Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 5, 2023

Pastor Ken…

In the book of James chapter four, it states, “Therefore, submit yourselves to God,” or submit to God. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” The Passion translation of that verse says, “So surrender to God. Stand up to the devil and resist him, and he will flee in agony. Move your heart closer and closer to God and He will come even closer to you.”

Hebrews 4:14 says, “Seeing then that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was at all points tempted as we are yet without sin.”

Aren’t you glad? Because He was without sin, we get to experience that “without sin-ness” (excuse my English) in our own lives. If you are in Him, God’s treating you today as if you had always done right and never done wrong, as if you were without sin. Yes, we mess up and we fail, but we have an advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous. And in relationship with Him, we are able to take on His status and stature as righteous and holy and lovely. You are lovely to Him this morning, wherever you’re joining us from.

But this passage goes on to say, “But he was tempted yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace.” That’s what we’re worshiping about today. That’s what we’re chasing after Him each and every day in our daily lives—a throne of grace. Not a throne of judgment, not a throne where He is going to thump us on the head because we didn’t do quite well enough the day before. But a throne of grace, unmerited favor. A throne of abundance, a throne of forgiveness, a throne of patience and kindness and goodness.

His goodness is abounding despite what the enemy might try to convince you of. God’s goodness is flowing toward you today. Even at the outset of a brand new year, His goodness and mercy is seeking to track you down and overtake you today.

The Word says that He desires to hunt you down with His goodness and overtake and overwhelm you. According to Ephesians, He’s still the God who is able to do exceeding abundantly, above and beyond what you can ask, hope, dream, imagine. So let’s get our hopes up here this morning.

A year of dichotomy…

At the outset of 2023, it’s going to be a good year. As I said the other day, it will be a year of dichotomy… a year where there’ll be two paths and two directions to take. But the choice is up to us. And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to choose God. I’m going to choose the good path. I’m going to choose the God path, the path where it leads onward and upward and into His glory and goodness, and into His breakthrough that He intends for us.

Let us come boldly to His throne…

Hebrews 4 goes on to say, “Let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain.” So His throne is a throne of grace or goodness. In addition, His throne is a throne of receiving or obtaining. It’s a place we go to receive.

Why do we worship? As we worship Him, His anointing flows or as the old way to puts it, His anointing manifests.

What does the anointing do? It removes burdens and destroys yolks. In fact, there was something many years ago, the Lord said to a great man of God by the name of Norville Hayes, “My children basically love Me, but they live in poverty, sickness, and defeat. They don’t live in heaven’s blessings because they don’t worship Me enough.”

And worship isn’t a work. Let’s don’t get it mixed up. It’s not a work. It’s an act of love and yielding to our Heavenly Father. It’s an act that allows us to position our hearts and our souls and our spirits where God is… in His presence.

Let’s choose the path of presence…

You see, if we’re going to take the right path this year, if we’re going to go down the right flow or channel that God has ordained for us, that leads to purpose and abundance and breakthrough and good things, then we must choose the path of presence. We must get into His presence. We must learn to get into His presence through worship, for example, and let His presence get in us.

His presence is where the answers are…

It’s in His presence where we find the answers. It’s in His presence where no need goes unmet. It’s in His presence where we see clearly in an age of distraction and confusion and upset and tumult. It’s in His presence where we’re safe. It’s in His presence where we will thrive and rise. It’s in His presence where we don’t work for God so that He favors us. No, He’s already favored you. But it’s in His presence where you are in a position to receive. His throne is a throne of receiving, a throne of obtaining.

You can worship Him at any given time…

So even without accompaniment or a worship leader, you can lift up holy hands at any given point in time today, tonight, and you can begin to set your affection, your adoration, your love on Him. And it will have the effect of drawing His presence into your life. It’ll have the effect to position you in a place and a space that will change everything.

We need His presence. And a good way to start off the year 2023 is to start out strong in our pursuit of His presence. When you worship Him, you position yourself to receive. When you worship Him, you’re hooking your heart to heaven’s flow.

Heaven isn’t just a place. It’s a flow…

As I’ve said before, heaven isn’t just a place, it’s a flow. And there’s a flow that God has ordained for you and for me, for your church, your ministry, your business, your family. There’s a flow that is issuing forth from the throne of God. Don’t get it mixed up. We don’t live according to CNN, or your favorite news outlet and what they purport on any given day. We live by believing in the Word of God. We live by believing in the faithfulness and the goodness of God. We live by something deeper and more profound and eternal than what’s being reported in the natural arena. And it’s that flow that’s going to carry us down the right road this year. It’s that flow that’s going to produce breakthrough, answers, healings.

Fellowship and time with God makes it easy to receive your miracle…

It was often said of the great Katherine Kuhlman that her fellowship and time with God made it easy for others to receive their miracle. That really was the story in the narrative of Jesus as well, right? His connection with His Heavenly Father, His unflinching, unyielding pursuit and priority of spending time with God the Father was what made it possible for the flow of heaven to enter earth at that time.

We’re called to be portals…

We’re called to be portals, that there will be a flow to us and for us, but also a flow through us. If we’re going to have the glory, then this is where it starts. We’ve got to get into God’s presence and let His presence get into us before we get into the glory. But as each of us act individually in our chasing after our Heavenly Father in attention, in time in His Word, in prayer in the spirit, that we’re going to see the glory of God open up in this movement of the saints in this final hour.

We’ve got to get this right…

The truth is many things won’t transpire, won’t come into evidence in your life, including many aspects of the plan of God until we get this right. In fact, I believe it was either in Ephesians or in Corinthians where the apostle Paul corrected the church at the time and said, “You’ve done well starting out in the spirit. Are you now trying to finish your course, run your race, do the plan of God out of the works of your flesh, out of religious duty, out of trying to be good and not be bad?” It was a question in a way, but it was to show or point out to them that they had gotten it mixed up. They were mixing works with grace. Grace is not just a substance or a supply or an endowment. Grace is a person and His name is Jesus. He is the embodiment of grace toward and to and for all humanity… and each and every one of  us.

Shared excerpt of prophecy for 2023

Can I share something here really quick with you? I’m going to continue reading from a prophetic, inspirational thing for 2023 that I started reading on Tuesday. I’m going to read you just a couple of short excerpts here. And the first paragraph says this…

Theme for 2023 is “Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil”

“As we enter into 2023, it is important to see the full spectrum of what the Holy Spirit is doing both locally and internationally. This year’s theme, ‘Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil’ may seem to be contradictory. How can we have both bountiful blessings and turmoil? The explanation is that we see blessings in the midst of turmoil.”

There’s that dichotomy that the Lord spoke to me about. I don’t know how much I should share here. But this prophet goes on to talk about a “global reset.”

“Well, the world has declared a global reset. God Himself is resetting the world for the great End Time Harvest. Isaiah 19, a highway of holiness, is forming right before our eyes. This was hastened by the Abraham Accords. There is indeed a highway forming from Egypt, Syria, and Israel. Many missionaries are going forth to this significant Middle East region. Prayer gatherings are taking place all across the region and revivals are breaking out.”

Did you hear that this morning? Where? No less than Egypt, Syria, Israel, and throughout the Middle East. Come on now!

“In fact, many nations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, and others are experiencing a great harvest of souls in the midst of terrible persecution and unrest. Egypt will experience a great and powerful move of God as the government anointing of Joseph is released from its borders once again to shape nations.”


“God is up to great things in the midst of turmoil.”

Let me just add my two cents. Don’t get it mixed up.

“Watch! North Korea is threatening South Korea and Japan. Massive prayer needs to take place for the whole region, including China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The Ring of Fire nations will experience new turmoil as well. There are warnings of new terror attacks in Europe and the US. The watchman must get on the wall. Many prophets have focused on Haggai 2:6–8. As God shakes nations and releases the wealth of nations, the whole economic system of the world is in a reset. God is warning that Satan will take advantage of this reset to persecute the church economically. The spirit of the Antichrist has loosed on a level we have never seen as we are marching into the end time hours. Great exposure of corruption will take place across the earth during this global reset.”

I would say it’s already happening, if you’ve watched the news.

“Man thinks that he is resetting the nations, but God has an overarching plan that He is working out behind the scenes. This is a season of recovering all as God divinely intervenes to restore lost finances, property, relationships, and other seemingly impossible situations. Nothing is too great for our God, right? Nothing is impossible to him or to her who believed.”

Can I get an amen this morning? Somewhere in this house?

“God will give solutions to weighty problems through the church. In order for this to happen, leaders must have the three C’s: character, competence, and capacity. God spoke to us that great ethics and character cannot necessarily solve problems on the earth. We need the power of God to solve the earth’s problems. God’s power through understanding these three C’s will equip us to be reformation leaders.”

I’m just kind of jumping around here. I want to read one more paragraph, and then we’ll pray for a couple minutes. It actually has to do with America or the United States. It says:

“There is already an awakening happening in the United States. Many fires are burning bright, including what is being called face-down glory.”

In other words, that’s where you hit your face, because the glory of God is so intense and so awe-inspiring. I’ve also heard that word “awestruck” as a key word or a catch word for 2023. Some are picking it up in the spirit—awestruck. 2023 will be a year of awestruck.

“An awakening is already happening in America. Many fires are burning bright, including what is being called the face-down glory, in which people are falling on their faces and weeping before a holy God. Tears water the seeds of harvest. God spoke to us many times from prophets of various nations about powerful moves where the glory of God would be manifested. The pressure on the church will increase further. Persecution is coming. But there is a remnant arising with great power. There will be pockets of light even in the political sector, and they will be given great power even in the midst of a wicked generation.

“The US is going through a reset meant to shake even its roots. But God has His righteous remnant through the church who are going to be able to release godly legislation at the state levels. It is now obvious, even as we have been prophesying for many years, that there will be sheep and goat states. Or those who will be holy and following God, and those who will be more and more wicked. The economies of the righteous states will grow and grow, but some goat states will be practically bankrupt. However, God has a remnant even in those states, and revivals will break out which over time have the ability to turn these states toward righteousness.”

In other words, nothing, no one, no state, no nation, no church, no situation is too far gone. But for God to turn it all around.

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade gave some breathing room to the nation that stayed God’s hand of judgment. However, it is also exposed what was in the hearts of many state governments. Having done all to stand, we stand.”

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