Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pastor Folu… 

Father, we thank You for today. This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. We give You praise. We give You glory. Have Your way in this place today. Father, we are just so grateful, so thankful to be called sons and daughters of the most high God.

Yesterday, we read this Word from Brother Copeland. It emphasizes the importance of what we say. I want to quickly read it again today.

The following prophecy, Together, We’ll Bring It to Pass!, delivered by Kenneth Copeland on September 8, 2017 at Living Victory Anaheim:

“Most people are saying, ‘I can’t do it. It’s not working. It just seems like it doesn’t work out for me.’ The more you say that, the more the unbelief and fear compounds and compounds and compounds. But, you see, all of that is very weak. So, when you begin to turn to the strength of The WORD, when you begin to confess My WORD,” saith The LORD, “when you begin to say, ‘I believe I receive,’ it sounds like it is so simple. But My words are with power and authority. The devil’s words are full of fear, and they are weak and empty. And when you come against him, he folds up and he runs in fear! So, begin to say, ‘I can, I will and I have it,’ and you’ll see results,” saith The LORD.

“Don’t ever give up! Stand! And if it seems as though it isn’t working, inquire of Me. I’ll encourage you. I’ll coach you. I’ll train you. I’ll be your Coach. I’ll be your Trainer,” saith the Holy Spirit. “That’s My job. That’s what I’m supposed to do. And if you’ll give Me a chance, I’ll coach you all the way to victory…

Pastor Folu…

Saints, I find out that many times, that right there “If you give Me a chance” is where a lot of us miss it.

Years ago, a young lady went to brother Hagin. She had poor eyesight and needed thick prescription glasses. Brother Hagin gave her council. He said, “Every day when you get up, multiple times a day just say ‘I believe I receive my healing.’” She did this methodically for six months. There was no change at all in her eye sight but she still continued speaking “I believe I receive my healing” many times a day.

She would say it when she picked up the kids, when she went to the bathroom, at night when she put her glasses down “Father, I believe I receive my healing.” After nine months, a very slight change – very, very slight but she kept on doing it faithfully three to five times a day “I believe I receive my healing.” Then about thirteen or fourteen months passed and she ended up moving to another state and needed to get a new license. She went to the DMV and they asked her to read the chart and she was able to read it perfectly without her glasses.

She kept on, she kept on… What if she had stopped at the two-month mark, the five- or six-month mark when it looked like nothing was working? So, guess what? I have been doing that now. I believe I receive! So, a year from now, you will not see me with glasses! And it will not be Lasik either (ha, ha, ha). It will be the Lord.

Now, Lord, as we enter into worship, just wash us, fill us afresh. Let this music speak to us. Let it drive out everything that needs to be driven out and freshen us up again to go forward and to serve You and do great wonders for the Kingdom of heaven. We give You praise, we give You glory in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Oh How Beautiful

Ms. Annie…

How beautiful is the blood that flowed from Your side, Lord. How beautiful is the price that You paid. The stripes that were laid on You that we might be healed and whole, the blood that You gave to wash all of our sins and all of our iniquities away and to make us new creatures. We are new creations in You, Jesus. And now You’ve raised us up and made us to sit with You in heavenly places, far above all principalities, powers, might, dominion, and every name that is name, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow both in heaven and in earth and under the earth. And every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ the anointed one is Lord. Hallelujah! We worship You, Lord, praise You for who You are, glorify Your name! Be glorified in the earth! Be glorified in the heavens! Be glorified in Your Church, Your people! Oh, hallelujah! You are worthy to receive glory and honor and might and dominion and praise! Oh, praise You, Jesus. Glory to Your name, glory to Your name. In You we are strong.

We pray that we would be strengthened with all might in our inner man by the Holy Spirit. That Christ the anointed one may dwell in our hearts through faith that we might be rooted and grounded in love, who is God! That we might be able with all the saints to comprehend and understand what are the riches of the glory of the inheritance of the saints who is us in light who is You, that we might be filled with all the fullness of God. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.

Lord, we still and quiet our souls, like a weaned child in his mother’s lap. We have stilled our souls within us and we listen. We listen for Your voice, Father. The voice of a stranger, we will never follow. We don’t recognize the voice of strangers. But You are precious, beautiful Shepherd, we know Your voice. It’s so sweet. It’s so beautiful. Oh, how beautiful. Oh, how beautiful, Lord. So, we listen now to hear what You would say. Thank You, Jesus.

Pastor Folu has asked me to pray for Landen. So, we will agree for this precious little boy who the enemy marked out as a target. But the enemy is defeated, his plans come to nothing, and the way of the wicked our mighty God turns upside down. Amen.

Father, You said that You would lead Your flock as a Shepherd and You will gather the Lambs in Your arms and You will hold them close to Your bosom. We thank You that Landen is Your lamb and You hold him, You carry him as a Shepherd carries a sheep and You gather him in Your arms and You carry him close to Your bosom, Lord. He has safety close to Your heart because Your heart is beating with love and healing power and good will.

Oh, Jesus, the heart that was pierced for us, was pierced for Landen and You’re holding him close to Your heart, Lord, where strength and redeeming power flow. Strength and redeeming power are flowing now into Landen’s little body!

We speak to every cell. We speak to every tissue. We speak to every blood vessel. We speak to every organ. We speak to every physical aspect, spiritual aspect of Landen’s created being “Be thou made whole!” Whole and perfect as designed and created by our Father God. No weapon formed against this little boy will prosper in the name of Jesus.

Father, we thank You that nothing is impossible with You. Lord, the things that are impossible with man are possible with You because You are the God who created everything!

Where the word of a King is there is power. You are the King and You have spoken Your Word. You sent forth Your Word into Landen’s body and healed him. Father, we receive that.

Give wisdom to the doctors. Give wisdom to the nurses. Give wisdom to every medical professional involved in this. That they would see through with supernatural insight to the heart of the matter. There is a root heart issue of every brokenness that You speak to now at the root and You bring healing to it. Every tree that has been cut down now, the roots are coming forth in life, new life, newness of life in Landen’s body.

Lord, You said if two of us agree on earth as anything we shall ask, it will be done for us of the Father which is in heaven. So, Father in heaven, we thank You that as we agree now, in the mighty name of Your Son, the name that He gave us with His precious blood that He shed for us! We take the authority of His name and we decide and we decree that Landen is being raised up now in perfect wholeness and health and his life will be a testimony that a notable miracle has been done by the mighty God of Jacob! By the mighty God of Abraham! By the mighty God of Jesus His Son!

Oh, Father, by the mighty God of Your people who trust in You! That a notable miracle is done in Landen’s body and all who hear of it will glorify You, Lord. They will know that You are God. They will know that You are mighty. They will know that there is power in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord. We seal that now in our agreement by the precious blood of Your Son, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Lord, Amen.

Pastor Folu…

Lord, we just agree with all that beautiful prayer. We just see that wonderful boy fully restored. We see it now in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

I am going to read you a Word. I meditate on this Word at least every three days. As a result it’s now deep in my spirit and I think very differently when I think about myself as a Christian. So, Listen to what the head of the Church is saying here.

The following prophecy, Ambassadors for the Glory of God, was delivered by Kenneth Copeland on November 14, 2009 at the Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign:

“Choose your thoughts very carefully that I’ve given you through your LORD and Savior Jesus and by the gift of the Holy Spirit. I’ve given you My WORD and My authority to choose your thoughts-keep some, reject some, take authority over them all. Don’t you remember in My WORD when I said, ‘Whatsoever things are true, lovely, and of good report, if there be any virtue, and there be any praise, think on these things’? Remember also I said in My WORD, ‘Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who thought it not robbery to be called equal with God.’

“I have brought you up out of the sin. I have brought you up out of the darkness. I have given you My WORD and you have been born again and I have brought you up with Me. I have made you sit with Me,” saith The LORD, “in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You are His joint heir. You sit with Me,” saith The LORD.

“So don’t think you’re stealing from Me and robbing Me of My honor and My place as God by claiming to be equal with Me. No. You rob Me when you do not claim to be equal with Me,” saith The LORD. “Read My WORD again and find out if it’s true or not. I made you equal with Me. I made you. You didn’t make yourself equal. No man could. An awesome price was paid for your joint heirship with Me,” saith The LORD. “So rejoice and take your place and walk in My blessing and in the greatness and the mightiness of the power of My Name,” saith The LORD.

“You are vitally important to Me. It is necessary for you to rise up and take your place in these times and in these days. You are My ambassadors of My glory. You are My power in the earth. You carry My Anointing. You are the Body of Christ. You are the Body and you are the fullness of Me,” saith The LORD.

“So take My Name and rejoice and walk in it in full grace and fullness of indwelling of My Spirit. For these are our days,” saith God. “They’re important to you. They’re important to Me. For these are the days that will bring to pass all that I planned before the foundation of the world. For rejoice and understand,” saith The LORD. “Jesus is coming so soon. Much sooner than you think. Yes. Even sooner than you think. For it is at hand. This is the framework. These are the times when all things must come to pass. And much that you are seeing in the world today is just that. Those things coming to pass that will bring it to a close. So rejoice and understand that we’re in this together. We’ll go in it together. We’ll go through it together. We’ll come out of it together, and we’ll rejoice together and we’ll come together,” saith The LORD.

Saints as you can tell, this is very loaded. At the very end, the Lord is talking about how you and I are together with Him. He said it six different times about the togetherness of us with Him. Like I said, when I first read this, my head was going tilt even though I know it. But all the religious junk that I have grown up with stood in the way. So, it took some time for this to penetrate and for me to start to see myself in this way, to claim to be equal with God. Even the notion, but that’s who we are. And you see when we start thinking like this, it changes the way we operate. It changes the way we see life. And then what the Head of the Church said here, that He is coming back soon.

You know my wife is in Florida right now. And she went to a function honoring her mom on Sunday. And there was a young man at that function about 21 years old. And this young man killed himself yesterday. Sunday he was there celebrating. Everybody thought all was fine. And then the very next morning… Jesus is coming soon.

You know, sometimes the urgency of this call of being a witness…  Some of us, including myself, we don’t take it seriously sometimes. We think it’s for somebody else. We may think “Oh well, right now it’s not really convenient for me to talk to that man or that woman” even though the Spirit of God is saying “I want you to minister to this man or woman right now.”

“Well, it’s not really convenient. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

I don’t know this young man’s situation with the Lord. I am just going to believe the best like the Lord says. I am going to believe he knew the Lord Jesus and he’s in heaven with him. But think about this. What if you had been at that function on Sunday and the Spirit of God had spoken to you to tell that young man about the Lord before you leave. And then maybe you made a mental note of it and said “Okay, Lord, I’ll do that.” But in the course of the evening with all the social wonderful things, meeting people, and you are still remembering what the Lord told you. But in all the excitement somehow, someway maybe you didn’t get to it. And you are like “Oh, Lord, I am so sorry. I believe I am going to see him in two or three days and I’ll take care of it then.” And the next day you heard that this happened. How would you feel?

I am not trying to put any guilt on anyone. I am just trying to get over, for us to understand the urgency of the time we are in.

Two weeks ago a lady that is part of our prayer group  texted my wife concerning her mom. Her mom was in a critical state and the daughter was ready for her mom to cross over to the other side. So my plan was that we would pray about this in a couple days when the whole team is together. But you know what? When I started praying, the Holy Spirit said “No. Don’t wait until Sunday.”

The Holy Spirit directed me to have my wife send out an email to the leadership team and just have them start praying now. So, we all started praying and do you know the mom passed on the next day. If we had waited until Sunday, we would have been too late. I mean she was already going to heaven, that was not the issue. But just to be obedient. You know what I mean. I could have said “Well, we are not altogether. Let’s just wait until Sunday. No big deal.”

I just want us to pray concerning the things in the prophecy. Some of you may already be here. But for a lot of people it takes a renewing of the mind to think like this. It really does. So, let me just read what the Head of the Church said again.

‘Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who thought it not robbery to be called equal with God.’

We are talking about when Jesus was alive on earth saints, how He saw Himself. That was how come He was able to do what He did.

“I have brought you up out of the sin. I have brought you up out of the darkness.

All that is already settled. Many times the enemy likes to lie to us about that.

“So don’t think you’re stealing from Me and robbing Me of My honor and My place as God by claiming to be equal with Me.

Like if that was not in your face enough, then the Holy Spirit said this.

“No. You rob Me when you do not claim to be equal with Me,” saith The LORD. “Read My WORD again and find out if it’s true or not. I made you equal with Me. I made you. You didn’t make yourself equal. No man could. An awesome price was paid for your joint heirship with Me,” saith The LORD. “So rejoice and take your place and walk in My blessing and in the greatness and the mightiness of the power of My Name,” saith The LORD. 

Father, we just thank You. Just let that mind be in us right now that was also in Christ Jesus who did not think it robbery to be called equal with God. Hallelujah. And because Jesus did not consider it robbery, we do not considerate it robbery also to be called equal with God.

Thank You, Lord, for every one of us in this room right now and for people that might be having problem with this. Help them, Father, as they renew their minds to Your Word. More and more, they will begin to see this much more clearly.

As you know as a man or woman thinks in his heart, so he or she is. The head of the Church is saying that you and I, we actually rob Him when we do not claim to be equal with Him. He said, “We are actually robbing Him when you think like that, talk like that, act like that.” We don’t want to rob our God. He’s done so much for us.

And as you know, He said it right here. You know that this is scripture. He said, “I made you equal with Me.” We could not make ourselves equal with Him. No way. But He did that when He went to the Cross. And He said that you and I will do greater works in these last days than He did. I mean think about that for a minute.

“So, rejoice, rejoice and take your place, take your place and walk in My blessing and in the greatness and in the mightiness of the power of My name” sayeth the Lord.

So, rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Hallelujah!

You know for me right now, this is my ninth meeting in five days. There is just something about rejoicing that has just taken over me! Hallelujah! The joy of the Lord is my strength! Is your strength! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland concerning 2019:

Take Me to the Sinner

I’ll do signs and wonders. I’ll do these marvelous works, saith The LORD, if you’ll take Me to the sinner, if you will take Me to the streets. Give Me an opportunity to reveal Myself. You keep ringing the dinner bell of healing and I’ll draw the people. This building and other church buildings won’t hold the people, but you can’t just sit here inside this place and beg for miracles. I’m going to require you, saith The LORD, to walk by faith.

Walk by Faith

I’m going to require you to get healed on your own faith. Most of the people in My ministry, saith The LORD, most of them got healed on their own faith: Be it done unto you as you have believed. Daughter, thy faith has made thee whole.

Hallelujah, God will do signs and wonders as we take Him out there into the market place. When He nudges us to speak to a someone on His behalf, He will do signs and wonders in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah. We give You praise and glory! Hallelujah.

Saints, for those of you that were here yesterday, remember what I said and I will read it again real briefly from a prophecy by Kenneth Hagin from April 28, 1983 . The Lord is saying He is not just going to use ministers, he is going to use layman and laywomen.

“There’ll be a revival of divine healing such as you have not seen in your life time, or read about, or heard about,” saith the Lord!

Saints, think about what you have read in the Bible about the ministry of Jesus. I mean this is the head of the Church saying here that the things that you and I are going to do in these last days, people have not read about it, people have not heard about it. Isn’t that amazing? That’s just amazing to me! So, we are privileged.

Jesus said when you take me to them, I will do signs and wonders. One of the things that happened on my recent trip to Wisconsin. There was a young couple and I was ministering to them. And they were expecting a child in January. And as we started ministering to them, both of them got saved, both of them got filled. But here is what happened when the lady got filled. This blew me away! As she started speaking in tongues, her speech impediment went away. We weren’t even praying about that. What? And you should have seen her. She was screaming to her boyfriend “Look at this!” And she started running around the parking lot.

Things that you have not read about. I have never read about anything like that. Have you? Things you have not read about, things you have not heard about, you and I will be operating in this (ha, ha, ha) Hallelujah!

Just see yourself operating in a whole new level. Because now, you are thinking like God. Now, you are equal with God. Now, in your mind.. and obviously with humility. I am talking to people who know how the Bible reads. But in humility, you see yourself as equal with God.

Think about it. When you are equal with God, that means you can do what God does. You and I are sons and daughters of the most high God. Does He not call us the light of the World? Does He not call us the salt of the earth? Amen.

Like I said, saints, this takes some renewing, constant renewing. Because the enemy will fight this. One of the things I have noticed that the enemy has fought me on like nothing else has been this, to continually think and act like the Son of God that I am and to operate like that. He will fight this every single time. “You just messed up 20 minutes ago. How can you claim to be equal with God?” At the end of the day when you are about to fall asleep, he says “You messed up 5 times today. You can’t be talking like that. You can’t be thinking like that. Who in the world do you think you are to be claiming to be equal with your God?” I mean he will fight it.

Thank you right now, Father, for just helping us to think differently. Because as we think differently, we speak differently, we act differently. Everything changes and even the people around us, without us necessarily saying too much, they will just look at us and say “I don’t know what it is about you. I have known you for 20 years but there is something different about you. You just kind of talk differently these days. What’s going on with you?”

Hallelujah. And thank You, Lord, that the people You have given us oversight over, the people we have joined together with, we influence them in this manner, Lord. We influence them in this manner so that in this last days, all of us, we quickly take our place because we know, because we know, because we know that JESUS IS COMING SOON.

Because we are fully persuaded about that, we do not do business as usual. No, no, no, there is an urgency in the Spirit to walk circumspectly! There is an urgency in the Spirit even now that you and I will take our place and become – we are already that man! We are already that woman! But who will begin to operate in a different level in this last days in the name of Jesus!

There is an urgency, saints. There is an urgency! Is there not a cause! There is a cause! There is a cause, saints! Hallelujah!

Right now the Holy Ghost is pleading with you! He’s pleading with me! As sons and daughters of the most high God – “TAKE YOUR PLACE! and Walk in the fullness of what I have called you to walk in! Walk in the fullness of what I have called you to!”

Hallelujah! Let’s apprehend what we have been apprehended of in this last days! Hallelujah! (tongues and shouting to the Lord)

Oh, Lord, help the Church of Jesus. Help us, Lord. Help me, Lord! Start with me, Lord! Start with me! Start with me! Start with me, Lord! Help us, Lord, as the Church. Help us. Help us as the Church of Jesus in this great country! Help us! Help us, Lord! Oooooohhhh!

Hallelujah. Oh, saints, thank You so much for coming today. Thank you for entering in. Thank you. thank you. Oh, the head of the Church thanks you for your part in the Kingdom, in this end days He is thanking you right now, saints, through me. He says “Thank you for taking your place. Thank you for thinking differently. Thank you for entering in more and more and more into the things that I have called you to.”

He thanks you saints. Hallelujah! We worship You, we magnify Your name. we give You praise.

I am sure you can feel it, the presence of the lord. It’s so heavy. I feel it so strong. This wind of the Spirit of God. Oh, Lord, we thank You, thank You for every one of us that is here, changed into another man, changed into another woman, changed, changed, changed in Jesus’ name. We give you praise, we give You glory.

Thank you for coming.

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