Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Brother DJ prayed…

We pray that the eyes of our understanding shall be enlightened …

The eyes of our heart will be enlightened to know the purpose and the glorious inheritance of the saints.

The eyes of our heart shall be enlightened to know the purpose and the glorious inheritance in the saints.

We pray will be rooted and established in your love today, so we’ll have a power together with all the saints.

Thank you, Father, we know this love deeper, higher, wider, longer to know this love Rama… we are filled with the fullness of God. Now we are filled with the knowledge of God. Now we are filled with the love of God

Thank you, Lord, we know this love and we are filled with the knowledge of God, filled with the fullness of God, filled with the power of God, filled with the glory of God.

We humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.


Good morning, everybody. I was reading this morning where Paul said, “I asked the Lord three times.” Paul had some problems like everybody else. He asked the Lord, “Lord, take this problem away. Take this thing away. I have a big problem.” The Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Paul starts saying… Right after he received the grace, he figured out how to use the grace now. Yes, grace is the key. The key opens the door and the lock. Same key you can use to shut the door. So Paul realized now, he has grace. Then he starts saying, “Oh, in my weakness, I’m strong. When I’m down, I’m up.” He started using the grace.

His grace is sufficient for you and me today. Today, we are going to speak grace. We’re gonna have Annie to sing and worship. We going to speak grace to your problem, grace to your sickness and disease, grace to finances and wealth. We’re going to speak grace to move those mountain. His grace is sufficient.

Thank you, Father, for the grace… We gonna say grace to the mountain … grace to the mountain. Say grace to the mountain you are facing. We say grace to the mountain. Say “Mountain, you come down. Sickness, you must leave.”

He gives grace to the humble. One time Pastor Otey was teaching a message on grace. He said, “Do you want more grace?” Everybody said “Yes.” He said, “Then get humble, more humble. He gives grace to the humble.”

Cindy shared…

Years ago, I shared a testimony of when I had a moment where I slipped up and I did something I shouldn’t have done and was feeling really bad. I went to bed and in the morning, I woke up and I heard my Father say, “Anytime, Cindy, you slip, stumble, or fall and you get up not in your own strength, not pointing the finger, not justifying, not trying to appease Me in a way that would justify your actions, or feel sorry for yourself or stay down, but you simply look to Me and humbly receive the gift of grace.” He said, “My grace will take you further than if you had never, ever made that mistake. It’ll lift you up and set you on a higher ground.”

He makes His face to shine on us and give us grace. And so I found myself on a higher ground and it wasn’t works. It was just humbling myself and receiving that grace. And He said it would take you further than had you never made the mistake because you now have learned something by experience. His goodness that it is all about Him. It is all about what He did, not about what I did or didn’t do. But His grace is all sufficient.

And so we gain understanding that anything that we do or do not do that’s right or wrong in our heads, that if we just look to Him and humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and receive grace that we can speak to any mountain from that higher place that He sets us on.

So I thank you, Father. I could never find that. It’s a higher ground than I could ever find. And it comes through this avenue. So, Father, we just thank you for an understanding that in our weakness, we are made strong through the humble contrition and knowing that none of us is good, but you are good. And your goodness abounds in and through us, as we simply receive grace to speak to any mountain “grace, grace.”

For your goodness and your mercy and your unfailing love and your kind intent… for it was your kind intent to send Jesus to pay the penalty, to pay all the penalty for our rights and our wrongs from eating from that tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We return today. We repent, which simply means we come again to our high place in Jesus’ name. We return to our high place in you.

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