Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ms. Annie led us singing Jesus, What a Wonder You Are

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, thank You, Lord. Thank You Lord. You know this place is a platform place and a place where the words that we speak from this place, make difference in so many other places. So, I am going to read something from Brother Hagin concerning what He’s called us to do and that we’d move ahead and do what He’s called us to do. For me, what I take from this is just do not stop doing what we are doing. And yesterday, we put a stop to some things that… I didn’t know what that was. Someone else that was in the room had something that they felt like it was what we were praying against. But I didn’t think more about it until I was in here this morning. Something came to me that we were out ahead of and so even today the way it maybe looked like, it’s not true because we stopped it yesterday.

No matter what, you know how we overcome by the blood because He did and the Word. It’s not just that we testify about, you know, we get up and stand up and testify. It’s not just that. It’s testifying that we’ve overcome! You know, I mean “we overcame!” So, we testify about it and we know that we have overcome.

Ms. Jeani…

So, I just got a text from a friend that says “Don’t let what you see make you forget what I said.” God.

Pastor Ray…

Okay. Don’t let what you see in the natural make you forget what the Word says. Thank you! (ha, ha, ha). Hallelujah. That’s a good text!

No matter what the testimony is, He’s done it all. So, whatever testimony we see happening, the Devil cannot steal it! And the Devil cannot get in the way and muck it up! No! There is no weapon formed against us that can prosper. And we take it personally but we take it corporately of course together. So, whoever it is. Let’s just say the little boy. That testimony cannot be stolen. That testimony cannot be turned around and used for some other opposite words or opposite ideas.

It is increasing. So maybe the testimony, you may have one. You’ve overcome in a certain area that cannot be stolen from you. It will not be stolen. So, what do we do? We stand fast. We keep contending. When we see things changing, we keep contending. When we see things continually changing, we continually keep contending for more.

Ms. Cindy…

When you are talking about our testimony, the Lord has been bringing up stones to me a lot. Stones are like memorials. And I heard this when you were talking “Our testimony is a stone that causes our enemy to stumble.”

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Lord, Amen. Something is changing. Something is changing. Things are changing. But we want to be on the side of the right kind of changes. So we keep declaring, keep speaking.

I believe the Spirit of God all the time, He is speaking to us and getting us to speak things that we don’t even know what they are or what they concern or whatever. Just do it. Let the words come up and come out and we cause things to be stopped before they even barely get started because we were out ahead of it.

Ms. Jeani…
And because you did it now, you were out ahead of it. Now is His timing.

Pastor Ray…

That is true. What is the right time? Right now.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin in 1989 at Winter Bible Seminar:

Don’t draw back, don’t draw back, don’t draw back, don’t draw back! The time in near, the time is at hand.  No longer can you wait; no longer can you procrastinate.  No longer can you say, “yea, in another day I’ll consecrate.  In a later day, I will wait on the Lord more.  In another day, I will spend more time with Him.  In another day, I will put my flesh under.”

No longer, no longer. Don’t draw back and don’t pull back.

The Spirit of the Lord pleads with you. Come forward, more forward.  Answer the call you hear in your heart.  Respond unto the Spirit of God. It is not bad, it is good. It is not bad, it is good.

The price that would be paid in the flesh is nothing compared to the glory which shall be revealed. It is not bad. Do not dread it.  Do not draw back from it.

Pastor Ray…

Part of this is words that we hear in our spirit and we don’t draw back from it. We speak it. We speak the words. Amen. We don’t draw back from it. Don’t you know that your brain, a lot of times will say “Don’t Say it because it makes no sense.”

Ms. Jeani…

Can I read a scripture real quick because it fits? It’s from Luke 9 in the Message Translation.

Jesus said, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.” Luke 9:62 (MSG)

Pastor Ray…

That’s good. I like that. Just don’t be looking back. Don’t look back. Don’t question. Do not question what He put within you that came through you and the words that you spoke out. Do not question what He said to you, the words that you spoke out! They shall bring to pass His purpose and His will, period.

[Continued] It is a lie. It’s a deception that has held you back. It’s a lie. It’s a deception that has caused you to draw back. Go on in. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Oh the treasures of the things He has laid up for you. The things that your heart is hungry for. Nothing else will satisfy your soul. Nothing else will give you the answer in your heart. Nothing else will make you feel complete. Nothing else will satisfy what you seek.  Nothing else!  Nothing else!  Nothing!  Nothing!

Oh, push in. Respond unto the Spirit of God. Just lay those other things aside. Lay those things aside. Humble the pride and fall before Him and wait upon Him. And as you do, your soul will blossom. Your spirit will spring forth.  Yea, you will be a greater blessing unto your spouse. You’ll be a greater blessing unto your family because you will bloom forth.  And you won’t be restricted like before.  And you won’t be vexed like before. And you won’t be hindered like before.

Yea, you’ve done some things for them. You’ve drawn back and you said it was for them.  But you have not been a blessing to them in that the full blessing of the Lord was not upon thee.

But if you shall press in though, it might seem to cost that price in the beginning, it might seem like it costs you. It might seem like it costs them. Yea, but that’s the only way to get to the things that they desire and the things that you desire and the things that are needed.  Yea, the things that must be in this hour, it cannot be delayed.  It cannot be delayed.  It cannot be delayed.  It must be now.  Now, now is the time.  Now is the time!  Now is the time.

Ms. Jeani…

There is no negotiating with that.

Pastor Ray…

Today is the day. This is the right time. If there ever was a right time, it’s this time. (tongues) Yes, yes you can. Yes you can. And you’ll be thrust out and you’ll be thrust ahead, and you’ll move into territories you didn’t even recognize or realize that you would be entering into. And they will be new because they are new because He is new every day. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord.

[Continued] So heed the call of the Spirit’s cry in your heart. Don’t say, “I’ll do it by and by.”  But the time is now. Do not dread or fear. It is good. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Don’t think it’s too high a price. It’s nothing in comparison to the light and the glory that shall be revealed. Draw nigh unto him. He shall draw nigh unto thee. Seek His face.  He shall reveal Himself unto thee even in a greater way. And you shall rise up and you shall be enabled to be a far greater blessing.  And your later end shall exceed and it shall overflow and it shall be abundant in blessing and glory and grace.

And the evil one that thought you to deter and thought to lie to you and keep you from it, you shall look at him and you shall say, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha………

“Your plan did not work ha ha ha ha ha ……..

“It did not succeed ha ha ha ha ha ha ………

“I did not believe it ha ha ha ha ha ha …….

“I obeyed ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …….

“I ran my course ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……

“I finished my job ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …….”

Pastor Ray…

We are way out in front now. We’re way out there. We are declaring it today. We finished our course! We went all the way out! We cover our steps, God’s plans, the future with the blood of the Lamb today and when we get to the end we can say “We finished our course with Joy!” Hallelujah. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.

Ms. Jeani…

Here is the deal, when we go to the gym and we lift weights and we’re sore the next day, we don’t wonder if it’s worth it. But it’s the same with the Word. We no longer negotiate the price. We no longer say “oh, it’s not looking right. I don’t think I am going to keep doing this.” No! It’s working. His Word is worth it. It’s working even when we don’t know it, even when we can’t see it, even when we can’t feel it! It’s working! And one day it’s going to manifest and what about now! You know He’s not an ethereal fairy tale God that just gives us a good feeling. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

[Continued] And those things that once held you, those things that for years, years, years deceived you and held you out; you shall look at them in triumph. You shall look at them from that higher place. And they shall seem nothing to thee. They shall seem small and despised in your eyes.  You shall look upon them in dismay and you shall say, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha …” You shall see far ha ha ha ha …. And you shall know well, and you shall move sure, and shaken shall be hell.  And their power shall be confused for His authority you’ve used.  And that which they greatly feared shall have happened.

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Father. Miracles, you know about those, signs, supernatural happenings that can confuse some people… It can confuse them because their declaration might be against the Word. But we know what we’ve heard and we know what we stood upon and we know what is true and we know what is a lie. So let the truth be heard. I am saying that today from this place, this platform “Let the truth be heard!” the truth of the Word, the truth of what He did and what He’s doing, the truth that His hand is upon His children and we are the children and we’re children of the light. We’re not children of the darkness. Today, we call people from the north, from the east, from the south, and from the west. You know the names, Lord. You know the ones that are ready, the ones that are about to take that step out of the darkness, the ones maybe for years that have been under, that they are lifted. They are beginning to be lifted up. We call them. Like I said, you know the names, Lord. Hallelujah. You know their names. Glory, glory, glory, we call them in! We send laborers. We send a supply, Holy Spirit of the Living God, hallelujah! Oh, getting people right where they need to be, where they can receive… laborers that will speak a word of life, a word of love, a word of help, a word of health. (tongues)

The revivals, the things that were declared, they have already been spoken by the Spirit of God over this part of the country, up here, the norther part of the United States of America, these things are coming to pass. There is an open door right now for the power of the Holy Spirit. It is beginning! We are just going to say it like this “The revival has begun! The revival has begun!” There is an awakening! Eyes are being opened up! There is the rain of the Spirit, an outpouring!

We receive. We receive. We receive it. Just by faith this morning we receive it, Lord. We know things are different. There are different ways that You are moving in these days. Oh, thank You that You are moving. Thank You that there are testimonies, there is the truth of Your Word. We receive.

Ms. Annie led us singing We Receive Your Rain

Ms. Jeani…

There is an intimacy in asking. I don’t take your asking lightly. It’s an intimate place for Me. It’s an intimate place for the Father when you come to Me and you ask, when you bear your heart before Me and you trust Me with what you want and you trust Me with your desires. It’s an intimate place for Me. Asking is the secret place. Be bold to ask. Be bold to ask Me. It is a sacred thing to Me. It’s an interchange I have with only you, with only you, just the two of us talking about what only I can do. And the things that only I can do, I want to do! I want to do them! Just ask.

Pastor Ray…

Father, I ask right now for a covering of the blood over this country maybe just in a little different way. we’ve done it where we’ve put the blood around the borders, crisscrossed the country but I plead the blood of Jesus and I ask You, Father, this morning that in every state, I just see the soil, I see the differences in every state, the different ways they were made, the different cultures, all that. I see the blood covering over every aspect, over every man, woman, child in the United States. I am asking, Lord, that this country would begin the final move where revivals would begin to be loosed like never before and they’d come together, there would be that joining. I am asking You this morning for a joining together in one accord like we’ve maybe never seen before. We know in years past there were wars and different kinds of things that brought separation. But we asking, Father, today that unity would begin to take place and those awakenings, those revivals would begin to break loose.

We pray Your Spirit would continually blow through this United States of America and our leaders. Our President, Donald Trump, that Your wisdom would absolutely be revealed unto Him. Wisdom from heaven and a strength to continually contend and move our country more and more in Your heaven way. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Father.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for moving, the wind, the rain, the oil, and for the fire, new holy fire. We pray over every pastor, minister to be covered in the blood of Jesus and speak joy, wisdom, rain, the wind of the Spirit and we see it! We see it in the trees so to speak. We see the effects of Your wind blowing! We see bodies that are absolutely rearranged and changed! Changed internally! Bones healed, restored! Changes all over our country, this country, one nation under You. We see it today. What You’ve already begun, we know that this is the time. Now is the time. These are the days. By faith, we with other members of the body, other companies, people that are praying all over this country, we get ourselves in agreement. We are in agreement based on what the Word says. We agree! We agree! We agree! We agree and we know there is power in agreement. Thank You for what must happen, the changes that must come. We believe for absolute right changes. Thank You for it, Lord.

We pray over our pastors, plead the blood of Jesus over them. We cover them. Declare prosperity spirit, soul, and body and say, “no weapon formed against them can prosper.” We pray for an even greater spring in their step, an internal joy, a strengthening within each one of them. Thank You, Father, for the lifting, for the covering, for the protection in Jesus’ name. And in this church, we hold this ministry up before heaven today and declare that what was declared years and years and years ago, it shall come to pass. The vision for Living Word St. Paul, it shall come to pass; increase, increase, momentum, protection in Jesus’ name. The vision for Living Word Rogers, we cover that ministry. We pray over these pastors, Pastor Terrance, Pastor Jamey in Jesus’ name we cover them with the precious holy blood. Their families are blessed, they’re safe, they’re protected by the blood. No weapon, no plan of the enemy can come across or enter through or go beyond that blood. For the blood stops the Devil in his tracks. We are protected by that precious blood. Thank You for it today.

We lift that blood up. We make a big deal out of it. We cover, cover, cover, cover this day with the precious blood of the Lamb. Thank You for it. Thank You for the ministry of Your Spirit, for Your Word which is truth. Every step, be ordered. Every word loosed that we must speak. Thank You for it in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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