us back
Calling for breakthroughs in Jesus’ name!
Momentum into the greater, momentum into the greater!
Declaring those things forth, it has begun, it is coming, and the doors are being opened
Those things are beginning to shake
Accesses, roads, steps, conditions, and purposes are coming forth!
Plowing, plowing, plowing!
Calling it forth, calling it to move, calling it up, and calling it ahead!
Covering those things with the blood of Jesus today!
We water those seeds by faith, declaring for those seeds to bring forth a harvest
Awaken the body of Christ, Lord
Pressing into those things of the Spirit
We move into those secret places by Your Spirit
Victory is ours in the name of Jesus!
Lifting up pastors, we plead the blood of Jesus over their souls and over their bodies
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
Open the ways and the plans, Lord
We call for a furtherance today, Father
Declaring for the harvest of souls to come in
Praying over those laborers, we cover them in the blood of Jesus
No we will not lean on our own understanding but we put all of our hope and trust in You
Advancement, God-given advancements!
We declare it, we believe it, we speak it, we command it, and we receive it!
Turning, a turning, its turning, we are turning
Clearing up the way, that is the way!
Show, reveal, and uncover it, Lord
Praying over the pattern and watching over those steps
Illumination, restoration, and revelation!
God ways, God talk, God steps, and God plans
We will operate and move by Your Spirit
Progress now, reach them, Lord
Praying that the body of Christ would be united in wholeness—stabilize us, Father

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