Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The following excerpt was taken from The Believer’s Authority by Kenneth E. Hagin:

The door to exercising authority pivots upon two phrases Paul prayed for the Ephesians: ” …and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places” (Eph. 1:20), and… hath raised us up together” (Eph. 2:6).

Meditate on these two prayers. Learn to pray them for yourself. Feed on their truths until they become a part of your inner consciousness. Then they will dominate your life. But don’t try to accept them mentally; you’ve got to get the revelation of them in your spirit.

Notice that not only is Christ seated at the right hand of the Father, above all the powers in Satan’s realm, but we’re there, too, because God “hath raised us up together.” Not only have we been made to sit, but notice where we are sitting: “Far above all principality, and power, and
might, and dominion ….” (Eph. 1:21).

In the mind of God, we were raised when Christ was raised. When Christ sat down, we sat down, too. That’s where we are now, positionally speaking: We’re seated at the right hand of the Father with Christ. (The act of Christ’s being seated implies that, for the time being, at least, certain aspects of His work are suspended.)

All the authority that was given to Christ belongs to us through Him, and we may exercise it. We help Him by carrying out His work upon the earth. And one aspect of His work that the Word of God tells us to do is to conquer the devil! In fact, Christ can’t do His work on the earth without us!

Someone will argue, “Well, He can get along without me, but I need Him.”

No, He can’t get along without you any more than you can get along without Him. You see, the truth that Paul is bringing out here in Ephesians is that Christ is the Head and we are the Body.

What if your body said, “I can get along without the head. I don’t need my head.”

No, your body can’t get along without your head. And what if your head said, ”Well, I can get along without my body. I don’t need it; I can get along without hands and feet.” No, you can’t.

Likewise, Christ can’t get along without us, because the work of Christ and God is carried out through the Body of Christ. His work never will be done apart from us and we never can get along without Him.

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers…” If you take this verse out of its setting and go on talking about this awful fight we’re in against the devil and describing how powerful the devil is, you’ve missed the whole point Paul was making, because that’s not what he’s saying in Ephesians.

Remember, when Paul wrote this letter to the Church at Ephesus, he didn’t divide it into chapters and verses. Scholars did that at a much later date to help us in making reference. You can do great harm sometimes by picking one verse out of a chapter, taking it out of its setting, and making it say something it doesn’t say.

The Holy Spirit through Paul already has said in the second chapter that we are seated above these powers that we have to deal with. Not only is Christ seated at the right hand of the Father, far above all these powers, but we’re there, too, because God has made us sit together with Christ.

Therefore, in our battle against the enemy and his forces, we need to keep in mind that we’re above them and we have authority over them. The Word tells us that Jesus has conquered them. Our job is to enforce His victory. His victory belongs to us, but we are to carry it out.”

Pastor Ray…

It’s already been done but sometimes we just sit back. We sit down when we are not supposed to be sitting down. Our job is to enforce His victory, to carry it out. We have a major part to play. Thank God this ministry was founded on prayer and we have never quit. We are still praying and declaring and believing and using the authority that He has given unto us.

Scripture focus…

Dear, dear Corinthians, I can’t tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. We didn’t fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives aren’t small but you’re living them in a small way. I’m speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection. Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!

Don’t become partners with those who reject God. How can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? That’s not partnership; that’s war. Is light best friends with dark? Does Christ go strolling with the Devil? Do trust and mistrust hold hands? Who would think of setting up pagan idols in God’s holy Temple? But that is exactly what we are, each of us a temple in whom God lives. God himself put it this way: “I’ll live in them, move into them; I’ll be their God and they’ll be my people. So leave the corruption and compromise; leave it for good,” Says God. “Don’t link up with those who will pollute you. I want you all for myself. I’ll be a Father to you: you’ll be sons and daughters to me.” The Word of the Master, God. II Corinthians 6:11–18 (MSG)

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Lord, thank You, Father
We come before You without a prescripted plan
Knowing there are some things that we must declare
Things that we must use our authority for and that has to do with our nation
And so, Lord, we feel that it is right this week, we are lifting up and praying over Judge kavanaugh and the election, that the votes will come in Jesus’ name
And we are holding the blood of Jesus over the whole situation
We just thank You for Your Word, thank You for the direction of Your Holy Spirit
Thank You that we don’t have to always just pay attention to what the news media says or what many voices politically speaking, what they say
But we know that our country is moving more in Your way
And so we know this is not just an accident, that there is so much Devil activity against this man
For we know that is what it is, it’s revealed, we understand it
It is the work of the enemy trying to derail a good man, to put him into the right place at the right time in Jesus’ name
Oh, thank You, Father, we worship You, we bow before You
We honor and magnify You for who You are
It’s not our strength, we understand that, and we do understand what we read this morning in Corinthians that a lot of times we think small because we are just thinking within, we are not understanding about Who You are within us and what You’ve done for us and what You’ve called us to do
So, hallelujah, we worship You, Lord
We take our eyes off those things, maybe we could say they are in our faces, in our ears
But we purpose this morning to put our eyes on You, to listen to what You are saying by Your Spirit
Hallelujah, we worship You, worship You

I just right now heard this: Don’t let yourselves as members of the body of Christ be divided, be divided up. Don’t let the enemy move in and divide up the position that we have been given and the authority that has been put within us to call the things that are not as though they were and to continually contend for the right words and the right ways and the right plans. Do not stop. Do not let it go. Do not take a side step. Yesterday we mentioned it, don’t blink in the face of the enemy but stay strong, stay connected, stay moving together as the members of the body that we are a part of. Hallelujah.

You get glory this morning, You get honor, Lord
We worship You, we worship You
You are worthy, there is no one else like You
We lift You up and magnify Your name
I can just see that name, the name that is above every other name, just being lifted up as we purpose to lift it up, to magnify what that name stands for
Hallelujah, worthy, worthy, worthy are You

Ms. Jeani…

He set His face like flint, despising the shame for the joy set before Him
Jesus, Jesus, the flame that You light within us, despising the shame for the joy set before You
And today there is no shame and with the name and by the name of Jesus, we declare there is no shame!
We go boldly before Your throne without shame, without accusation, without condemnation
We are the righteous, we are the beloved, and we are seated at Your right hand
And on behalf of America, on behalf of the courts, we go before Your throne today
Because You despise the shame and so do we!
Because of who we are in You, we despise all things that contradict righteousness! That contradict that we are the beloved!
Beloved, you are the beloved! You are the answer!

The following excerpt was taken from a petition given at Living Word Christian Center:

Your Words, Lord, are pure Words, and You will keep us and preserve us from this generation forever. Concerning the works of men, the Word of Your lips keeps us from the path of the destroyer. Now arise, Lord, and confront those who oppose Your righteous ways. Confront them and cast them down.

With the merciful you will show Yourself merciful and with the pure You will show Yourself pure, but with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd, oh God the Lord. You will save the humble people, but You will bring down the haughty looks. They intended evil against You, Lord, but they have devised a plot which they are not able to perform.

Therefore You will make them tum their back. They will gnash with their teeth and be grieved, and they will melt away. Because they do not regard Your work, oh Lord, nor the operation of Your hands, You will destroy their plans and not build them up. You, Lord, bring the counsel of the ungodly to nothing, and You make the plans of the peoples of no effect. But Your counsel, oh Lord, stands forever, and the plans of Your heart stand for all generations. We, Your people, are blessed; for our God is the Lord, and we are the people You have chosen for Your inheritance, by the holy, precious Blood of Your Son, Jesus, the Anointed One.

Lord, plead our cause with those who strive against You. Fight against those who fight against You, Lord God. Let them be brought to shame and dishonor, let them be turned back and brought to confusion who plot hurt against Your ways and Your Truth. For without cause they have hidden a net in a pit against Your plans. Let destruction come suddenly upon their plans, and let them be caught in the very net they have hidden against You, Lord. Into that very destruction they had planned, into that let them fall.

We do not fret because of evildoers, Lord, and we are not envious of the workers of iniquity. But we trust in You, Lord, and do good. We dwell in the land, and we feed on Your faithfulness. The wicked may have drawn their bows to slay those of upright conduct, but their swords shall enter their own hearts, and their bows shall be broken. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but You, Lord, uphold the righteous. The transgressors against God shall be destroyed forever, and the future of the wicked shall be cut off. But our salvation comes from You, Lord, and You are our strength in the time of trouble.

You will help Your people and deliver them from the wicked. You will save Your people because Your people trust in You. For it was not by our own abilities or righteousness that we inherited Your promised Blessings, nor did our own arm save us. But it was Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, because You favored us, loved us, redeemed us, and desired to take a people to Yourself. You are our King, oh God! Command victories for Your people! It is through You and Your Name that we will push down Your enemies. In You, our God, we boast all the day long, and we praise Your Name forever! You make the wars to cease and You break the bow. You cut the spear and bum the chariots with fire. You will be exalted in all the earth!

Continue praying…

We exalt Your ways, Your Word, what You’ve done and what You are doing
Magnifying You our heavenly Father, our King of kings, our Lord of lords
We believe we are Your army, and we do believe You’ve given us Your authority here on this earth
We believe to do the work that You’ve called us to do
We believe what we say shall come to pass
When we speak and call things down, they go down
When we declare things up, they go up
When we speak forth victory, we believe that victories are the result of it
When we declare we are expanding, we are going out further, we are increasing, there is momentum in the house of God, we believe that that is so!
And it is coming to pass and it shall come to pass
We believe those things that still have not manifested, are on the way
Because we know without a shadow of a doubt, what happened at Calvary, what happened on the Cross when Jesus said “It’s finished,” we do know, we believe, and we receive “It was finished!”
Completed work, a completed work – it’s our testimony
We’ve overcome by that precious blood that was shed on the Cross
Oh, Father, thank You for what was done on the Cross
Thank You for Calvary! Thank You for the blood
We plead that blood this morning, we are cover our country with the precious blood
We pray that blood covering over all of our leaders in Jesus’ name
We believe that our leaders are covered in the blood and they’ll do what You’d have them to do
We believe our leaders will not blink, blink, blink but they’ll have eyes that are wide open, hearts wide open, they’ll do what You’ve called them to do in Jesus’ name
They’ll not back off, they’ll not shrink away, but they’ll do what You’ve called them to do
Lies will be exposed for what they were and intended to be
Oh, thank You, Father, Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
We pray over our White house, our president, our congress, our senate, our vise president
Their families, we pray over all those that are praying in the White House, those prayer groups
We come alongside them, we declare increase upon them, we declare a furtherance for them

In that way, our words that we speak are with their words that they’re speaking
And their words are on the soil of the White House, in that building in Jesus’ name
And what they say, it shall come to pass for no weapon formed against them will prosper in Jesus’ name
We believe our President is protected by the blood of Jesus
No harm can come against Him in Jesus’ name

We’ll not abandon one thing that You’ve called us to lift up – we will not
We’ll not miss one step along the way
For we know without a shadow of a doubt, we are moving from one degree of glory to another
But we believe too that every single part of each step that we take, we shall carry out, we shall do what You have called us to do right there on that step
And the step that we are on today is a step of authority and it’s a step of declaration, speaking forth what needs to take place in our nation in Jesus’ name
Hallelujah, it’s shall be so!

Liars shall be completely and totally exposed in Jesus’ name
No! No! No! No! No!
No care, no anxiety, no doubt about how it will turn out
It will turn out according to Your will and according to Your plan!

Prayer from Psalm 64 over Judge kavanaugh and President Trump and all in the White House:

(1)You protect their lives from the enemy’s threats.
(2) You hide them from the plots of this evil mob, from the gang of wrong doers.
(3) They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their bitter words like arrows.
(4) They shoot from ambush at the innocent, attacking suddenly and fearlessly.
(5) They encourage each other to do evil and plan how to set their traps in secret. “Who will ever notice?” they ask.
(6) As they plot their crimes, they say, “We have devised the perfect plan!” Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.
(7) But God himself will shoot them with his arrows, suddenly striking them down.
(8) Their own tongues will ruin them, and all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.
(9) Then everyone will be afraid; they will proclaim the mighty acts of God and realize all the amazing things he does.
(10) The godly will rejoice in the Lord and find shelter in him. And those who do what is right will praise him. Psalm 64 (NLT)

Pastor Ray…

So, we shall not be deceived about what the enemy has said. We shall not be misdirected by the words that he’s spoken that would try to derail the Church, try to derail the army of God. We shall not be derailed. We shall not be held back. We shall not be shut down. But we shall stay on the attack. We shall move and we shall not be stopped. We shall declare and we shall not be shut down. For those words that we speak, are words of authority and they are based on what our Father has said for us to say. So, we will align continually with what the Words says about what we are to do and how we are to obey. And we the Church will continually contend and go in God’s way! For no weapon formed against us can ever prosper! And what we set our hands unto, there’s prosperity there!

And so we expand our expectation this morning!
We expand our expectation about what shall take place because we as members of the body as pray-ers on this earth have decreed! And it’s a decree based on what You’ve said in Your Word and it shall not bounce back up to heaven above with doing what it was planned to do! Ha! Hallelujah! Thank You!

There is about to be another routing out, a removal in Jesus’ name
I don’t know who that is or what exactly that is but there shall be others that will exit and there shall be others that shall come in and take their place which is God’s way!
So, we lay hold by faith to God’s perfect way for this country!
We stand strong for it! We speak words of life and help and direction and revelation over our country, over all of our leaders
We pray over our spiritual leaders, pastors, all of the five-fold ministry gifts in Jesus’ name
We declare the Church is expanding, it’s increasing
The Church is not going down but because of things that the Devil has tried to do, the Church has begun to wake up and be on the alert!
And not be willing to be status quo but contend for God’s will and God’s purpose to keep us on the go
So we are growing, we are expanding, we’re taking more territory
More churches and more churches and more churches and more churches popping up everywhere!

And things that were broken or cracked or not functioning correctly, they shall be restored, made whole in Jesus’ name
We thank You for it, Father
Thank You for Your perfect will
I know we don’t have to shout it out but sometimes we do
Sometimes we have to shout it out – we’re not shouting at You, Lord
We love You, we magnify You
We are shouting the perfect plan, Your will, Your purpose against the work of the Devil, the enemy
We shall not have that plan, we are not going in that way, we’ll never go in that way
For the Devil has overplayed his hand and more and more are awakening to what’s actually happening
And more and more and more are drawing a line in the sand and saying “Thus far and no more!”
No more! No more! No more!
No more of that! No more of this! No more of those plans in Jesus’ name!
Thank You for it Lord!

Ms. Jeani…

“Let’s go at once to take the land,” he said. “We can certainly conquer it!” Numbers 13:30

So, we proclaim over the Church
She does not hesitate; she is not tentative about the Word of God
But even today, she goes in at once and she conquers the land
Even right now, all things, all things are expanding
She sees that she is the enforcer of Your Word, enforcer of what’s already been finished
Right now, today, as we leave this place, we go out and enforce that You have already said all things are ours, all of Your promises are yes and amen
And the Church rises up, the sleeping giant awake – awake oh sleeper!
Awake! Awake! Awake!
In the schools, in the libraries, in education, in the media, in movies
In the media! In the media! Every believer right now – we minister courage to you
Every believer in the media!
Courage, courage, courage, be strong, stand for what’s right
Contend for His will
You are as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a lamb
You go out amongst wolves and you conquer Goliath!
We proclaim over you, every believer in media, you are called for such a time as this!
That you would say “If I perish, I perish! But I go out and I proclaim the Word of God! Because I have the mind of Christ. I am called for this time!
And we thank You, Lord, and declare promotion! Promotion is upon you as you rise up!
Even now the media is turning, even now the media is learning about You, God
The true nature of the Most High
Because the sleepers, the giants that have been sleeping, that have been placed in the media are now AWAKE!
You are awake! You are alive to who you belong to!
You are strong in the Lord, you are equipped
Father, I thank You that even the believers that didn’t know there were other believers in the media, they come together now
And they are saying “We can take this!”
They come together and encourage each other

Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom – the wisdom of the mind of Christ
That breaks through every area! That gets the right information out!
That reveals all hidden things!
That’s causes Kavanaugh to come into office!
Kavanaugh! You’re coming into office in Jesus’ name
It’s already done and it’s about to manifest!
And God didn’t say “Proclaim My Word but what about the procedure?”
No His Word gets it done and we enforce that this is finished

Pastor Ray…

And Minnesota will not become a sanctuary state
We are just letting you know today, Devil, we are not moving back into some wrong way
It will be a sanctuary alright, but it will be a sanctuary for God almighty!
And the Word and the words and the declarations that have been spoken forth over this state and over this part, Minnesota, an awakening will begin and it shall come forth and it shall cause revival and it shall come forth
Minneapolis, St. Paul, along the river and it shall begin up here as it was declared years and years and years ago!
A sanctuary for God! An awakening for God!
And it will move south and it will go down and down and down and spread out across this nation

Ms. Jeanie…

That river is the river of living water!
The river of the Spirit of God, the torrents of hunger that the body of Christ has for the glory!
In the Twin Cities, in St Paul, St Paul, St Paul, St Paul, St Paul!
Torrents! Torrents of glory manifested! The glory of God manifested in the Twin Cities!
Today, right now, already!
You are already a sanctuary for the Most High!
You know what? You are already there
You know what? You are already free
And we tell you, St. Paul, you are already free!
Hey St. Paul, the Son has set you free!
And when the Son has set you free, you’re free in deed
In deed means by fact – look it up!
The facts line up with the Word! And every fact regarding you, St Paul, lines up with the Truth who is a person, Jesus! Who is your best friend, Who is your savior, Who is Your bridegroom
So rejoice! St. Paul! Free Indeed!
You know it’s true, we don’t have to yell but when it wells up inside you…
You can’t tell me that David talked like this all the time (speaking in monotone)
So, I declare over the Church even now that the pressure of the goodness of God causes torrents everywhere they go, causes them to operate in overflow!
Overflow indicates pressure! Overflow indicates a breaking out!
We are people of the Kingdom, that’s who we are

Ms. Cindy…

Psalm 2 came up in my spirit this morning. I kept hearing, “Why? Why? Why do the nations imagine a vain thing? Why do they come against God’s plan, God’s people?” And so we see that God sits in the heavens and laughs at the puny plots of men. And then I thought about Saul when he was on the road to Damascus, how in the middle of his vain imagination, in the middle of his plot against God, God showed up. He showed up at noon in the brightness, an all-encompassing light brighter than the sun… What does that mean? That means that God gave him light. He gave him light and there was no darkness. That’s the brightest time of the day and that word day speaks of a courtroom. And then Psalms 2 goes on to say “Ask Me, and I will give you the heathen…” That would be those that imagine vain things, those that kick against the pricks. And then He said He would give them to us for an inheritance.

And He gave us Paul. And we see what came out of Saul. God asked him “Why?” God reasoned with Saul. He said “Why are you persecuting Me? It’s hard for you to kick against the pricks.” Because if you have light, you would see that that is vain, you’d see that that is going against your very own soul and that you are bent for destruction if you keep going in this way.

So, I am asking, Father, for the heathen as our inheritance
These are people, these are people that are in darkness
And every day is a courtroom and every day You are angry
But You are not angry with people, You are angry at the deception
You are angry at what is trying to kill, steal, and destroy
Thank You, Father, and I am asking, I am asking for the heathen right now
I am asking for that brightness of the noon day Son to shine down and give them that Damascus experience where they would come to their senses and turn and change their minds
Father, give them light I ask in Jesus’ name
Instruct those that oppose themselves so that they can be granted a place of repentance
Because without it, they can’t receive Your freedom
That they would see and turn and loose themselves from what has held them back from doing Your will and Your purpose
Let them see that it is good and that You are for them and not against them
Let the enemy of their soul be shattered like an earthen pot broken into pieces
Let light shine down on them and cause them to be who You created them to be
To know You as their Father and the One that loves them
That they would behold You and be conformed to who they really are
Let them behold the enemy no longer but let them come into that light in Jesus’ name

Ms. Jeani…

That lays out prophetically what God has in mind for St Paul, MN
St. Paul was Saul and now St. Paul is St. Paul (ha, ha, ha)
And we thank God for it
St. Paul, we call forth your name sake already
Not even today, not even shall be because it was already done!

Pastor Ray…

Well, we went on a ride this morning, a Holy Ghost trip
In the authority that God has put within His Church which we are members of
That authority is working right now in this day because its’ been declared from this place and many other places across this country
People, men and women of God have been lifting up their voices
And we are in one accord, calling for God’s perfect will, His perfect plan over our cities of course but over our states and country as a unified place
One nation under God indivisible
We thank You for it, give You glory and all of the honor for today
We are alive, we’re blessed, we’re healed, we’re whole
What we put our hands to, there is prosperity there
Things work out just right, things work for us
We are in the light! We are not moping around in the darkness
But we are children of the light
We thank You for this day, Amen

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