Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Pastor Ken…

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone! Great to have you with us this morning. I missed you, guys. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s. Once again, it’s a new year! 2023 is here! Let’s go!

I’ve got a couple of things I want to share that I hope will inspire and set the tone for 2023. I have some things I want to read that are prophetic and inspirational.

Let’s just turn our hearts and our attention toward the Father this morning. It would be a really good first step in a new year to recalibrate and recommit ourselves to relationship. From cover to cover, the Bible teaches that this journey of life is all about relationship with our Heavenly Father. It’s all about knowing Him and connecting with His presence, hosting His presence in our lives. And so that’s what we seek to do this morning.


Father, we thank you that your presence is there at the outset of a brand-new year. You already have a plan, and we can put our expectations and our hopes in you, Lord, in your faithfulness and in the plan that you have already crafted for each of us…a plan for good, a plan for blessing, a plan for breakthrough, a plan for success.

We sense it and see that 2023 will be a year of overcoming… a year of breakthrough… a year of windfall… a year of victory… a year of unprecedented favor and opportunities and purpose of God for our lives individually, for the church, for situations that we’ve been praying about.

Lord, we expect your goodness today at the beginning of this new year… we expect and look for and get our hopes up. We jack up our hopes this morning in your faithfulness and that you will do what you said you would do. Time is on our side. You are for us. You are with us. You are in us. And so we just thank you today, Lord, for changes now.

As we step into a new season and a new year, we declare victory at the outset. We declare breakthrough. We declare salvation over those that we’ve been contending for in prayer…

Here on January 3, 2023, we declare it’s shifting, it’s turning. Situations are being rerouted, problems are being resolved, insufficiencies are being fully and adequately and abundantly supplied for in our personal lives and finances, in churches, in whatever situation needs a turnaround.

We speak turnaround. We speak breakthrough. We declare light is piercing the darkness at the dawn of a brand-new year. We declare 2023 to be a year of openness and unprecedented favor… a year of recovering and restoration and restitution in many ways for many.

I declare restoration and restitution over you this morning, over that situation, over that hopeless deal that you went through. I declare it’s shifting right now in Jesus’ name … and that it will reveal itself. That God’s plan will reveal itself.

Pastor Ken read excerpt of prophetic word…

I want to read something to you this morning. I think it’s very interesting and inspirational and a prophetic word. And it is significant to the season that we’re entering into. And it says this:

“The Lord has spoken to us that He is going to help each of us establish ourselves as a Goshen. Goshen was the land given to the children of Israel when Joseph was prime minister of Egypt. It was the choice land, the land provided for them during the lean years of famine. There are some lean years ahead, and God will reveal to us how to establish our Goshens for the days ahead.

“There was an admonition given not to let the enemy feed our fears, but to trust in God for our wellbeing. How this is to take place will vary. Some will plant gardens. Getting out of debt is important. Others will physically relocate to areas where a Goshen is already established. Still others will stay and establish their Goshens in the midst of great darkness. There will be cities of refuge that will be Goshens and experience supernatural prosperity. They are already in the process of forming now.”

So you can see what we were just praying about is critical, being sensitive, responsive, and just moving as the Holy Spirit directs your life. Because God has a Goshen for each of us in this hour, despite the tumultuous times that we live in. I jotted down last night in my journal that as I was praying, that the year 2023 will be a year of dichotomy. We live in dichotomous times, meaning it’s going to be the best of times, I believe, for the church if we’ll flow with God, if we’ll establish our Goshen, if we’ll move to where our Goshen is. But it also will be very daunting in difficult times in the world as we continue to navigate and journey through the last days. But this inspirational word goes on to say:

“Psalm 23 will be a very significant scripture passage for the days ahead. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. Around the table this coming season will be restored families. Prodigals will come back to the Lord. Family unity is going to be restored. Another important part of this will be the restoration of hospitality, where believers invite nonbelievers to dine with them in their homes. Generosity is going to be poured out as we come to the table of the Lord. Sharing of goods and finances will bless many. This will also manifest through the taking of communion around the table of the Lord. Covenantal friends will sit around the table and dream God dreams and then go out and manifest them together throughout the earth. They will form companies together and will literally be companies of people. People who have felt lonely and out of place will find lasting friendships. These friendships will provide nets for harvest. This will be the harvest of souls and the coming together of disconnected people around the table.

“God is going to reveal Himself as the Good Shepherd to us who will lead us beside still waters and green pastures. The admonition is to stay very close to Him and He will lead and guide us in troubled times. A time of fruitfulness and bounty. Businesses that have struggled will have their breakthrough. Bounty in the hands of God’s children will be a sign and a wonder to many. This bounty is not for personal security and safety, but to eradicate poverty and the misery of others.

Isaiah 60

“This chapter is thematic as to what God is doing worldwide today and especially in Israel today. Gross darkness will encompass the earth, but the glory of God will shine out of the midst. Provisions are coming for God’s people. We are given the analogy that camels are coming with all we need for our financial harvest. As the body of Christ drinks deeply of the Word of God, revelation will flow to show the direction we need to take in our lives.

Remember, your spiritual journey is not a stagnant journey. It’s a journey that flows. There’s a continual flow there. Our life is made up of seasons, multiple seasons, back-to-back seasons. What season are you in? What season is God transitioning you into? It’s time that we tune in and listen and let Him lead us even subconsciously at times.

“Sometimes you’ll know cognitively; you’ll perceive it with your mind. Other times He’s going to subconsciously or below your consciousness lead and guide and position and posture and give you strategy and cause you to be in the right place at the right time. I believe in 2023, to harvest, to transact God’s purposes, to be where you need to be in the coming year a cursory knowledge of scripture of the milk of the Word will simply not be enough to release you into what God wants to show you.”

In other words, we’ve got to step up and step in and go after God with all our hearts.

“World War III is going to take place in the future.”

Whoa! That’s a little heavy, right?

“The Word of the Lord was that it can still be delayed. Prayer teams have already independently planned to go to Taiwan and Wales to the school that Reese Howells founded to pray about war.”

Remember Reese Howells prayed all through World War II and had a lot to do with turning the war at the time.

“They have also subsequently gone to Israel to pray against a war started by Iran.”

And I’m going to stop there. I’ll read more of that tomorrow. But there’s a couple more sections I want to read. But anyway, we need to be praying about staying the hand of the enemy in this hour, including on a global and national level.

Divine Recovery

“This 2023 is the season of recovering all as God divinely intervenes to restore lost finances, poverty, relationships, and seemingly impossible situations.”

Demonstrations of Power

“We are on the eve of the greatest demonstration of God’s power in the earth. This is what has been called ‘The Saints Movement,’ where ordinary Christians do extraordinary things. This power demonstration will capture the news and make headlines. Persecutions will arise against these moves of God. And, leaders, don’t be surprised by this, but keep persevering in the midst of turmoil. Get up and go another day.”

Whatever you’re facing, whatever you’re going through, God is with you. He’s for you. He’s in you. He’s going to be faithful. He’s going to come through for you. As I’ve often said, He’s standing in our future. He’s standing in your future 2023 and He’s smiling because He knows the outcome and He’s inviting us to step forward to where He is.

“Seemingly small moves of God will grow big like what happened in the Welsh Revival under Evan Roberts. We will be surprised and delighted at the hotspots of revival here and there. There will be a renewed interest in the history of revival as a new generation cries out for God to “do it again.” Instantaneous healings will take place and will come like the lightning of God. People will be delivered from mental illness, addictions to drugs and pornography, and all manner of terminal illness. The power of God will come in waves of glory. It will be like a tsunami wave of revival.”

There is a spirit of offense.

I’ve actually taught on that over the last number of years that there is an epidemic of offense going on. In fact, Jesus Himself predicted in the last days there would be what I call an “epidemic of offense.” And this prophet said:

“There is a spirit of offense that has been loosed in the earth. This is not a low-level type spirit. It is a very high level. God is working in the hearts and minds of believers to be unoffendable. There are testings taking place to see whom God can trust to steward this coming great move of God. Even those who feel that they cannot be offended are going to be surprised at the level of offense they are capable of in the coming days.

“Pride is a stumbling block. It is usually the root of offense. God admonished us that He is purging and testing the prophets first as we are called to steward the fresh word, along with other ministries into the earth. Don’t be caught in the snare of offense. If you are, quickly repent and do not let yourself be separated from those God is calling you to walk with in a close way.”

So it’s going to be important that we walk closely, that we’d be joined closely with those that God has ordained that we be in relationship and in covenant with. It goes on to say:

“We received a strong admonition not to get caught up in a war of words. Even though we are right, we should not get in a protective defensive mode where we try to justify ourselves. We have one justifier and it isn’t any of us.

We received another important admonition for the prayer movements of the earth, to not grow weary and lose hope as if their prayers were not being heard. God is moving whole civilizations around and it is a process. Keep praying during God’s process, for though the answers seem to tarry, they will not be late. Continue to pray, persevere, persist. God’s timetable seems to be “wait” and suddenly your prayers are availing much.

“The next generation is going to catch the fire of intercessory prayer. All-night prayer meetings on college campuses will become normal. These “boiler room” prayer meetings are birthing rooms for campus revivals. Universities across the world will see great moves of God likened to the Jesus People Movement in the United States. New England in the United States is going to feel the rumbling of God’s power as the wells of revival are opened.

“Look to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont as well as others to experience God’s power and presence. God is preparing His firebrands, who will be instruments of stewarding these moves of God. Just like Whitfield and Wesley.

Nations must be discipled and taught of the Lord. The seven-mountain teaching is one structure that will help the Ecclesia (the church) to do this. This movement is no longer in the early adopter phase, but now in the mid adopter phase where many people in nations are understanding their role as believers in seeing that their nations are righteous. New power sources will be released into Europe and the nations of the earth with technologies that will cause many to marvel.

“There’s already an awakening happening in the United States. Many fires are burning bright, including what is being called ‘Face Down Glory’ in which people are falling on their faces and weeping before a holy God. Tears water the seeds of harvest. God spoke to us many times from prophets of various nations about powerful moves where the glory of God would be manifested. The pressure on the church will increase; further persecution is coming. But there is a remnant arising with great power. There will be pockets of light even in the political sector, and they will be given great power even in the midst of a wicked generation.

“The US is going through a reset, meant to shake even its very roots. But God has His righteous remnant through the church who are going to be able to release godly legislation at the state levels. It is now obvious even as we have been prophesying for many years, that there will be sheep and goat states or those who will be holy and following God, and those who will be more and more wicked. The economies of the righteous states will grow and grow, but some goat states will be practically bankrupt. However, God has a remnant even in those states and revivals will break out, which over time will have the ability to turn these states towards righteousness.

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade gave some breathing room to the nation that stayed God’s hand of judgment. However, it also exposed what was in the hearts of many state governments.”

So just something to think about this morning.

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