Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Pastor Ken prayed…

Father, that you would just show up in the midst.

We pray for visitations today… ordained encounters coming your way.

I pray and decree and declare in Jesus’ name life over you… I declare wholeness and soundness and recovery from what you’ve been through.

I declare restoration in your joy level, in your peace, in your energy, in your inspiration to do the work of God.

I declare restoration and wholeness and a fresh feeling to your life, to your ministry, to your relationships, to your finances.

I speak replenishment and an unhindered flow of resources and breakthrough.

I declare and decree doors of opportunity in the realm of professional work and businesses and finances…

I command doors to swing wide in Jesus’ name … a door maybe has shut but that was just for a time. And that is to remain…

But in its place, I declare access and opening over you, to new opportunities, new ideas, new initiatives, born out of your spirit in conjunction or relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I declare doors of favor, doors of freedom swing wide… doors of healing and restorations and marriages and businesses and relationships with children and grandchildren.

Today, I declare doors swing wide in your life and in your ministry and in your calling and in your assignment…

I declare doors of prayer assignments… open up open up.

We declare today is a day of sudden openings and access points and opportunities unprecedented.

Pastor Ken shared…

One of the reasons I believe God gives us inspired prayers and prophecies is because He’s trying to help us to pick up on His ways of speaking and seeing and processing. He wants us to take a step and get way over into Him, not living as so often Christians live is right on the edge… enough in Him, but maybe sometimes a little in the world. But God is giving us a heavenly nudge to come way over.

Years ago, Pastor Lynne was speaking to some prayer leaders and it was about this time, the beginning of a summer. And she was saying, “Oftentimes Christians kind of draw back or get busy, get distracted in the summer. But summertime is not a time to disconnect.”

Maybe you recreate, maybe you vacation, but it’s not a time to draw back or grow lukewarm. I remember her saying “Instead, it’s a really good time to go way out into the things of God, to get really filled with Him.” As I like to say, to press down on the accelerator of what He has for you. Turn yourself over to God, press down on that spiritual accelerator and let Him take care of the rest. Amen?

We need to sync up with what He is broadcasting…

I guess what I’m seeing is that He wants us to abandon ourselves wholeheartedly and to sync up with what He’s projecting, what He’s broadcasting. The Spirit of God is perpetually speaking. He is the spirit, the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit, the spirit of prayer, but He’s also the Spirit of the future. And He’s the Spirit of victory and He’s the Spirit of success. And He is the Spirit of creativity and answers and solutions and whatever it is that we need. In the Father’s heart, we realize that He wants us to sync up with Him, to tune into Him. And tune out the static and to tune in a loud and a clear channel to hear what was being broadcast.

God is wanting us to tune into Him, to listen, to be passionate to know God, to hear and to perceive what He’s transmitting and disclosing, which by the way describes the work of the Holy Spirit in the Amplified Bible.

So that we could lean into that and give ourselves to the Word of God over our lives, whether it’s from His Book or whispered in your Spirit or a prophetic word that confirms something you already know. He’s wanting us to give ourselves to His Word for our lives, to relationship with Him, communion with Him. And to give ourselves in saying the same thing that He’s saying, even if it makes you squeamish and uncomfortable…

God wants us to tune into His frequency…

You’re a child of God, and God is wanting us to tune into His frequency and start saying with a boldness and a freeness to declare what He’s declaring … to say what He’s saying. Because He is proclaiming some things over your life today. Jesus is preaching and praying and declaring passionately what His intentions are for your life.

And I guarantee it has nothing to do with failure or early death or continually being stuck in a rut in your life. Jesus is declaring over you today … the angels of heaven are echoing over you today that same message, which is God is going to have His way.

Your family, you and your whole household will and shall be saved. The church will arise and is arising. The glory of God will truly fill the earth as the waters cover the sea and the seas cover the earth.


So let your spirit lead the way. Let your spirit pick up on what the Father has to say today and every day and say the same thing and go with God in that way. Preach to yourself. Don’t just let the enemy gnaw at your consciousness with his negative, worst-case scenario images. Control the narrative of your life. We hear that in business circles or the media controlling the narrative. Well, God is saying, I want you to control the narrative. I want the church to control the narrative, especially as it concerns God and His plan in this hour and what He wants to do. God works with us. He works in concert with us. As we go, He goes. As we speak, He speaks and backs up what we say, what we pray.

Brother Hagin…

Brother Hagin gave a word that I think is as timely today as it was back then. And I came across it this morning. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. I thought, that is just like right where we’re at and something I need to share with you this morning. God’s Word is His Word, whether it’s in the book or inspired out of a man or woman of God. And he said this by the Holy Spirit.

“You are about to enter into big things. The big things of God, like the tourists that was going through the forest directed by the guide. He saw all those beautiful trees of various sizes, but they came to the giant redwoods. Now he said, These are giants. So you’re about to enter into the field of giants, into the realm of the spirit where the gifts of the Spirit are in full manifestation. Now don’t relegate that to a handful of select ministry leaders. We’re all called ambassadors for Jesus. We’re all called to do the works of the ministry. We’re all called to yield over to the Spirit of God and let Him have His way in and through us. And the glory of God will be seen by many and the power of God will be in evidence and the Spirit of God will be in demonstration. And your hearts will be glad. And you’ll find that many of those that you thought would never be touched, will be touched.

So right now there’s a prompting right there by the Holy Spirit. Maybe later today to just begin to pray and declare some things over a loved one or a friend or somebody that you happen to know is the most hardened sin-laden person you know. God has a plan for them. He died for them.

He’s looking for a people who will pray some big, audacious prayers in this hour, not just for us and our own, but He’s wanting us to take a step and press down on the accelerator, turn ourselves over to Him and begin to pray about situations, circumstances, nations, people, leaders, whatever it might be halfway around the world, perhaps.

Brother Kenneth Hagin goes on to say…

“Your hearts will be glad. And you’ll find that many of those that thought would never be touched will be touched, for the power of God will cause them to turn toward the Lord. There are those that are so set in their religious traditions and ideas and they’ll not be moved, but you’ll walk on with the Lord. And the blessing of the Lord will flow. And the work of God will be consummated or completed in other words. And the will of God will be done. And the plan of God will be in full force and the goodness of God will be shown and the end will come. And the Son of Man shall come even, the Christ. Hallelujah with a shout! Hallelujah, the voice of the arc angel, the trumpet, and it’ll be written “the end.”

Whoa! There’s gonna come a day where it’ll say “the end.”

“But then there’ll be a new beginning. There is a work that must be done though. There is a harvest that must be won and we’re in it. Christ is the victory. And so walk in victory. What remains for us, but praise. Yes, we lift our voice in praise and our voice in laughter ha ha ha. And a song and a song and a song. Our voice we lift in song in praise in laughter. In song, the enemy is a defeated foe. Glory to God, the way to victory we do know. The glory of the Lord is manifested. Hallelujah And men and women are blessed. Divine secrets. Sometime He, the Holy Spirit, is talking to God about things God wants to accomplish. God doesn’t want to talk it out here in this realm because the devil can hear it. And his plan will be perfected. And sometimes when you’re praying that way, you’ll begin to see his plan and begin to understand it.

He goes on to say…

There is a realm in prayer. There’s a realm in fellowship with the Father. There’s a realm in talking with Him, speaking unto God that we have barely only touched. And so just barely get results. But the time has come that we must teach prayer. But by precept and example, and then many will know that they were right all the time. They just didn’t know how to enter in. But the way to them, we do show and the mercy of God manifested down here below. And the power of God and dynamic force becomes available and into manifestation the glory of God will be seen in your midst. And the glory sometimes will be seen upon individuals for their face will shine as the face of an angel. And men will say that they didn’t look like them. Can that be them, they’ll say. Because you see all the work of God is brought about or completed or consummated by and through His Spirit, through the church, which is His body. It’s not consummated out here in the atmosphere. It’s not manifested on cloud nine. It’s manifested through His body. The head of the church, Jesus, does all of His work through His body. Make yourself available, prepare your heart, separate yourself from that which is unclean. Consecrate yourself unto Him. Dedicate yourself to do His will. Plan to succeed.

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