Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

If you’re not already aware, this is a holy moment, a specific moment in the heart of God where He wants us to notice His presence… wants us to open our hearts to Him and invite Him in to slow down, to rest, and to release whatever that is. He’s here to conduct business, you could say. He’s here to personally interact with us. He’s here knocking at the door of each of our hearts personally saying, “I have something for you, but first I want to do something in you.”

So I challenge us collectively this morning, just be so aware of God the Holy Spirit in this house, in this time this morning. This is to be a marked moment in the timeline of God. Invite Him into your heart, into your circumstances, into your journey, and what’s going on even inside in your emotions, in your soul. Turn those things that you know ought to be turned over to Him. Turn those things into Him. Leave those at an altar, so to speak.

Subjects prayed about…

A supernatural flow of healing
Resuscitate hearts and lives… resuscitate dreams and callings
Turn our hearts back to your heart
Pour out fresh oil, fresh wine, spiritually speaking into our staff, into our school, into our congregation, even into our city, our state, and our nation
That you would grant a door of entrance, doorways… for doors opening up in our hearts today.. doors of opportunity opening up in the ministry
Doors of opportunity to pray and intercede and step into the Middle East.
Doors to open up in the spirit over this church during prayer and presence conference
That we might step in or cross this threshold that’s before us. For certainly we’re in a threshold moment of time.
We’re standing in a threshold. Lord, we choose to be aware of it… prepare us… change us… transform us… unite us
Break up, break up, yes, break up those fallow hardened unproductive places in our hearts, in our church, in our families, in our ministries, in our calling, in our thinking.

But there’s something higher we sense that your Spirit is calling for now and interceding from the other realm now. And so, Lord, we ask you, starting with ourselves, to plow straight through our hearts today. Lord, let no stone be left untouched or overturned. Let every part and parcel and a portion of who we are be exposed and turned over by the hand of the Husbandman. Yes, Lord, for its time. Yes, we proclaim it’s time. Lord. Enough is enough. It is time.

Today we declare it’s time for a shift to come. It’s time for the Holy Spirit now to bulldoze, so we give you permission to bulldoze the clutter and all that clamors for our attention and distracts us incessantly. All that stands in our way. Those weights and sins and things that so easily trip us up and cause us to go another way.

We pray for a divine highway that would be constructed for you, Lord, to travel on in the earth and to have your way. Yes, Lord, it is essential for the mission.

Now, things need to be bulldozed… things need to be plowed clear out of the way to no longer be a concern, to no longer be a factor in the plan of God.

We pray for our pastors, Pastors Mac and Lynne and Pastor Jim and for our congregation… wherever there are obstacles, wherever the enemy has reared his ugly head and it needs to go… We assign angels. We assign your hand and your power, Lord, and we command those things to be exposed and to be rooted out once and for all and for all time.

We declare “Breakthrough.” We declare breakthrough over individual hearts, breakthrough over our services here at Living Word over this conference this weekend.

We pray for supernatural breakthrough coming forth now from the realm of God to the realm of Living Word to the realm of our lives and our callings.

For our individual callings, for the people who have yet to walk through the doors of this church that we’re called to influence and reach and disciple.

Release it! Release it! We pray for a release now of grace upon each of our lives… our church members, those online, those in our television audience.

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time to stop going around the mountain. It’s time to stop putting up and simply coping with certain things. It’s time to address them. It’s time to invite God into them. We speak release now to callings and gifts.

We call for and we ask for God-granted promotions. Send us on that new mission. Take us to places that have not been occupied before. First in the spirit but then in the natural.

Here we are, Lord. Send us to the nations. Here we are, Lord, help us to align with our pastors and the vision to plant 50 churches in five years.

We pray for our missions outreaches.

We pray you will pour upon us eyes and perspective to see that the fields are whitened and ready for reaping and harvesting… that you would cause the spirit of boldness to rise in us as a church and as individuals

We pray for the hurting and the broken. Send us those that you’ve called us to reach.
We pray for divine appointments… for God inspired new initiatives and new ways.
We ask, Lord, that you would open up doorways of provision and windfall and resource and support.

We pray that you would send those that are called in the area of finance, to be moved upon, not by somebody’s cajoling or manipulation, but by the sincere and pure influence of the Holy Spirit to give hundreds, thousands, even millions and tens of millions of dollars.

We declare in Jesus’ name a way to be made for that green space to be built out in the back of Living Word that we would have athletic spaces.

We declare in Jesus’ name, the resources and a way be made for the new gymnasium, the new classrooms, the expansion of so many areas that are so needed.

No delays, no detours. No, no, no, no, no. It’s time. It’s time.

We pray that you would infuse us with not only grace but a strengthening in the core of our being, a strengthening in the core of our pastors, a strengthening in our congregation, a strengthening in your household today by the hand of God to cause you to be stalwart and steadfast and steady as she goes. No matter what comes our way tomorrow, no matter what the enemy or culture or a negative set of circumstances would try to convince us or get us to believe, Lord, we will stand.

Lord, we pray for a separating now from the vile… Come out and be separate. We say, come out of that in Jesus’ name. It’s time to come out now into a new place, into a new day, into the unlimitedness of God the Father.

We ask that you would grant us new perspectives, prophetic innovations, creativity, and solutions.
We call people out of the darkness, out of the shadows, out of places of cloudy obscurity.

We pray for those who will be in attendance this weekend in our services. We contend for them today. Even people and situations that are on life support, they’re flatlining, spiritually and maybe in other ways as well. We contend and pray that they would come out.

We assign angels to show up. We assign ambassadors, laborers to cross their paths today. We pray for your presence to stream into their hospital room, into their school rooms.

Those wanting to give up or are thinking about ending it all, or throwing in the towel concerning the plan of God or believing in Jesus even. Lord, we interrupt that today in Jesus’ name. We interrupt that today and we assign power to those. We claim them for the kingdom today. Lord, your Word says that you have given us as an inheritance, even the precious fruit of the earth. Those that are far from you. So we claim them today, those that we know, those that we don’t know today.

We pray for supernatural encounters today, along the way of life, on the road, in the restaurant, at the gas station, in the meeting… Lord, we pray for divine encounters this weekend for prayer and presence for our future services and youth events, and healing School

Pastor Ken shared…

There’s just such a bigness in the heart of God now and an urgency that’s attached to that, probably because we’re in that hour, right? It’s been prophetically spoken of and written of when things are accelerating and moving quickly. When the two dimensions are coming closer together, so you could just, wow. It doesn’t take much awareness and you’re like so aware of His activity and so aware of the good things the Father has planned for us individually. But also as a church and as households. He’s got so much good that He wants to do and He’s just endeavoring to wake us up. Call us back from the brink of somebody said recently that we are distracting ourselves into oblivion. That our greatest enemy is not so much something in the world per se, from a false doctrine, or whatever. I’m not saying those aren’t enemies of God or antichrist in spirit. But that our greatest problem and enemy is distraction.

And so I challenge you this morning to know that God is calling us back from all sorts of distractions to practice… I think it’s a spiritual habit being present. Presentness. Which the old saints used to describe as silence and solitude. Silence externally. Silence internally. And solitude being one with Him, letting your soul be fed by Him and ministered to by Him regularly. That in solitude, we find healing for our souls. Isn’t that what the Psalmist penned? When David wrote that it’s by still calm, restful waters, that He restores our souls. And He puts our lives back together.

It’s not coincidence that the enemy’s unveiled an accelerated plan to distract in this hour. So I challenge us this morning to just be aware of that. And aware of this great quote by John Wesley’s, “God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it.”

And just to share a couple of reflections as we wrap up this morning. I jotted down recently that “Those who yield themselves to the spirit of prayer…” And again, prayer is multifaceted. It isn’t just praying in the spirit. It isn’t just supplicating. It isn’t just interceding. It’s worship, right? It’s just being present with Him on a walkthrough nature. But “those who yield themselves to the spirit of prayer who enter into the ministry of intercession in prayer actually become an integral part of the fulfillment of God’s plans and purposes in the earth.”

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