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Dear Pray-ers,

Once again, I am calling upon our faithful pray-ers to help with a very important matter that is so close to my heart. We at The Prayer Movement have initiated a global prayer project to pray for the nations that fall within the area known as the “10/40 window.” According to the Joshua Project, the 10/40 window is a vast rectangular area that includes countries whose landmass is 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator and whose countries have a high number of unreached populations. 

Over the weeks ahead, we will post information about each of the specific nations in the 10/40 window that will assist you as you pray for them. Our request is that you pray for an awakening to God and salvation through Jesus Christ for the peoples within each of their nations of origin. The following are some facts about these nations, gathered by the Joshua Project:

  • Nations—69 nations
  • Population—5.22 billion individuals
  • People groups—8,875 distinct people groups
  • Unreached people groups—69.5% or 6,164 people groups or 3.16 billion people
  • Poverty—Home to the poorest of the poor. The majority of populations living in poverty are located in this area.
  • Religious groups—Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, and unbelieving

For more information on the “10/40 window,” visit

If you would like to receive these weekly prayer prompts, I encourage you to visit and request to join our Facebook group if you have not done so already. Each week, we will send out a post to all our Facebook prayer partners to alert them to these special prayer projects. Also on The Prayer Movement website, you will have access to various videos that teach on prayer and other materials I’m confident you will find very helpful to your ministry of prayer.

I do so hope you decide to join The Prayer Movement. History tells us that every mighty move of God was brought forth when believers joined together and were united in prayer. We need you!


Lynne Hammond

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